On-going Exhibits

Nostalgia Gallery

Realistic scenes mirroring Corvette’s early history. Stroll down Main Street and see a mid-20th century barbershop. Mobil service station, 60s Chevrolet dealer showroom and St. Louis Assembly Plant line.

The McMichael Family Education Gallery

NOW OPEN, this 2,000-square-foot dedicated education gallery will provide a state-of-the-art educational experience geared directly to the next generation of Corvette enthusiasts, engineers, designers, and more.

E. Pierce Marshall Memorial Performance Gallery

The Gallery features digital projection, interactive touch screens paired with artifact display cases, 180-degree video footage, and an impressive line up of cars.

Design and Engineering Gallery

Located in the Museum’s Design and Engineering Gallery, Driven by Design inspires, educates, and entertains by using interactive elements, artifacts, hands-on objects, and motion-activated content to learn about the design history of the Corvette.

Corvette Hall of Fame

The SkyDome is home to the Corvette Hall of Fame. Established in 1998, the Hall of Fame confers official recognition of the most influential individuals in the history of the Corvette and honors their achievements.

Limited Engagement Gallery

NOW OPEN, Custom CARisma: The Legendary Creations of Carl Casper

For decades, Casper-produced custom car shows have entertained and delighted car enthusiasts all over the country. Here’s your chance to experience some amazing cars that take “exotic” to a whole new level.

See The Batman Returns Batmobile, Turbo Shark Corvette/ Cosmic Invader, Young American Dragster/ 51 Merc “Knight Cruiser” (the nation’s most-awarded custom car) and more!

Exhibit Rules

Many of the cars in the Museum are on loan from private individuals. Please do not cross, remove or touch the barriers. Do not touch the cars. Do not bring food or drinks into the exhibit area.