The Ed and Shari Glazer Family Corvette Delivery Program

One of Ed Glazer’s fondest memories as a child was going with his father Malcolm to pick up his first ever Corvette, a C4. Up until 1983, Malcolm had purchased a new Cadillac every year. But in 1983, Malcolm, who was always teaching his sons business lessons, told the 13 year old Ed that if he called all the local Chevy dealers and could make a good deal by himself to trade in his dad’s Cadillac Seville for a new C4 Corvette, then he would buy one.

Ed, who lived in Rochester, NY, called every dealer in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, trying to find the best deal for his father, and finally did at a Syracuse, NY dealership. He even got the salesman to drive 90 miles to his home to inspect the Cadillac and seal the deal. A few days later, Ed and his dad drove together to pick up their first new Corvette. It was one of those incredible father-son experiences that only come along once in a lifetime, and that started Ed’s lifelong love of the Corvette. Ed has owned a new Corvette almost every year since 1999, and has taken delivery of a few at the NCM himself, including a brand new Z06 that he won in the NCM raffle. Malcolm Glazer was the owner of Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and passed away in 2014. Ed created the Ed and Shari Glazer Family Corvette Delivery Program with the hope that other families experience the incredible feeling that comes from taking delivery of a new Corvette with a family member at the National Corvette Museum.

The program includes:

  • Unique reader-board identifying the Corvette as a family delivery.
  • Special mat on display with the Corvette, denoting it as a family delivery.
  • Delivery photo with child or grandchild.
  • Museum t-shirt for the child or grandchild participating (Children’s Sizes XS-XL).
  • Delivery plaque for the child or grandchild to commemorate the family delivery experience.
  • Children or grandchildren age 16 and under are eligible to participate.

To participate, when making your R8C Delivery plans with Museum staff, please let them know that you will be bringing your child or grandchild so that they can take part in the Ed and Shari Glazer Family Corvette Delivery Experience.