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Ground to Sky:
The Sinkhole Reimagined

Open June 14–September 15, 2024

Open March 15, 2024–January 5, 2025


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Open June 2023–Ongoing

American Love Affair

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Open February 2016–Ongoing

Corvette Cave-In

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Driven by Design

Museum Galleries

The McMichael Family Education Gallery

The McMichael Education Gallery, made possible by the generous support of donors Tim and Melanie McMichael, offers an engaging space for visitors of all ages to explore the rich history and innovation of the Corvette through interactive exhibits and educational programs.

E. Pierce Marshall Memorial Performance Gallery

The E. Pierce Marshall Memorial Performance Gallery showcases the exhilarating history and cutting-edge advancements of Corvette performance through dynamic displays and multimedia presentations. Visitors can experience the thrill and legacy of Corvette racing and engineering excellence.

Nostalgia Gallery

The Nostalgia Gallery takes visitors on a journey through the iconic eras of Corvette history, showcasing classic models and memorabilia that celebrate the timeless appeal and cultural impact of America's Sports Car.

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