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Chuck Fast Joins NCM Board

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Chuck Fast

If you looked back ten years at the National Corvette Museum, the facility and offerings were much different from what you see today. The expansion would not yet be complete and open, and the NCM Motorsports Park would still be an idea. With additional optioned land being purchased at the NCM Motorsports Park, and additional storage space being added to the Museum (with potential addition for more display space) it was only natural that someone with expertise in real estate be asked to join the Museum Board.

Chuck Fast is no stranger to the Museum or Motorsports Park. In fact, his daughter’s name (Kimberlee A. Fast) adorns not only the pavilion at the track, but also the entry road that takes you there and on the Acre Club wall as you enter the Holley Tower, recognizing the family’s contributions for six acres at the track.

Chuck’s involvement with Corvette started in 1964 when he purchased his first, a 1965 Convertible, and joined the Corvette Club of Michigan the following year. Having owned at least one Corvette at a time since, Chuck has had a total of 20 so far, with four currently being in his garage – a 1967 Coupe, purchased new that he plans to donate to the Museum, a 2011 ZR1 and 2016 C7.R Convertible, both of which were picked up at the Museum through the R8C Delivery Program, and Kim’s 2004 which will also be donated to the Museum. “As a baby Kim rode in the back of the ’67 along with the toolbox,” Chuck laughs. “Today, I’d go to jail for that!”

Chuck started racing with the National Council of Corvette Clubs in 1967 and has been first in the region twice. As Kim got older, she joined her dad in racing in 1997 and was named Rookie of the Year shortly thereafter driving her dad’s car. “We raced with NCCC up until Kim got sick in 2007,” said Chuck. “At the time, I told her I wouldn’t race competitively until she could join me. That was basically my retirement. Now, I just do track days, nothing competitive though. The Corvette Club of Michigan hosts a sanctioned event every year in Kim’s name.”

Chuck has attended every Bash and Anniversary event at the Museum since 2010 and participated in the last two Caravans – with Kim joining him for the Museum’s 15th Anniversary in 2009 driving her 2004 Corvette – a 30th birthday gift from her dad. Sadly, that would be Kim’s last trip to the Museum as she lost her battle with ALM Leukemia in 2010. That same year, the Fast family placed a bench in her memory at the Museum and shortly thereafter started Chuck’s relationship with what would become the NCM Motorsports Park.

Today, as one of two new members of the NCM Board, Chuck hopes to lend his expertise with plans for the property owned by the Museum. “I have been in real estate since 1978, first as a broker in Michigan, and currently an owner with 31 offices and 6,000 agents in Michigan, Ohio and Alaska,” said Chuck. “With Wendell retiring, I feel it is important that that the management of the 200 acres we are acquiring at the track is done correctly. Hopefully we will have some commercial development and possibly some condos built in the future.”

Chuck’s expertise doesn’t stop at real estate. Having served on the board of the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan for five years, and on the executive committee for the last two years, he’s very familiar with nonprofit organizations.

Though retired, Chuck still maintains 35% ownership in his real estate company, which is now ranked #1 in the world. He and wife, Sharon, live in New Smyrna, Florida – a suburb of Daytona. Very appropriate given Chuck’s love for race tracks! Welcome, Chuck, to the NCM Board!