Welcome to Fully Vetted, a series geared towards Corvette enthusiasts of all ages, offering at-home educational and entertaining episodes on various aspects of Corvette.

Season 1 of Fully Vetted featured ten video episodes while Season 2 has taken on a Podcast format. Episodes are available to stream online for free!

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Episode 1 – Harley Earl and the Inspiration for Corvette

Episode 2 – The 1983 Corvette

Episode 3 – Zora Duntov and Corvette’s Competition

Episode 4 – The Greenwood Brothers

Episode 5 – The Entombed Corvette

Episode 6 – Tommy Morrison Tribute

Episode 7 – 1962 Sinkhole Corvette

Episode 8 – The 1959 Stingray Racer

Episode 9 – The Falconer

Episode 10 – The Corvette SS

Episode 11 – The Two Rotor Corvette

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