This week, Lifetime Museum Members, Wayne and PJ Ray, were able to pick up their brand-new 2021 Zeus Bronze C8 Stingray.  As this car would replace their current 2015 C7 Corvette, they needed to find the C7 a new home. Wayne and PJ decided to give their Blade Silver C7 Stingray to their son, Rick, who also loves Corvettes. Rather than simply telling Rick their intentions, the Rays decided to make the gesture extra special by surprising Rick with his own NCM Delivery Experience.

Featured from Left to Right are: PJ, Wayne, Rick, Heidi, and Nicholas Ray.

Wayne and PJ did a great job keeping the secret, as their son had no idea they were surprising him with a Museum Delivery for the C7. Rick was brought to tears by his parent’s surprise and was extremely happy to be the new owner of the C7 stating he, “loves this car and has loved it since the day his parents bought it.” Rick will also enjoy the extra customizations his parents added over the years to make the car more original.

Rick’s wife, Heidi, and son, Nicholas, were also present for the heartwarming moment. Heidi mentioned that her husband, “has dreamed about having a Corvette since they met.” Rick and Heidi are  Lifetime Legacy Members of the Museum, so they are thrilled to now be official Corvette owners. Nicholas thought his grandparents were just going to sign the car over to his father, so he was moved by the Museum Delivery Experience his grandparents set up as well. Nicholas said it was, “awesome” to see his father’s dream come true.

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