The Library and Archives is the first point of contact for questions about particular years, colors, features or other details of various Corvette model years or special production runs.

The National Corvette Museum Library & Archives is the repository for all materials documenting the past, present and future of Corvette, Corvette enthusiasts and the Corvette Museum. The material managed and preserved in the L&A include audio and visual media – both digital (DVDs) and magnetic (VHS and beta tapes), periodicals, books, drawings, paintings, posters, memorabilia and documents including build sheets. Most materials have been donated to the NCM from individual enthusiasts, publishing companies, print media, aftermarket suppliers, clubs and organizations such as NCRS, and from GM/Chevrolet. Currently the L&A has over 1500 DVDs cataloged, nearly 700 VHS tapes, over 4500 magazines, 350 books, 100 cassette tapes and more.


Please contact Museum Registrar and Collections Manager Ashlee James at [email protected] to set up an appointment to discuss item donations for review by the Collections Committee. Please refrain from dropping off unsolicited items.¬†To learn more about the donation process click here.


Research may be conducted through the Library and Archives, both by Museum Staff and in-person research.

NCM Member Fee
Non-NCM Member Fee
Student Fee
Research by Museum Staff 10 minutes free or $20/hour if over 10 minutes 10 minutes free or $30/hour if over 10 minutes 20 minutes free or $20/hour if over 20 minutes
In-Person Research $15/hour $25/hour $10/hour
Photocopies $0.25/page Same Same
Color Scan (to email) $0.25/page Same Same
Fax Request $1 first page, $0.25 each additional page Same Same

Download the complete Library & Archives Research Procedures