As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are grateful for all our donors and appreciate gifts of every dollar amount. All donations to the Museum are used to enhance the experience guests have when they visit to learn about the history and design of America’s sports car. Make an online donation here.

This past year has been one of realization and reflection for our team. We have seen other museums and tourism industry friends struggle, not
to mention the personal challenges the pandemic brought on our Corvette family and friends. The old saying of “Learning to dance in the rain
and not just waiting for a storm to pass” stands true for us – thanks to you!

With heartfelt appreciation, we thank you for standing with us in the storm and walking into a new year of exciting changes. We know you not
only have a dedication to your museum, to America’s Sports Car – the Corvette, but also to your fellow club members and friends that you share
the museum story with. Continuing the museum mission is the platform we stand firmly on, and this outreach comes to you to introduce new
ways to bring in more guests and members to the museum to learn Corvette’s exciting and incredible story. You, as a supporter of our mission,
help us bring excitement and smiles to the faces of our guests, members, schools and groups as they spend their time with us learning such a
great story. What gratification it must bring to know that you, as a museum member, help us make possible the changes here at the museum.

Why at this time you may be asking? The National Corvette Museum is “A Living Museum” as we set out years ago to become and continue
to be. We rely heavily on developing our collection through the kindness and generosity of those willing to donate artifacts. However, there are
times when significant artifacts from Corvette history are not able to be donated by their owner and are offered for sale. It is at these moments
it is critical for the museum to have dedicated funds, often referred to as an Acquisitions Fund, that can be utilized to purchase select pieces.

The Acquisitions Fund is not available to purchase any item offered to us, rather it is there to acquire items determined to be imperative in telling
the story of Corvette history by our Curatorial Staff, Collections Committee, and Board Acquisitions Committee. The greatest example is the
recent acquisition of the XP-987GT, or Two-Rotor Corvette. This incredibly important vehicle in Corvette history and the long journey to the
realization of the mid-engine Corvette could not be donated by its owner, so we took action and found funding, through donor support, to add
this Corvette prototype to the collection.

As Corvette history continues to be written daily, the museum will always need to develop its collection to present Corvette history in an inviting
and educational way. With a strong Acquisitions Fund behind us, we can ensure that significant artifacts can be acquired and preserved for our
members and guests to see and learn from during their visits to the museum.

Are you ready to make a tax-deductible donation to YOUR museum to help us? Contributions may be made by mail using the reverse side of this
letter and the enclosed envelope or online at: Perhaps a gift you make is better suited by supporting our Brick Program,
Theater Seating, Entryway Tile Program or Flint Wall Brick. We appreciate that as well. The reverse side of this letter details our other programs.

We are grateful that you are part of our influence in the Corvette Community and to all ages and generations of Corvette enthusiasts. We could
not make an impact without you. Thank you for considering making a gift toward our campaign and for being there with us always!

If you are not able to contribute at this time, please know we understand and appreciate all you have done for the Museum.

We appreciate your support always and especially given the current global situation. Please reach out to us should you have any questions.  Thank you again for all you do for the National Corvette Museum.