All Roads Lead to Bowling Green | August 22-28, 2024

Pacific Northwest Caravan

ARE YOU READY? HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING LONG ENOUGH? All aboard for the 30th anniversary celebration at the National Corvette Museum. As the Captain of your Pacific Northwest Caravan, I’m excited to introduce our team, our route and some of the preliminary events during the course of our drive across the country to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Often referred to as the world’s largest moving automotive event, the National Corvette Caravan is a celebration of America’s Sports Car, culminating in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the anniversary celebration of the National Corvette Museum. Hosted every five years, the next event is slated for Labor Day Weekend 2024 and will mark the Museum’s 30th Anniversary.  The Pacific Northwest Caravan is only one of approximately 20 different caravans from all over the United States heading to Bowling Green.  The PNW Caravan will depart from Sandy, Oregon, and Issaquah, Washington simultaneously on the morning of August 22nd and merge in Pasco, Washington for lunch that same day.  We will have six more days of adventure driving cross our beautiful country and then arriving in Bowling Green on August 28th.

So, let’s get started! I’ve attached a link that should get your juices flowing. Many of you may have seen this YouTube video, but for those that have not, it will give you an excellent idea of what to expect. So, enjoy and watch in full screen.

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Meet Our Team

We still need your help in Montana or Alaska. If you’re interested, please contact me at: [email protected].

PNW Captains: John Warren and Patty Haas. I am new to the role of PNW Captain but have been on the 2014 and 2019 caravans in my 2006 C6 convertible. Both Robin in 2014 and Ken in 2019 as Captains did an outstanding job.  We have big shoes to fill! You can follow Patty and I across the USA in our Arctic White C8. You’ll know it’s us because our Oregon license plate is 4EVR 39…trying to stay young at heart and doing a pretty good job at that! Both Patty and I are members of Rogue Valley Corvettes in Southern Oregon. I was Chairman for years of the Fall Classic Car Show in Southern Oregon and have good knowledge of planning…what can go right and what can go wrong. Some of the best made plans don’t always go as you wish…like rain! If you have any questions as time goes on, please contact me at [email protected]. If you wish to talk directly, please send me an e-mail with a phone number and we’ll talk live to discuss the trip and answer questions that you may have. We are very excited about this caravan and hope you will be also. We invite you with open arms to join us on the PNW caravan.

PNW Co-Captains: John and Ann Elegant. John and Ann have vast experience on past caravans and Corvettes as they have been on many and have owned many! John is a walking talking Corvette info machine!  I am so very happy to have them as Co-Captains!  John is the founder of the Mid Engine Corvette Forum and has more knowledge of the C8 than anyone I know. They have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles across the USA and have vast knowledge of our highway system. They own a C8, which will be sold to make room for their Z06 this coming summer.  Did you notice their license plate? John is also coordinating with Suburban Chevrolet for our kick-off meeting in Sandy, Oregon. You can contact John at [email protected].

PNW Oregon State Regional Leaders: Jim and Nancy Garboden. They live in Eugene, Oregon and are members of the Cascade Corvette Club. Jim is Vice President and Nancy is Secretary while also taking on the responsibilities of co-editors of the club newsletter. In addition, they are Lifetime Members of the NCM and NCM Ambassadors. 2024 will their sixth caravan, each one in a different Corvette. Jim has owned 3 Corvettes before meeting Nancy, but Nancy holds the record of owning over 35 Corvettes between 1972 to 1985! That just makes my head spin! Together they have owned another 7 Corvettes since 1985! I simply don’t know what to say about that. It’s mind boggling! They currently own a 2019 Shadow Gray Grand Sport Convertible with Blade Silver stripes. We are very blessed to have them on our team! Jim and Nancy will also be arranging the hotel blocks for our reservations. Almost all hotels will not start taking blocks till about a year in advance. Stay tuned, more info to come as we get it. A huge “Thank You” to them for managing our hotel information.

PNW Washington State Regional Leaders: Shaun and Cheryl Hayes. This is Shaun’s first caravan and I’m so very happy that he has volunteered to lead and organize our Seattle area for the 2024 PNW Caravan. They are job sharing with Steve and Jean Yabroff.  This job takes a lot of time and effort…so many thanks to them. BTW, Cheryl hopes to be retired by the time our caravan starts in August of 2024. They own a brand-new Torch Red C8 HTC that arrived the day before Thanksgiving at their club sponsor, Evergreen Chevrolet. On top of that, Evergreen Chevrolet will be hosting the Seattle area send-off breakfast for the 2024 PNW Caravan. How cool is that! So, their brand new C8 will be starting the PNW Caravan in the very location where it arrived.  Shaun and Cheryl are members of the Corvette Marque Club of Seattle and he is the current President.  They currently live in Sammamish, Washington. Shaun’s email is [email protected].  Please welcome them to our team!

