It all started over breakfast.

In the early days of the C3 Corvettes, John and Burt Greenwood considered racing to be a friendly competition between countries. The Greenwoods and their peers in the racing community traditionally used specific colors to represent automobiles from each nation. Green was the country color of England, red was the color of Italy for Ferrari, and the cars of America were typically white. Over breakfast one morning, though, Burt suggested that the Greenwood car should be red, white, and blue instead. The iconic Greenwood star-spangled Corvette was born.

Jewelry artist Bob Shamey (who has created jewelry for people like Bob Seger) became so enamored by the Greenwood Racing team that he volunteered to join their crew. He also decided to use his talents to craft a very special eagle necklace in honor of his friend, John Greenwood. John proudly wore this necklace as a symbol of his patriotic spirit. Donated to the National Corvette Museum by Rick Mancuso, John’s necklace is currently on display near his famous Spirit of Sebring ’76 Corvette.