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It’s Official: 2019 Corvette Will Include a ZR1

By November 8, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments

Car and Driver ZR1Rumors have been circulating that the Corvette ZR1 would be making a return for the seventh generation, and those rumors were confirmed on Wednesday when the December 2017 cover of Car and Driver was leaked, showing the 2019 ZR1 in all its glory. This leak was followed by a teaser video on Corvette’s social media channels giving a very sneak peek of an unidentifiable car, and the date of 11-12-17.

The Dubai International Motor Show, scheduled for November 14-18, has been rumored to be the spot the ZR1 will make its official debut.

The magazine’s cover boasts 750-horsepower in the LT5 engine and quite noticeable is a new rear wing, providing much needed downforce. While pricing has yet to be release, speculation is that it will start just above $120,000.

The car has an Eaton supercharger, a bigger blower than the LT4s but the same drivetrain (either seven-speed manual or eight-speed automatic) as the Z06 according to the Car and Driver article. Other features mentioned in the piece include front wheels that are a half inch wider, same standard and option rubber as the Z06, and brakes that are the same as the Z06’s optional rotors and calipers with new pads.

Rumor has it the LT5 will shoot flames from its exhaust. Thanks to a new fuel-delivery system, which uses both port and direct injection. This also creates louder exhaust.

The ZR1 is expected to hit 60 mph in less than three seconds, and have a quarter mile time of less than 11 seconds… topping out beyond 210 mph. It’s lap time at VIR is said to be 2.5 seconds quicker than that of the Z06.

We’ll all be staying tuned to the interwebs on Sunday, hoping to catch more images and video of the latest iteration America’s Sports Car.

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