For 70 years, Corvette has represented speed, style, and personal expression. It’s no surprise that when you add in a little holiday flair, Corvettes become a natural inspiration for Christmas decorations. This month, we share four Corvette-themed Christmas tree ornaments from the George Biederman Collection.

In the first example, Santa Claus has traded in his sleigh for a 1953 Corvette, complete with gifts in the passenger seat and a big green bow around the middle. This ornament was created by the ENESCO Corporation in honor of Corvette’s 40th anniversary in 1993. Named “Dream Wheels” by ENESCO, it was part of a larger series of holiday ornaments based on reverent, nostalgic, and even humorous themes. Although there are plenty of ornaments featuring Santa at the wheel of a Corvette, this version was sold for one year only.

During Corvette’s 50th anniversary in 2003, another iconic design inspired this ornament by Hallmark. Buyers could adorn their Christmas trees with the 1963 Sting Ray split-window coupe. Based on a sculpture by artist Don Palmiter, this ornament captures the ’63 Sting Ray’s sleek and smooth styling. Finished in Sebring Silver, the decoration is similar to the real-life example on display at the National Corvette Museum. Note the wrapped presents visible through the split window.

A second ornament by Hallmark honors a toy that has appeared under many Christmas trees. Released in 2008, the ornament celebrates Barbie’s 1976 Star ‘Vette, the first Corvette toy created for Mattel’s famous fashion doll. The original Star ‘Vette was a deep pink C3 that came with a set of star decals. The ornament features all the details of the toy including the luggage rack, “Super Slicks” tires, and Barbie herself in the driver’s seat. This tribute to the Star ‘Vette shows how timeless both Barbie and the Corvette have become.

One final ornament from Hallmark is from 1997, modeling the then-new C5 Corvette. For this design, again created by Don Palmiter, the focus is on realism. The ornament depicts a stylish Torch Red Corvette just as it would have appeared on the showroom floor. Like Palmiter’s ’63 Sting Ray ornament, this Corvette also holds wrapped presents visible through the back window, adding some holiday spirit to America’s Sports Car.