PNW Idaho Regional Leaders: It is with pleasure to announce our Idaho Regional Leaders, Rendall and Violet Brushey. Rendall stepped up to the plate recently and offered to help coordinate Corvette owners in Idaho. That is very much appreciated by our entire team. They live in Eagle, Idaho and are members of Valley Corvettes of Boise, NCRS and NCM. They have experience with planning as this will be their second caravan across the country to the NCM. They have also visited the NCM two additional times for museum deliveries. The Brushey’s are no strangers to Corvettes as their first was a 1992 C4 and have owned a total of six! They currently own a 2020 Torch Red HTC and a 1961 Roman Red C1. You can contact them at [email protected].

PNW Montana Regional Leader:  Please welcome Marcie Christenson as our Montana Regional Leader as she now completes our entire PNW team.  Marcie was born and raised in the Flathead Valley of Montana and knows the area quite well.  She is one of the Charter members of the Funseekers Corvette and Yacht Club based out of Whitefish, Montana.  Like most of us, she took a break from other activities in life to raise her family, but has been very actively involved in the club for the past seven years. Marcie is new to the caravan scene, but very much looking forward to getting on the road to Bowling Green with other Corvette enthusiasts. She has previously owned three Corvettes and currently drives a 2006 Z51 triple black convertible. Contact [email protected]

Pacific Northwest Caravan Route Map

Pacific Northwest Itinerary

We’ve decided to make this a seven-day trip once again to make it more enjoyable, relaxed and experience our beautiful country. Note: The complete mileage is 2,491. Click the button to view a detailed map with additional points of interest marked out.

View Detailed Route

Thursday, August 22

335 miles. We will be leaving from Evergreen Chevrolet in Issaquah, Washington and Dick Hannah Chevrolet in Sandy, Oregon simultaneously after a breakfast provided by the dealerships. Our drive will take us to Pasco where both caravans will merge and have lunch at McCurley Chevrolet. From there, we’ll drive to Spokane for the evening.

Friday, August 23

Spokane to Butte, Montana should be a nice drive of around 314 miles. A lunch is planned at Missoula Chevrolet. Still trying to unwind from your job and relax? It might take a day or two. I find that Sirius Radio channel 16 (The Blend) or channel 17 (The Bridge) is a great way to chill out!

Saturday, August 24

Butte to Cody, Wyoming. We’ll be driving one of the most beautiful highways in the USA according to Charles Kuralt, who had a news series called “On the Road with Charles Kuralt”…some of you may remember. It’s called the Beartooth Highway…one of the highlights of our caravan. This will be a spectacular drive that has pull outs for pictures, full of adventure and sights that you will remember forever. Check it out. If you don’t want to drive the Beartooth, we have an alternate route planned for you. Lunch at Laurel Chevrolet. The Pacific Central Caravan will be joining us that evening!

Sunday, August 25

Cody to Cheyenne, WY – 394miles. Well…it might be one of those days that we want to get from point A to point B, but still a nice drive? There will be a stop in Casper for lunch. Corvettes of Central Wyoming have arranged for parking and food truck at the Fairgrounds. Additionally, we have a dinner planned that evening at the Little America Hotel and Resort in their banquet hall. Afterwards, John Elegant, PNW Co-Captain will be leading an adventure sharing talk sprinkled with info on future C8 models along with what the C9 will bring. John is a walking, talking Corvette machine. You don’t want to miss it!

Monday, August 26

Cheyenne to Lincoln, NE – 447 miles…what can I say…corn fields! To start the day, we plan to have breakfast at Tyrrell Chevrolet. We’ll have a wonderful drive across mid America taking in the sights! Why don’t you put on the cruise control around 70-75 MPH and tune in to a little country western music! Tune into Sirius Radio channel 68…Prime Country..and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 27

Lincoln to Columbia, MO – 320 miles. We have arranged to have the Museum of American Speed all to ourselves early in the morning for a private tour. The museum will have doubled in size with new exhibits since the 2014 Caravan. If you love cars and speed, you don’t want to miss it! It’s eye popping and jaw dropping! Our caravan will leave from their parking lot later in the morning. We have decided to avoid Kansas City and will make our way out of Lincoln using Hwy 77 south to Hwy 2. East on Hwy 2 to I-29 south to St. Joseph, MO. Then East on Hwy 36 to Macon and then finally south on Hwy 63 to Columbia.

Wednesday, August 28

Columbia to Bowling Green. 400 miles. Our last day on the road will end in Bowling Green where we’ll have several days of fun at the NCM and factory tours if you sign up. There will be approximately 20 caravans arriving Bowling Green on this day…all arriving at predetermined times. Since we have a long day, we’ll be arriving late in the afternoon. You can choose to drive to the NCM and cross the imaginary finish line or go directly to your hotel. It’s up to you! There really is no need to go to the NCM that late in the day unless you want to because we will have already given you all your registration papers before the PNW caravan starts. You can show up at the NCM the following morning all rested up and enjoy your first day at this wonderful event.

