Corvette Team members Tadge Juechter, Harlan Charles, and Josh Holder made a virtual appearance to share Corvette updates with the attendees of Michelin NCM BASH. Since the last BASH, the Corvette has won many outstanding awards. These awards include Best Convertible for 2020 from Digital Trends, 10Best for 2021 from Car and Driver, Best Buy from Consumer Guide, Best Car to Buy from Motor Authority, The Best Car I Drove This Year from Fox News, Best Sports Car Resale Value from Kelly Blue Book, Best of Test 2020 from AI Magazine, and Ultimate Year-Round Daily from Road & Track.

Tadge expressed that the expectations were “astronomical” and that “to actually have achieved or exceeded those expectations is something we are really proud of.”

Considering the approaching 40th anniversary of Corvette production in Bowling Green, Harlan says it is “fun to compare how far we’ve come in 40 years.” The team goes on to compare the specification differences between 1981 and 2021. Harlan states that we have “come a long way” in the past 40 years and that we have created “a great heritage of producing Corvettes.” While discussing 2021 Corvette statistics, the team shared that Corvette has led the list of fastest-selling new vehicles for three straight months. The team says that Corvette is “attracting new customers and retaining loyalists”. Two-thirds of buyers are new to Chevrolet and Corvette has doubled growth with Gen X, increased growth more than 10% with Gen Y, and has also continued to retain loyalty.

As the team moves along to share new updates, the first review of what was new for 2021. These awesome features included Wireless Phone Projection, New Track Mode, G2 Seats, new paint colors, and more.  Josh Holder shares that RHD Corvettes are not made by “just moving the steering wheel to the right” and there is “quite a bit to do” when designing an RHD vehicle. Corvette is super excited to now be shipping these cars to Japan and plans to expand production to U.K. and Australia in 2022. To continue the excitement for 2022, the Corvette Team announces what is new for 2022. To start, they shared the three new 2022 Corvette paint colors. Kai Spande discussed these paint colors in his presentation on Thursday at the Michelin NCM Bash. The other surprise is a new low-profile spoiler for 2022. Harlan says this spoiler is perfect for those who want something “in-between a Z51 spoiler and no spoiler at all.” The team then left the audience with the cliffhanger that there is “more to come” for 2022.