Popular Mechanics Announced Annual Automotive Excellence Awards

Throughout the year, the team at Popular Mechanics got behind the wheels of numerous vehicles – from sports cars to sedans to SUVs, driving them on a variety of roads, streets and highways. Using both their own data, and cross-referencing it with experiences and data from other expert sources including Car & Drive, and reliability scores from J.D. Power, Edmunds and Consumer Reports, the team created their list of the best cars and car developments of 2020.

Topping the list as ‘Car of the Year’ is the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

“The economics of making a mid-engine sports car, it seemed, made it impossible to build one for non-millionaires. But this year, Chevrolet found a way. The new Corvette is a fast, agile, covet-worthy stunner of a car, for $60,000.”

“Usually, this level of presence and performance costs you everyday practicality, but Chevy figured out a way around that, too. The Corvette is livable. Actually, comfortable…. And a four-hour trip in heavy traffic and rain, the kind of drive that would be exhausting in any vehicle, was mostly pleasant.”

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