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Media Contact

Mariah Hughes, Media Relations and Marketing Production Manager
National Corvette Museum
350 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, KY
[email protected]

Museum Overview

Interested in the history of the Museum? Check out the piece, “An Idea Rising,” on our About the Museum page.
For an overview of the exhibits and areas of the Museum, this page has all the details.

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High Res Photography

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The Museum has a large archive of video footage. Much of it is available via our You Tube channel. Media are welcome to download and utilize any footage on our channel with credit to the National Corvette Museum. Footage may be edited and used in other films, but may not be re-uploaded in its entirety. Footage may not be sold for reuse.

Museum Media Visits/Tours

We welcome media to the Museum for a visit. To request a visit, please contact [email protected] at least one business day in advance. We will gladly comp media and one accompanying guest who are on assignment to cover the Museum for printed publication or television. Bloggers and other online media are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Media are asked to provide a copy of any published coverage/publicity of the Museum that was a result of their visit.

Articles and Press Releases

Below are some recent news posts. Click here to jump to our News page for all previous posts.