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Corvette Blood Runs in Geiger Family

By June 16, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments

Robert J. Geiger in his 1966 Corvette Convertible

For many people, Corvettes hold special memories of loved ones. For Peter Geiger, that memory is of his brother, Robert J. Geiger.

Robert, a lover of America’s Sports Car, had a unique 1966 Convertible in which he owned from 1973-75. It wasn’t like any other Vette – and that’s what makes it so special to Peter.

“(Robert) had a 1966 Convertible with a lot of modifications on the body,” Peter said. “The back was customized with a tail that came up and the rear lights were flat rectangles. The wheel wells were flared and the hood also had a custom scoop. The paint was brown with pearl flip-flop over the entire car. Very ugly – looked like eight different colors at once.”

That wasn’t the only Corvette that Robert owned, though, as he also had a 1968 427 Coupe a couple of years later. However, the 1966 Robert owned means so much to Peter – simply because it reminds him of his brother, who tragically passed away in 1987. The 1966 also turned Peter into a fellow Corvette guru.

“The ’66 is so special to me because I cleaned it and fell in love with Corvettes at that point,” stated Peter. “So it’s like my first car and a part of him.”

Peter is on a mission to find his brother’s 1966 Convertible – and can use any help given. All Peter has right now is one photo of his brother sitting in his beloved Hot Rod, but believes he can discover the vehicle Robert once had and bring it back to into the Geiger family. The car was last known to be registered in New York, but Peter does not know the VIN.

“It’s so important to my family because today everybody wants what they had,” added Peter. “Look at American Pickers or Ray (Evernham)’s Show, AmeriCARna – we want to go back in time.”

If you have any leads please contact Peter Geiger at [email protected].