Elfi’s Silver Pearl Sisterhood

Elfi’s Silver Pearl Sisterhood is a women-driven organization that will allow like-minded women to share their love of America’s Sports Car while furthering the mission of the National Corvette Museum. Much like a pearl, each member of this society shines on her own, but together they complement each other beautifully and make an impactful statement.

Elfi Duntov


Elfi Wolfe Duntov is considered the Godmother and First Lady of Corvette. She would often accompany Zora Arkus-Duntov, the first Chief Engineer of Corvette, to car shows and special events. Everyone who met Elfi was immediately impressed with her grace, enthusiasm and knowledge of America’s Sports Car. She attended the Grand Opening of the National Corvette Museum in 1994 and plays a pivotal role in the story of the Corvette. It is an honor to attach her name to this new society – to continue her legacy of philanthropy among like-minded women in the Corvette family.
In 1965, Corvette introduced a new and exciting color – Silver Pearl. It was sleek, elegant and powerful, much like the women who love Corvette! Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience as well as generosity, integrity and loyalty. While pearls make the perfect complement to flashier gemstones, they also possess an elegance that can shine alone.

Who We Are

Elfi’s Silver Pearl Sisterhood is a group of women with a shared passion for Corvette, who enjoy celebrating the Corvette experience, uniting with other Corvette enthusiasts, promoting the traditions of America’s Sports Car, and collaborating to advance the mission of the National Corvette Museum. Members pool their financial gifts and allocate the funds to a project or program at the Museum to maximize the impact of their philanthropy.
Each member of the group has a unique opportunity to be connected to other women who are enthusiastic about all things Corvette, and to learn about the Museum’s priorities and initiatives in a group setting specifically geared toward women. Members have an equal voice on how the pooled funds are utilized annually.
A member may be as involved as she wishes, from serving as an ambassador to simply making a financial gift.
Silver Pearl Sisterhood

Who Can Join

Any enthusiast, owner, member or friend who wishes to connect to other female Corvette lovers and advance Museum priorities through philanthropic engagement and a collective voice may become a member.

How Does It Work

Each member commits to a gift of $1,000 per year (donate by Aug. 1 to receive a vote). All donations are deposited into a restricted fund. The full membership of the group will meet at the NCM Anniversary Celebration each year and will vote on the distribution of the funds. Each member has one vote.

How Are Funds Awarded?

The full membership of Elfi’s Silver Pearl Sisterhood votes on the distribution of the funds. The amount of money available for distribution is dependent upon the number of members and can vary each year.

Join Us!

To speak with us about this exciting new group or to join, please contact Lexi Stewart, Development Coordinator, 270-777-4565 or [email protected].