Tributes & Bricks

Make your mark with a commemorative brick on the National Corvette Museum’s outdoor Walk of Fame or inside the
Museum on Corvette Boulevard.

Your name, or the name of a loved one, club, or business etched in brick proclaims your support of the Museum and its mission. Your choice of graphics and information tells the world how special they are.

Walk of Fame

Located on the outdoor sidewalks leading to the Museum’s main entrance.

  • Museum Member: $125
  • Non-Member: $175
  • Small Standard Brick 4″ x 8″ (Other sizes and logo options are available for varying prices.)
  • Add a duplicate brick for yourself to keep for $75.

Hexagon Bricks

Located inside the Museum on Corvette Boulevard.

  • Museum Member: $300
  • Non-Member: $375
  • 8″ Diameter, includes the logo choice of C1-C8 or the Museum’s spire along with three lines of text (Note: The C7 & C8 logo only includes two lines of text.)
  • Add a duplicate brick for yourself to keep for $75.

Custom Entryway Tile

Located in entryway of the Museum’s original main doors.

  • Museum Member: $225
  • Non-Member: $275
  • Price includes text and current art on file. If your logo or graphic has never been placed on a brick, there will be an additional $100 charge to cover design fees with custom detailed art. Limited to 16 characters/spaces per line.
  • Add a duplicate tile for yourself to keep for $75.
Please note that bricks can be taken up, moved, and repositioned at the discretion of the Museum for changes to the campus layout and future expansion plans. Bricks may be in place for a maximum of 5 years or as designated by the Museum.