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Craig and Sharon Conde Contribute to NCM Motorsports Park

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Craig and Sharon Conde

Craig and Sharon Conde with Museum Executive Director Wendell Strode

Craig and Sharon Conde, Lifetime Members of the National Corvette Museum and members of the Corvette Legends of Texas Club in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area are no strangers to giving back to the community. “We give to charity every year,” Craig Conde says. In September, 2015 the couple donated their 1978 25th Anniversary Corvette, and their 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette to the Museum. Just recently Sharon and Craig became members of the NCM Motorsports Park Acre Club. Additional NCM Motorsports Park Acre Club opportunities became available in February when the Corvette Museum purchased land to construct a berm.

Joining the Acre Club was an important decision for the couple. The safe driving programs that the Motorsports Park offers hit close to home with Craig Conde. Conde, who was raised by his uncle and aunt, reminisced on some of the things his uncle taught him about safe driving when he was young. “My uncle would throw the car into a skid and he taught me how to recover from it, he provided me with a safe place to learn things that you couldn’t learn in driver’s education.”

Conde believes that the Motorsports Park educational clinics which aid teens and adults in becoming safer drivers are very important. “The track has a mission to make people better drivers,” Conde says. “There is more to the Motorsports Park than just seeing how fast cars can drive, it offers important programs as well.” Additionally, Conde added that the importance of safe driving is not only for civilians but also law enforcement agents. “State Troopers use the facilities to improve their driving skills. The Motorsports Park is so important because the programs taught there can help the officers to be less likely to put their lives and those of civilians in danger.”

Another important factor that contributed to the Condes’ decision to join the Acre Club is the fact that the track is used to drive cars from the Museum’s collection on a periodic basis. “They use the track as a safe place to exercise the cars in their collection, keeping them in good running condition.”

Craig and Sharon hope that onlookers at the track will be able to see the Corvettes in action. “I believe that the Corvette is the best sports car in terms of value on the market, and I want future families to have the opportunity to see it that way too, and hopefully buy America’s sports car.” Conde said that he firmly believes that buying American cars spins off and helps build the national economy. “The Plant, Park, and Museum have created so many American jobs.” The couple hopes that their donation will help in benefiting the promotion of the Corvette and the American economy overall.

Less than 10 acres remain and may be sponsored for a $15,000 tax-deductible donation. Acres may be reserved on a first come, first serve basis by contacting Connie Russell at 270-467-8815 or [email protected].