In the January/February 2006 Issue of America’s Sports Car Magazine, you may remember a story titled, “What a can, can do.” This story featured Cheryl Ginn and her daughter, Jessica, who collected aluminum cans to save for a Corvette.

Cheryl and Jesscia

Still owning that 2001 Magnetic Red Corvette Coupe that Jessica drives, Cheryl also has a C6 in her garage. Jessica still recalls the feeling she had when her mother came home from Bachman Chevrolet with her Corvette and is still glad that her mother “taught [her] how to save for [her] dream at such a young age.”

Fifteen years later, the proud female Corvette owners returned to the National Corvette Museum, where they have been Lifetime members since 2005, to take Museum delivery of a 2021 Arctic White Corvette. Jessica shared that, “getting to see my mom achieving her dream is something that I am so glad to be a part of.” Cheryl, a member of the River Cities Corvette Club, had never customized a new Corvette and is very excited to be adding it to her garage and doing R8C Museum Delivery for the first time.

The delivery date is special to Cheryl for another reason. Thirty-seven years ago, on September 15, she was involved in a mid-air collision with two Army Medi-Evac Helicopters. As a memorial to her two friends that paid the ultimate price for our country, she and Jessica will be making a stop on the way home at the Peace Memorial in Louisville, KY, where her two friends’ names are listed.

Congratulations to Cheryl on her 2021 Arctic White Corvette and thank you for service!

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