Over 1,000 entries submitted, 33 Corvette Owners Awarded

In an effort to keep Corvette enthusiasts engaged in the wake of many spring and summer automotive events being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Corvette Museum launched a new online endeavor – a celebrity choice car show. For just $10 per entry, Corvette owners could upload and submit their cars in a number of categories in hopes of being selected and recognized by one of the VIP judges.

Participation in the show exceeded the expectations of the Museum, with over 1,000 entries being submitted by more than 900 households across the United States and several foreign countries.

While enthusiasts were excited to register, celebrity judges were just as excited to review the entries and make their picks. “When the Museum talked to me about doing an online car show I said ‘what a great thing to do, yeah – count us in, we’re involved,’ shared Mike Yager, Corvette Hall of Fame inductee and ‘Chief Cheerleader’ at Mid America Motorworks. “Hundreds and hundreds of people responded, what else are we going to do, go to a car show, even if its online.”

Retired Corvette Chief Engineer David Hill echoed Mike’s sentiment. “Congratulations on your online car show. I was pleasantly surprised at how many entries you had, and I read almost every C5 entry. What delightful stories. Thanks to those who took the time to show and tell.”

Participating as judges include retired Engineers and Chief Engineers Gib Hufstader, Dave McLellan, David Hill and Tom Wallace,  Designers Peter Brock, Jerry Palmer and Tom Peters, racers Tony DeLorenzo, John Heinricy, Andy Pilgrim and Johnny O’Connell as well as Racing Program Manager Doug Fehan, past GM Corvette Plant Managers Jeff Lamarche, Dave Tatman and Wil Cooksey, Corvette Hall of Fame inductees Reeves Callaway and Mike Yager, Corvettes at Carlisle’s Lance Miller, and Museum President/CEO Sean Preston.

In addition to winning selections several judges also awarded honorable mentions. A total of 33 Corvette owners and one Corvette Club were selected as recipients of the 36 awards. The recipients are as follows:

C1 presented by Vince Con Corvette and selected by Gibson Hufstader goes to Linda Boren with a 1960 Corvette with an honorable mention going to Jeff Stebar with a 1961 Corvette.

C2 presented by Titan Lift and selected by Peter Brock goes to Darwin and Patricia Ludi with their 1963 Corvette.

C3 presented by Volunteer Vette and selected by Jerry Palmer goes to Douglas Scheidet with a 1970 Corvette.

C4 presented by Dana Forrester and selected by Dave McLellan goes to Robert Lambe with a 1991 ZR-1 and an honorable mention going to Terry Day with a Lingenfelter ZR-1.

C5 presented by NCM Fighter Squadron and selected by David Hill goes to Hilary Whiting with a C5 Corvette and an honorable mention going to Randy O’Neil with a 2004.

C6 presented by Dan and Barb Drummond of Huntington Sheet Metal and selected by Tom Wallace goes to Travis Raczynski with a 2009 GT Championship Edition with honorable mentions going to Larry Kloster with a 2008 Pace Car, and Robert Rutkowski with a 2010 Z06.

C7 presented by Kim’s Gold Dust and selected by Tom Peters goes to Faith Worrell with a 2019 and an honorable mention going to Brian Bouchard with a 2014.

C8 presented by Ralph White Merchandising goes to Ralph Klestadt.

C1/C2 Track presented by Adam’s Polishes and selected by Lance Miller goes to Kevin Mackay with a 1966 Penske and an honorable mention going to Jan Hyde with a 1962 BP.

C3 Track presented by Corvette Central and selected by Anthony DeLorenzo goes to Kevin Mackay with a 1968 Band Aid L88 and an honorable mention going to Larry Van Gelder and his 1969 427.

C4 Track presented by Mobil 1 and selected by John Heinricy goes to Ed and Linda Van Scoy and their 1985.

C5 Track presented by NCM Insurance and selected by Andy Pilgrim goes to Tommy Mckeehan with a 1998.

C6 Track presented by Ready Computing and selected by Johnny O’Connell goes to Norman Glowicz with a 2010.

C7 Track presented by Michelin and selected by Doug Fehan goes to Russ Alford with a 2017 Z06 and an honorable mention going to Steve Blunk with a 2019 Callaway Z06.

Most Unique / Personalized presented by Callaway and selected by Reeves Callaway goes to Rosemary Dymek with a Callaway C6 Grand Sport.

Best Story presented by Mid America Motorworks and selected by Mike Yager goes to Brian Walsh with a 2010 Grand Sport.

Plant Managers’ Choice Awards presented by Artisan’s Apparel, Contes Corvettes and Laid-Back include David Laudermilch’s 1996 Grand Sport selected by Wil Cooksey, Brian Bouchard’s 2014 Corvette selected by Dave Tatman, Brad Hanson’s 1959 and 2019 ZR1 selected by Jeff Lamarche and an honorable mention to Marjorie Mathews with her 1953 Pedal Car selected by Jeff Lamarche.

President / CEO’s Choice presented by Custom LED selected by Dr. Sean Preston goes to Fred Kokaska with a 1961.

People’s Choice presented by Zip Corvette goes to Peter Asacker with a 1967 Corvette.

The Club participation award was determined by calculating percentage of a club that registered for the car show. More than 235 Corvette Clubs were represented in the show and with 25% club participation, the award goes to Sunset Vettes of Northwest Florida.

Mobil 1 also provided some awards and have selected Carlos Rodriguez as the winner of the Best Street Corvette with Keith Cross and Darryl Loafman taking runners up spots, and Paul Herzing taking a comic relief award. Bruce Jarrett received the nod for Best Track Corvette.

“We have been thrilled with the level of participation and engagement this new endeavor has achieved,” shared Dr. Sean Preston. “Many of the participants indicated that they have never visited the Museum, so this was a great way to engage them. Even some of our members who are not able to visit often said the show allowed them to participate in a Museum event from home and helped them feel connected to us. We plan to do this again in the future! Thank you again to our sponsors and judges for their participation.”

“A special recognition to all the beautifully maintained and driven Corvettes in this judging,” added Dave McLellan.

Watch the car show awards video and check out the beautiful rides below!

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