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Education is at the center of our mission at the National Corvette Museum.

Education is at the center of our mission here at the National Corvette Museum, and on April 28th, we opened the McMichael Family Education Gallery. This exciting new space allows the museum to provide a state-of-the-art educational experience geared directly to the next generation of Corvette enthusiasts, engineers, designers, and more. 

We want to leverage our new gallery to make a significant impact in our local area with educators and families alike and to reach further into bordering states. We’re happy to report that schools across the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and even some from surrounding states, are already making plans to visit our museum and our new education gallery.  

Unfortunately, with budget cuts and school funding shortages, many students in underserved areas do not have the opportunity to take field trips. The National Corvette Museum is committed to the needs of all students and educators who want to visit, and we’re asking for your assistance in removing some of the financial roadblocks.   

Would you be willing to “Fund a Field Trip” for a group of deserving students? Your gift is not only tax deductible, but it can truly be life changing for those visiting our museum. Your gift has the chance to inspire a child who might otherwise have been denied the opportunity to become an engineer or a future Corvette designer. 

How much does it cost to Fund a Field Trip? 

  • Class = $500 
  • Grade Level = $1,500
  • School Club = $3,000
  • Sport/Academic Team = $5,000
  • School = $7,500 

Donations to our “Fund A Field Trip” campaign can be made by clicking the link below or by calling us at 270-777-4565 to discuss your gift and payment options. A gift of any size is truly appreciated and will make a difference to the children in this region.

As always, thank you for your support of the National Corvette Museum. Your generosity is key to both the future of our museum and the next generation of Corvette enthusiasts.

If interested in supporting this initiative you can donate online or mail a check to:

National Corvette Museum
c/o Lexi Stewart
350 Corvette Drive
Bowling Green, KY 42101

If you have any questions, contact Development Coordinator Lexi Stewart at 270-777-4565 or [email protected].

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