Corvette Delivery Program Adds Perks for Kids

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The Ed and Shari Glazer Family Corvette Delivery Program Encourages Children and/or Grandchildren to Take Part in Experience

Ed Glazer

Ed Glazer

One of Ed Glazer’s best memories is going with his father to pick-up his first new Corvette in 1984, which kindled Ed’s love for the car. Since then, Ed has owned many Corvettes and taken delivery of a couple of them at the National Corvette Museum. The Ed and Shari Glazer Family Corvette Delivery Program creates a special Corvette memory for a delivery guests’ children and/or grandchildren, just like Ed had with his dad.

This program is an enhancement to our R8C Museum Delivery Program, offering some additional features when our delivery customers bring their children or grandchildren to share in their experience.

The program includes:

  • Unique readerboard identifying the Corvette as a family delivery.
  • Special mat on display with the Corvette, denoting it as a family delivery.
  • Certificate for a complimentary scoop of ice cream from the Corvette Cafe for each child and the delivery customer.
  • Camera flash card (for Corvettes with the PDR option).
  • Delivery photo with child/grandchild.
  • Museum t-shirt for the child/grandchild participating.
  • Delivery plaque for the child/grandchild to commemorate the family delivery experience.
  • Minimum age to participate in Plant Tour is 10.

To participate, when making your R8C Delivery plans with Museum staff, please let them know that you will be bringing your child or grandchild so that they can take part in the Ed and Shari Glazer Family Corvette Delivery Experience. Learn more about our Delivery Programs here.