State Farm Awards Grant for National Corvette Museum Teen Driving Programs

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Teen Driving Safety AcademyState Farm Insurance has awarded a $15,000 grant to the National Corvette Museum to provide financial support for teen driving programs held at the NCM Motorsports Park. The funding will be used towards Tire Rack’s Street Survival program (offered three times this year at the NCM Motorsports Park) and for service and maintenance on the Museum’s two interactive driving simulators, which are used for teens and adults to practice safe driving habits and for monthly teen driving clinics.

“Street Survival is a hands-on driving experience in real-world situations,” said Kellie Steen, Museum Guest Services and Education Coordinator. “Students use their own cars to learn its handling limits and how to control them. It helps them become more observant of the traffic situations. We’ve been offering the course for several years now, and it always fills up.”

The monthly teen driving clinics are offered the first Tuesday of each month from 2 to 4:45pm and provide training on the simulators for car control and situational awareness. A one-hour session can be scheduled for permit holders and newly licensed drivers, covering driving techniques such as parallel parking, city and rural driving hazards, adverse weather conditions, two wheel drop off recovery and the dangers of texting and drinking while driving. The fee is $10 per student and includes Museum Admission.

“Our simulators are able to let kids practice what to do in situations, like wheel drop off, in a safe environment without risking damage to their vehicle,” said Steen. “Parents enjoy seeing what their kids are learning and it’s a good enhancement to the in-car training they get at Street Survival.”

State Farm has partnered with the Museum by providing funding for the teen driving programs since 2013, with contributions totaling $59,000. State Farm provides grants in three areas: safety, community development and education.

“The National Corvette Museum is helping to save the lives of teenage drivers in Kentucky,” said Judy McConkey, Public Affairs for State Farm, Kentucky and Tennessee. “We are pleased to present them with this additional funding for 2016 to continue the wonderful work they are doing in this important safety area.”

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