Eastman’s LLumar® brand is officially the preferred paint protection film (PPF) for NCM, and we are excited to be connected with the Corvette community! Sports car enthusiasts and race fans may already be in the know about our relationship with Hendrick Motorsports as a primary sponsor to 2020 NASCAR Cup Series champion Chase Elliott – his LLumar race car features LLumar products. This global brand is trusted by a racing expert and can be trusted by Corvette lovers, too! Read on to see how you and your Vette can benefit from choosing LLumar.

About PPF

LLumar paint protection film is thin yet strong elastic polyurethane that’s virtually invisible when applied on top of automotive paint. All LLumar PPF products provide a reliable layer of self-healing protection and help defend against rock chips, surface scratches, swirl marks, stains and more. You can choose specific application areas or wrap the whole car, and you can pick a gloss finish or a transforming product like matte or black PPF.

Find Your Perfect Fit

LLumar has a comprehensive portfolio of PPF products which makes it easy to find the perfect fit for you and your Vette. Popular choices include:

  • Valor – a premium PPF innovation with dual-role performance, featuring PPF and ceramic coating benefits; the result is a super glossy, super hydrophobic surface that practically cleans itself.
  • Platinum Extra – a specialty PPF that’s stronger and thicker, providing higher impact resistance for rough climates and more vulnerable areas like bumpers and rocker panels.
  • Select Black – create a two-tone look with this custom restyling option that’s similar to black vinyl but has self-healing and stain resistance properties, plus a high gloss finish; ideal for roofs, hoods and mirrors.

Professional Installs

An expansive network of LLumar dealers can be found throughout the US and Canada. They will know just how to take care of you and your Corvette and will discuss the installation process, pricing, care and maintenance. Visit LLumar.com to locate your nearest dealer and to learn more.

Did You Know?

Our paint protection films are produced in Martinsville, Virginia and factory-backed. Because Eastman is a manufacturer and marketer, we know PPF top to bottom and have the ability to innovate quicker, providing resources other suppliers may not have.