Today, the National Corvette Museum announced plans for $2.4 Million in improvements to the museum’s Motorsports Park. In December of 2021, the NCM Motorsports Park was heavily damaged when an EF-3 tornado touched down in Bowling Green. The National Corvette Museum and its board of directors decided to leverage the unfortunate circumstances of the tornado to create opportunity. Instead of simply restoring the Motorsports Park to pre-tornado conditions, the National Corvette Museum is planning significant improvements to the park’s facilities.National Corvette Museum President and CEO Sharon Brawner said of the planned improvements, “The National Corvette Museum, along with our board of directors, looked at the extent of the damage to the Motorsports Park and decided to find the silver lining in a really difficult circumstance. The improvements we have planned will take our already world-class racing facility to the next level, including much-needed indoor and outdoor event spaces, bar and restaurant offerings in our track observation areas, and upgraded garage facilities.”The NCM Motorsports Park, which is located on 185 acres of property adjacent to I-65 in Bowling Green, opened in 2014. Designed by legendary race track designer Steve Crawford, the road course was created with input from Corvette Racing, resulting in a multiple, reconfigurable track layout with features from Le Mans. According to Greg Waldron, Executive Director of the NCM Motorsports Park, the planned improvements will allow track participants, observers, and other guests to experience a level of facilities on par with the excellence of the track itself. “We want all of the guests who visit the Motorsports Park to have an exceptional experience,” said Waldron. “With the addition of these new amenities and reimagined spaces, the Motorsports Park will be the foremost racing and karting destination in the Southeast.” The NCM Motorsports Park will remain open during construction, and the project is currently slated for completion by early 2024. Visitors can currently enjoy C8 Corvette driving experiences, track rentals for personal vehicle driving and racing, and high-speed go-karts. The Motorsports Park also offers league racing and group karting in addition to corporate and private events. More information on the NCM Motorsports Park can be found at