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High Mileage C5 Corvette Donated

By November 3, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments

2000 High Mileage Corvette Donation

When it comes to Corvettes, many owners like to brag on how few miles their car has. For Mark Blackwell of Jacksonville, FL, he loves the fact that his Corvette is quite the opposite. In fact, it boasts 773,338 miles, all on its original engine.

Mark purchased the car brand new in 1999 and has used it as his mobile office ever since… a total of 18 years. For business, he travels into Georgia and down into southern Florida every day, and if you do the math, the car has achieved an average of 100 miles per day.

“It’s a fabulous car, I have no complaints,” said Mark. In fact, having the Corvette saved Mark’s life. He tells us that one evening he was driving on the interstate when the bumper from a semi fell into the highway. He was able to quickly maneuver around the debris into the median, blowing two tires but never losing control.

Mark decided a car with this incredible amount of miles on it belonged in the Museum and Curator Derek Moore agreed. “Ever car has a story, and this one is unique. It was only about 20,000 miles ago that it needed its original head gaskets replaced!”

The car’s story was featured on Road and Track.

Thanks to Mark for his generosity!