The National Corvette Museum offers many opportunities for school groups who would like a fun, yet educational field trip. The Museum is pleased to offer deeply discounted rates for registered groups of 15 or more.

While the Museum has many interactive and hands-on exhibits which are on permanent display, we also have special traveling exhibits to appeal to your students.

School Group Rates

Grades K-8: $4 each
High School: – $5 each
Preschool & Daycare: $3 each
One free teacher per 10 students
Bus drivers are free

For advanced reservations:
Contact Debbie Eaton – 270-467-8808 or 800-538-3883 – extension 185                                                                                                              Complete the Student Reservation Form and email to Debbie Eaton, [email protected]

Guided tours are available by request with advanced reservation. All group reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.

Group Photos

Group photos are available for purchase at a greatly reduced rate from our partner, FotoFX.

Educational Exhibits

Louis to Lemans:  The History of Chevrolet Racing
June 11, 2018 – January 4, 2019
The story of Chevrolet racing is told from the early days of Louis Chevrolet as a racing driver for Buick, through the AMA ban on racing, to Chevrolet Racing’s involvement in NASCAR, and the Le Mans winning Corvettes.

Corvette Cave-In: The Skydome Sinkhole Experience
A semi-permanent exhibit to tell the story of our February 12, 2014 sinkhole in the Museum’s Skydome which swallowed eight Corvettes. Learn more here.

Special Emphasis Tours

Career Awareness
The National Corvette Museum is the perfect place for students to explore career options.  In addition to being a popular tourist attraction, we are like a mini city with a café, theater, store, insurance agency, an auto repair facility, a library and archives and a world-class race track.   To support these businesses, we have administrative and accounting offices along with IT and marketing professionals.  During the tour, students meet with our professionals and discuss their career, requirements and job opportunities. (2 hours)

Curriculum Tours
The National Corvette Museum serves as an educational resource for all to enjoy. Through our custom curriculum tours, your lessons in the classroom come to life in the museum’s many displays. Teaching your students about physics? American/world history? Design? Economics? We will create a lesson that fits your classroom content and bring it to your classroom, then your class will have the opportunity to have a student tour with reinforcement materials from the classroom lesson, which allows your students to learn the content of the lesson at a deep conceptual level.


Musical Performance

The National Corvette Museum welcomes music groups to perform a “Musical Intermission” in the Chevrolet Theater by advance arrangement.  Contact Debbie in our Group Sales office (270)467-8808 to learn more and reserve your date.

Box Lunches

Adult Boxed Lunches
Our boxed lunches are for ages 13+ and come with a wrap (turkey, chicken salad, or ham), chips and a drink priced at $10 per person. Download the order form here: Adult Boxed Lunch Form

Kids Boxed Lunch
Our kid sized boxed lunches come with your choice of sandwich (turkey or ham) with chips, a cookie and a juice box.  This option is $5 per child age 12 and under.  Additional side items are available for $1 each (fruit cup, slaw, potato salad). Download the order form here: Kids Boxed Lunch Form

Teacher Resources

Download our automotive-related activities that you can do in your classroom! Check them out here.

Classroom Outreach

Through our “Corvettes in the Classroom” program, the National Corvette Museum will visit your classroom to give a pre-visit in your classroom! This classroom visit ensures that your visit to the museum is as streamlined as possible. For a career or curriculum tour, students will engage in a lesson that connects the classroom to the tour they will be taking at the museum.

All lessons include formal-formative pre- and post-assessments to gauge student learning and ensure that no misconceptions are held about the content covered at the museum, before your visit! And of course, all lessons are accompanied and reinforced with a KTIP-style lesson plan with appropriate Kentucky and Core content standards addressed.