To kick off the presentations for the second fun-filled day of the 2021 Michelin NCM BASH, Cam Bower, Brighid Hoempler, and Jeff Valentage from Mobil 1 took the stage. Mobil 1 has been factory fill for Corvette since 1993. Mobil 1 oil has been used in over 700,000 Corvette engines and there have been over 100 Corvette Racing wins all with Mobil 1 as well. GM Technical Advisor Brighid Hoempler says this is something they are “very proud of.” The ESP Formula 0W-40 is the first and the only dexos® approved motor oil developed for the C8 Corvette. This motor oil is a full synthetic formula with great low-temperature performance and is an “overall great product.” Corvette and Mobil 1 have made generations worth of progress with their long development partnership. Mobil 1 also mentioned how the new C8.R is using their latest formulation titled as Mobil 1 Racing 0W-50. This formula is now available for track-use only Corvettes at every Chevrolet Performance dealership. Mobil 1 wrapped up their presentation with fun prize opportunities for the audience including trivia questions and raffles. The full seminar is available on the members-only section of the website.