Today, David and Linda Goebel donated their 2007 Corvette Race Car to the National Corvette Museum. Derek E. Moore, Museum Director of Collections and Curator says that “Andy [Pilgirm] will be using this car at the NCM Motorsports Park but we are very thankful to David and Linda for what they are doing for the Museum and the Motorsports Park and what they have done over the many years they have been involved here.”

“At the moment we have been taking people around the race track in the C8’s, which are pretty awesome, and also a C7, and you can pretty much guarantee that people will have a good time. The times that I have taken people around in something that is like a race car, like the car being donated, it is a whole other world. This is going to be a lot of fun and I’m so excited to have it here,” said Pro-Race Driver, Andy Pilgrim.

The Goebel’s acquired the Corvette donated today after David suffered an accident at Roebling Road in a 2009 Corvette. After the accident, the Goebels took the broken down Corvette to Phoenix Performance. With no luck in the ability for the car to be repaired, they opted to use the funds from salvaging the vehicle to purchase the 2007 Corvette that Linda liked. When asked if the Corvette was hers, Linda replied, “If you wanna put it that way, then yes!”

Both David and Linda have an impressive racing past. David began in Drag Racing and in the ’70s and ’80s, the pair autocrossed with multiple NCCC championships before moving into the SCCA Regional and National Divisions, as well as Pro Racing. The last time that the Goebel’s raced the 2007 Corvette was Thanksgiving of 2019 at Roebling Road. Linda was the fastest lady, lowered her record, and was the third-fastest overall, behind David, her husband, and another man in a race-prepared Corvette.

This Corvette also has a connection to 2014 Corvette Hall of Fame Inductee, John Heinricy, who briefly raced the car before the Goebel’s purchased it. David says of John Heinricy, “You know they say that you leave no one stone unturned? Well, some people cut that stone in half and polish the halves. Heinricy polishes all sides of a grain of sand when building a car.”

Married for 55 years this September, the Goebels say that “A family that races Corvettes together stays together!” Thank you David and Linda for your Donation and continued support to the National Corvette Museum!