Santa and Zora Hang at the Museum

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The Joys of ChristmasTwas the night before Christmas and in the garage,
Santa stared at his calendar, it was no mirage.

“The 24th of December, it got here so quick.
I need to be going soon, lickity split!”

“It’s 80 degrees so the sleigh just won’t do.
Let’s start up the Vette and the GPS, too.”

So he fires up the engine, gives the reindeer the night off,
And peels out of the driveway faster than saying Hasselhoff.

“First let’s make a pit stop at Zora’s place,
To check out his rides and challenge him to a Motorsports Park race.”

The guys had fun racing, trading Vette stories and tips,
“But I must be going,” Santa said, “Christmas is coming quick.”

And as he departed, you could hear Zora shout,
“Burn rubber, my friend, and spread Corvettes about!”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at the National Corvette Museum!

Merry Christmas from the Corvette Museum!