The National Corvette Museum is pleased to announce that our groundbreaking exhibit, Driven by Design, is now open. The 6,500-square-foot exhibit is focused on the history of Corvette’s design process and the stories of the diverse group of individuals responsible for the most iconic sports car design of all time.   

This long-term exhibit, located in the Museum’s Design and Engineering Gallery, has been planned by the Museum’s curatorial staff along with co-curator, Retired GM Design Chief Tom Peters, for several years and was designed to inspire, educate, and entertain National Corvette Museum guests. This exhibit uses interactive elements, artifacts, hands-on objects, and motion-activated content to help guests learn about the design history of the Corvette.

The exhibit features Corvette’s Vice Presidents of Design beginning with Harley Earl in the 1950s through Mike Simcoe today. The exhibit also reveals the lesser-known stories of those who worked out of the spotlight but were no less influential in creating the lines that would shape the auto industry. Additionally, this exhibit shines a light on the diversity of the individuals responsible for Corvette’s iconic design.

This exhibit also provides a full overview of the intricate and exciting process of designing a car, from sketches and renderings to clay and prove-out models. From exterior and interior design to future-looking projects and designs. With the use of interactive elements, guests will see the actual tools and models that led to the Corvettes seen on the road today.