Without NCRS, there would not be a National Corvette Museum. It was their idea to build a facility to house the history of Corvette, and now, they are once again offering an educational opportunity through the Museum. This time that opportunity is to benefit the future of the automotive hobby.

“The NCRS Board wanted to give back to the NCM. The Museum’s membership base is approximately 35,000 strong, while NCRS has about 15,000 members – so that’s 20,000 enthusiasts that are not touched by NCRS,” said Carlton Colclough, NCRS Representative on the National Corvette Museum Board of Directors. “We wanted to generate interest in the younger generation and get them interested. The students don’t have to be attending college, it can be a tech school, or anything post high school education.”

NCRS gifted 18 scholarships in 2019 through both NCRS and the NCRS Foundation totaling more that $42,000.

“When Carlton approached us on behalf of the NCRS with this idea, we were thrilled,” said Dr. Sean Preston, President & CEO of the Museum. “For the past several years our team has hosted a number of students for career tours, helping to get them interested in the employment opportunities that are available when they complete their education. This adds another layer to the Museum’s educational offerings, helps to promote the Museum and NCRS, and is a wonderful benefit to our members and their children or grandchildren,” added Sean.

Scholarship Guidelines

  • The National Corvette Restorers Society has provided funding for the National Corvette Museum to offer a scholarship annually in the amount of $2,500.
  • All scholarships shall be awarded in a non-discriminate manner, without regard to color, creed, national origin or gender.
  • Any scholarship awarded is for one year. Recipients shall not be eligible for renewal or reapplication of future scholarships from the Museum.
  • The application process shall consist of completing the NCM application form. A notice of availability of the scholarship program shall be provided on the Museum’s website, social media, email list and America’s Sports
  • Car magazine, a publication furnished by NCM to its members.
  • Distribution of scholarship funds will be made directly to each student following confirmation of enrollment. In the event of any misuse of scholarship funds, the Museum shall permanently terminate the right to the misusing individual to further participate in the scholarship program and initiate and diligently prosecute collection activities to recover from the recipient all amounts which have been misused.
  • No scholarship may be awarded to any person who is related by descent or marriage to anyone who serves on the Museum’s Board of Directors or is an employee of the Museum.

Selection and Eligibility Guidelines

1. Applicants must be NCM members or children or grandchildren of NCM members. (membership must be current at time of application and award)
2. Applicants must have applied and been accepted at an accredited post-secondary school, technical school, college or university.
3. Applicants must be pursuing a degree related to the automotive, museum or non-profit industry, or a field which would work in those industries (i.e. human resources, finance, marketing, information technology, etc.).
4. Applicants must be planning to enroll in 12 or more hours per semester.
5. While academic and extracurricular performance will be considered, work or volunteer experience in automotive, museum or non-profit related fields and apparent financial need will also be considered in the application. Applicants must include a statement of the source of their funds for their education (i.e. loans, other scholarships, grants, etc.)

Applications are made available beginning in Jan/Feb each year to students desiring to apply. General communications are made through the National Corvette Museum’s member magazine, social media, website and email lists so that all members are aware of the program guidelines and timeline. Applications will be available for download on the Museum’s website. Applications received before or after the posted dates will not be considered. Similarly, applications which are incomplete or contain erroneous information will not be considered.

Scholarships are awarded on a one academic year basis. Payments will be made to the student in September after evidence is provided to the scholarship committee of their successful enrollment in school.

The Scholarship Application will be made available on the Museum’s website each January here.