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Immerse your students in a captivating blend of history, engineering, and automotive innovation through our dynamic educational programs and field trip experiences. Discover how our tailored offerings provide educators with engaging opportunities to ignite curiosity and leave a lasting impression on young minds, all while exploring the fascinating world of America’s iconic sports car. Learn more about our offerings below.

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Did you know you can “Fund a Field Trip” for a group of deserving students? Your gift is not only tax deductible, but it can truly be life changing for those visiting our museum. Your gift has the chance to inspire a child who might otherwise have been denied the opportunity to become an engineer or a future Corvette designer.

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To set up reservations in advance, complete the form below. For assistance, contact Mitchell Rabold-Pearson at [email protected] or 270-777-4512.  Guided tours are available by request with advanced reservations. All group reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.

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