Sites & Venues Along our Route

There will be many listed stops and sites to see along the way as we get into more detail and a digital Route Book is available. There are several Chevrolet dealerships that will be opening their doors for meals and service if possible as we travel across the  country. Here are a few of the sites/venues along our route.  Some of these sites/venues may not be on our exact route, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do your own thing and explore interesting places across our nation. Obviously, you can choose to take side trips and do your own thing during each day or stay with the main group. Any of those options are fun, memorable, and acceptable! Remember, this is your caravan!

  • After leaving Sandy, Oregon east on Hwy 26 and at Government Camp north on Hwy 35 to Hood River to then join I-84. Exit at Mosier to OR 30 to the Rowena Crest Viewpoint and the famous Rowena Loop into The Dalles. Back on I-84 to I-82 north to Pasco.
  • Once in Spokane, there is the Spokane Riverfront Park (Host of the 1974 World’s Fair) and Spokane Falls.
  • After departing Spokane on day #2, the Mt. Spokane Summit Road is a fun drive.
  • Old Mission State Park is in Coeur d’Alene.
  • On I-90 East past Coeur d’Alene take Exit 39, you could visit the Catholic Mission in Cataldo.
  • The “Center of the Universe” so it’s claimed is in Wallace, Idaho.
  • Some may want to visit the historic mining town of Wallace, Idaho and it’s Mining Museum.
  • On I-90 in Deer Lodge is the Old Montana Prison and Auto Museum Complex.
  • After leaving Butte on day #3, the Lewis and Clark Caverns are in Whitehall, MT about 8 miles south of I-90.  There is a fee of $8/car.
  • In Butte is the Berkeley Pit Mine formally an open pit for copper.  $3/person.
  • On I-90 in Greycliff is the “Mill” which has coffee, snack and the cheese cave.
  • Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman
  • The Beartooth National Scenic Byway is a must-see according to Charles Kuralt, nationally syndicated columnist and editor of NBC’s awarding-winning “On The Road” for 15 years. After traveling the Beartooth Highway, he called it “the most beautiful National Scenic Byway” in America. Beartooth Highway will be an option for you on Day 3. Check out many of the available YouTube videos regarding this scenic route. You won’t be disappointed!
  • For those that might take our alternate route and bypass the Beartooth Byway, once in Cody you may have time to visit the Buffalo Bill Center  and Museums of the West.
  • Day #4 will have us traveling through Wyoming.  Once in Cheyenne, you might consider the Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, Messenger’s Old West Museum.
  • Day #5 will have us traveling mostly through Nebraska.  There are several possible stops along the way.  North Platte has the Golden Spike Tower (worlds largest R/R yard), Buffalo Bill Ranch State Park and the Cody Park Railroad Museum.
  • Gothenburg has the Original Pony Express Station
  • On I-80 in Kearney, NE  is the Archway Museum, very worthy of a stop if you have time.  Also in Kearney is the Classic Car Collection with hundreds of restored cars.
  • Once in Lincoln you can visit the Haymarket District
  • Museum of American Speed in Lincoln, NE. This is a very exciting venue and will be our kick-off event on the morning of Day #6.  We have arranged a private showing for PNW participants with museum staff/docents available. Many of the PNW participants saw this in 2014, but there are major changes in the works. In 2014, it was 135,000 square ft and by 2024 there will be an additional 90,000 square ft of new exhibits. Our caravan will leave later in the morning from their parking lot. Check out their website:
  • Nebraska City Museum of Firefighting
  • Near Madeline, MO is the Walt Disney Hometown Museum
  • Day #7…The Gateway Arch & Gateway Arch Museum

Hotel Accommodation

It is very early in the planning process to be reserving hotels. Jim and Nancy Garboden, our Oregon State Regional Leaders have graciously volunteered to organize our hotels and hotel blocks. Most hotels will not grant us our requested blocks till 50-52 weeks out. After that is accomplished, you will be able to make reservations at the suggested hotels on our route. As we gain knowledge of these hotels and can reserve the blocks, we’ll keep you advised and post the details.


Registration for the PNW Caravan is closing on May 1st  |  We are still taking pre-registrations until May 1st.

To ensure you are registered for our 2024 PNW Caravan and you receive all the registration materials, please (IF you have not done so already) send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name of each person on PNW caravan (first and last names)
  • Email addresses
  • Cell phone numbers
  • Mailing address (for window clings, shirts, lanyards, etc)
  • Year, Model, Color, License Plate #
  • Starting Point: Issaquah or Sandy
  • Have you been on previous Corvette Caravans?

There will be more information over the coming months | 2024 participants, please submit the information above for planning & pre-registration purposes | 2024 Participants will be advised through Facebook, Email and the NCM Website.

Again, please feel free to contact John or me if you have any questions regarding the NCM/PNW caravan and we’ll do our best to share what information we have. We invite you with open arms to join us!

John Warren & Patty Haas
PNW Captains
(510) 418-3006
[email protected]

John & Ann Elegant
PNW Co-Captains
(503) 510-2808
[email protected]