Educational Programs

The National Corvette Museum offers several options for families who would like a fun, educational trip that the entire family will enjoy!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Camp

UPDATE:  Our Fall Break camp, “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” has been cancelled.  However, please check back in the Spring as we begin to offer dates for our Summer camp program!

Driver’s Education

More information on our 2018 driver’s education programs can be found in the link below.

National Corvette Museum Driver’s Education
Andy Pilgrim’s Traffic Safety Education Foundation

Scout Groups

Ask about our scavenger hunts for scout groups. You can even earn a special patch during your visit! Check it out here.

Teacher Resources and Field Trip Info

Are you a teacher planning a field trip or seeking car-themed activities to download and use in your classroom? We have loads of resources for you here. And if you are ready to book a field trip, check out the Teacher page here.

Corvette Activities for Download

Hidden Word Search Corvette
Corvette Tire Maze
Corvette Letter Tile Puzzle
Corvette Double Puzzle
Car Brain Booster Quiz 3
Car Brain Booster Quiz 2
Car Brain Booster Quiz
A Car Word For Each Letter

Corvette Profiles

  • Corvette Profiles – 2005 MVB Corvette “Number 61” While some Corvette owners treat their cars like royalty, driving them easy, and only in dry conditions, this cannot be said about all Corvette owners. Other Corvette owners daily their Corvettes, taking their Vettes through monsoons and snowstorms – like nothing can stop their Corvette driving experience. While these daily driver Corvettes may have taken a ...
  • Corvette Profiles – The Last of the C3s The 3rd generation of the Corvette is the longest running generation to date, spanning 15 full years of production. The first production year of the 3rd generation, or C3 Corvette introduced many new features along with its new body style. The C3 came in both a convertible and a coupe for its first year, but ...
  • Corvette Profiles – 1986 Corvette Indy Back in the mid-1980s, General Motors released one of the most technologically advanced cars ever created for its time; the Corvette C4. Upon release of the C4, the world was incredibly excited for what the car was capable of. In the 1980s, car design was like music of time. It was out with the old, and ...
  • Corvette Profiles – 1957 Corvette Production Racer In the performance section of the National Corvette Museum, hundreds of thousands of visitors every year see examples of Corvette racing throughout the years. One of the earliest examples of Corvette racing, and one that is often overlooked due to how stock the racer looks cosmetically, is the 1957 #4 fuel injected Corvette. Upon first glance, this ...

Education Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Fund a Fieldtrip – Send students on a fieldtrip to the museum that cannot afford to take fieldtrips. Funds would go towards admission to the museum, boxed lunches and/or help pay for transportation. $300 funds an entire classroom; $1,000 funds an entire grade
  • Street Survival – Sponsor a teen driver to attend this all day school that teaches safe driving.  $75 Provides breakfast for participants and coaches $200; Provides lunch for participants and coaches $400
  • MEchanics  –  From changing a tire, to checking fluids, to even changing headlight bulbs, MEchanics teaches drivers of all skill levels and ages how to properly care for their car to keep it running strong. – $20 per student, museum admission included. Classes are scheduled for groups of 5-20 students – please contact our Education Department at 270-777-4514 with your group information to schedule your MEchanics class.