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Museum, Motorsports Park Featured on Brazilian TV Show

By November 9, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments

For our enthusiast friends in Brazil, you’ve probably heard of the tv show Acelerados, hosted by former Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello. In addition to their on-air show, which garners over 2 million viewers, the program has quite the social media following with over 658,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. The channel is described for gearheads with adrenaline and gasoline running in their blood. In addition to Barrichello, automotive journalists Cassio Cortes and Gerson Campos put supercars, classic cars and the latest news on the automotive market to the limit on the race track.

The episode featuring the Museum and MSP debuted Sunday, November 5 on TV and is available for viewing online (both the full episode as well as just our portion). Of course, you’ll have to speak Portuguese to understand what the program is saying! Even if you don’t, it’s pretty cool footage to watch.

Museum/MSP Portion of the Show

Full Episode