Museum Gateway, Admissions Area To Be Remodeled

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The National Corvette Museum will have a fresh, welcoming face by the spring of 2019. A remodel of the admissions and ‘Gateway’ areas is slated to begin on January 2, 2019 with a goal of completion by the end of March.

During construction, a special walkway will be available, routing guests safely through the construction areas. Additionally, the tourist information kiosk, and admissions/ticketing counter will be temporarily relocated onto the Boulevard area.

During the remodel, only two Corvettes will be relocated from display in the Gateway. Access to the Chevrolet Theater for the Corvette History film will still be available.

“The Gateway area was originally designed as somewhat of a holding area for guests waiting to see a film in the Chevrolet Theater, as well as a space for tour groups to gather for a welcome/introduction to their Museum visit,” said Katie Ellison, Marketing and Communications Manager. “We’re excited about the new design for the space as it will better tell the story of how the Corvette came to be, and the cars that influenced Chevrolet in the creation of their very own sports car.”

With the removal of the wall separating the Gateway from a walkway leading to the Nostalgia area, the newly remodeled space will accommodate 5-6 display cars as well as a number of artifacts important to the development of the Corvette. “As interest in the Museum has continued to grow over the years, so has the need for space to more thoroughly tell the back story of the iconic car. Thanks to donations by many of members and supporters, we’re able to do much needed remodels like this one,” said Katie. “Our goal is to refresh a few key areas of the Museum just in time for our 25th Anniversary Celebration.”

Thank you for your patience as we undergo this exciting transformation!

Check out this video by the Bowling Green Daily News.