There are love stories that stand the test of time, and there are love stories like no other.  While most romances focus on how two people fall in love, iconic romances span beyond the mainstream definition and shape generations in unexpected ways.   There are many reasons why we can assume the Corvette has cemented itself in automotive history and culture.  Across the globe, people have been enthralled with America’s Sports Car. From the humble 1953 Polo White Convertible, to the track capable mid-engine C8 we know and love today, the Corvette has impressively influenced the World for over 70 years.  The National Corvette Museum is the physical result of this ever-expanding network of Corvette’s influence through culture.  Located in Bowling Green, KY, just minutes from the only place in the world where Corvettes are produced, the Museum is the perfect place for a truly unique and romantic getaway.

You can see the evolution of America’s Sports Car through the collection, preservation, and celebration of its legacy, and with offerings meant for two, including the heart-stopping virtual thrills in the Corvette Racing Simulator, to the 360-degree LED Screen that wraps around you as you enter the iconic Skydome, to exquisite tastes at the on-site restaurant, Stingray Grill.

The opportunity to share experiences alongside the iconic two-person sports car is guaranteed to remind you and your special someone that your passion can expand beyond conventional boundaries. Few cars in history have had such a widespread impact on lives across the country.  When you hear the name “Corvette” it is hard to find someone nearby who doesn’t have at least a distant connection to the longest-running nameplate in automotive history.  As you work your way through the beautiful exhibit spaces in the National Corvette Museum, you begin to understand how Corvette has captivated cultures from generation to generation.

The Corvette is an American icon in any decade, but it’s the Corvette’s community of connections that have sustained the public’s relationship with the car over time.  You can see the connection unfold into a full-blown sensation through our latest exhibit, An American Love Affair: 70 Years of Corvette.

A journey through the exhibit will connect Corvette’s relevance in society and pop culture over the past 70 years The Museum features a spectacular collection of Corvettes that represent the vehicle’s history, from the all-new, electrified 2024 Corvette E-Ray, to a National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) award-winning 1953 Corvette, serving as the perfect example of how the passion for Corvette began. Other iconic Corvettes and artifacts that highlight the love affair between America and Corvette are on display throughout the Museum, such as a collection of Corvette toys and models from the George Biederman Collection, Barbie Corvette toys, a Disneyland Autopia Car, and a display LT6 engine.

The unprecedented collection of award-winning Corvettes from all around the country set against the backdrop of the region’s first fully immersive, nearly 360-degree video wall, also known as the Skywall, permits guests to travel through time, experiencing the Heartbeat of America on the street and the ground-pounding sound of American thunder on the track.

An epic history requires epic treatment, and this is exactly what the new Skywall does, by transforming the interior of the iconic Skydome into a jaw-dropping continuous video moment that captures the energy, sight, sound, and experience of Corvette. The continuous screen envelops the guest with immersive video and a spectacular new sound system that makes the roar of the Corvette feel inches away. While Skywall’s first immersive experience expands on the love affair of the Corvette, the experience can be tailored to new exhibits and private rentals, making the Skydome a must-see for any romantic considering venues in the future.

After exploring the fascinating Museum, be sure to take a stroll down Corvette Boulevard, the main hall adorned with new Corvettes awaiting their delivery date.  You’ll not only get an up-close look at the thrill of a Museum Delivery, but you’ll also find the perfect lunch date to top off your tanks.  The Stingray Grill is located within the National Corvette Museum, and while reservations aren’t required, we’d recommend making one online after conveniently purchasing a ticket for the perfect date at the Museum.  The modern atmosphere of the exhibits leads to an elevated dining experience that is sure to impress anyone familiar with the Corvette aesthetic.   Take a bite out of famous specials like The Stingray Burger that made mouths water around the world when featured on Guy’s All American Road Trip on Food Network, paired perfectly with an expertly crafted cocktail.

The heartfelt hospitality found in the National Corvette Museum is just part of the reason that you may want to weave your Museum visit into a weekend adventure in Bowling Green, KY.  Planes and trains… cars and guitars… caves and waves… rails and trails… thrills and chills… charm and farms… We could keep going for days, and that’s just what it would take to see and do everything in the Bowling Green area. As the Home of the Corvette, we sure love our fast cars, but the city offers so much more that we think you will be surprised by how much is happening here.  You’ll find plenty of local amenities and attractions where the two of you can recharge in Kentucky’s third-largest city.

As the fastest-growing city in Kentucky, Bowling Green is the dining and shopping mecca for a dozen surrounding counties, and we’re brimming with locally owned restaurants and splurging (shopping!) options. Being centrally located on I-65, means we are just under an hour away from Nashville, TN.

As you consider the options for a romantic destination, we encourage you to think beyond the conventional idea of romance and dive into the vast world of Corvette as you experience the National Corvette Museum’s An American Love Affair: 70 Years of Corvette.