Document the build process of your new Corvette with color photography!

The National Corvette Museum is offering an exciting opportunity for Corvette buyers to document their Corvette’s “build process” at the GM Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant with a New Corvette Owner’s Photo Album.

Whether you are ordering to take delivery at the Museum through the R8C Program or simply ordering your new Corvette to take delivery at your Chevrolet dealership – we can help you preserve a monumental part of your Corvette’s history with a 20-page photo album that captures the complete build of your new Corvette!

Each 11″ x 14″ album is created with the highest quality photo paper preserved in a leather hard cover album and includes:

  • 40 plus pages of text and photos devoted to capture your Corvette’s build process
  • Letter of authenticity
  • Letter from the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant Manager and the National Corvette Museum’s Executive Director
  • Back page autograph area for memorable moments/events.

The National Corvette Museum reserves the right and has full discretion when selecting photographs that describe and showcase the build process for your photo album.  We are not able to distribute the photos in any other format, such as CD or flash drive.

Cost: $1000.00

  • Order must be placed at least 14 days before the start of the car’s build.
  • Maximum order capacity for each target production week (TPW) will be 10 albums.  Those orders submitted after the limit has been reached would be refunded.  If you are unsure of your target production week (TPW), please call prior to registering to inquire about availability for a given week.
  • Availability is subject to production blackout dates.

Order Photo Album

*Please note that the name(s) used when registering will be the name(s) printed in the letter of authenticity.
Your photo album will be shipped to you directly.
*Shipping rates for locations outside the Continental US vary widely. All international shipments will subject to additional shipping charges. Customer is responsible for any duties, taxes, or brokerage fees charged by Customs and/or UPS.

For additional questions regarding the Photo Album contact Museum Delivery Program Manager – Shane Webb at: [email protected] or call (800) 205-4248 / (270) 777-4505.  Becky Beach is also available to assist.  She can be reached at [email protected] or call (800) 205-4248 / (270) 467-8851.