Welcome to the 2024 Texas Panhandle Oklahoma Route

Those who went on the 2019 Caravan, will be familiar with the 2024 route. The plan is to follow the same road trip.

The Arizona/ New Mexico Captain, Holt Davis, [email protected] will handle Amarillo Texas Panhandle. Holt has worked the Amarillo section in the past Caravans. Why re-invent the wheel!

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Oklahoma & Texas Panhandle Itinerary

Oklahoma Route 66 Association - Trip Guide

Monday, August 26, 2024

First outline of the route for those who are new to the caravan for Oklahoma/Texas. Our first stop El Reno Oklahoma on Route 66. (Now Holt may have other stops before El Reno, please check Arizona/New Mexico). Frontier Chevrolet Community Luncheon. This dealership did the 2019 luncheon. Route 66 thru Yukon, Bethany, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Wellston. (If some want to follow Rt.66 to Tulsa the rest of the caravan will take I-44 (toll road) to Tulsa. (Note, toll road Oklahoma does tag reader and will bill to registered address for vehicle).

First Overnight – Monday Night

Tulsa Oklahoma. Marriott Southern Hills Resort Hotel (Note, last trip was Hardrock Casino. Some folks may want to book reservation at the casino which is fine but will not be staging there for departure). Currently working on a room rate at the Marriott. To be announced later.


Marriott Southern Hill Resort Hotel. Parking Lot. (Time to be announced, very early departure), (Hardrock parking lot 2019 was way too small). I-44 to toll road to Missouri. Gathering stop Missouri Visitor Center


Springfield Missouri. (Locations announcement later).
Route 60. East. A four-lane boulevard roadway.
We will travel north on interstate to Cape Girardeau Missouri. Some folks have indicated the best event of this route.
There at least 4 caravan meeting in Cape Girardeau. Southern California, Arizona/New Mexico, Kansas/Missouri, Oklahoma/Texas, possibly Texas central.

Tuesday August 27, 2024 – Second Overnight

Cape Girardeau Missouri. (Hotels to be announced later, working with chamber of commerce).
Plans are for an All-Corvette Car Show, we will be gathering on the Mississippi River in old downtown. (Note, this will be a long day and the reason for leaving Tulsa early)
Individuals can plan their next day to Bowling Green Ky, on their own time schedule. At this time, we will leave on Wednesday for Bowling Green. 2024 Anniversary starts on Thursday.
Future updates in coming months.

Our Story

We all have a Corvette story, so here is mine!

In 1968 in Morton Mississippi, I saw my first Corvette from a school bus. I mean the first, I never saw a C1 or C2 that I can remember. I always had my eye looking for another! I decided I would have a Corvette one day. Fast forward a few years. In 1977 after serving 3 years in the Marine Corp I had the privilege to marry my wife, at this writing we have been married 45 years. I was taunted by my fellow employees about never having a Corvette after our daughter was born. I am a retired Oklahoma City Police Officer. Rebecca arrived July of 1982 and one month later, I HAD MY 1972 Red on Red coupe. I have owned this Corvette 40 years of its 50 years of life, birth date December 1971. Incidentally, I purchased the 1972 Corvette from a man who was having his first child.

Moving forward another few years, working traffic in Oklahoma City, I saw my first Corvette Caravan going across I-40 in Oklahoma City, toward Bowling Green. Kentucky. One day I promised myself we would be in that Caravan! I needed an engine rebuild before that could happen. The last thing I did was paint in 2007. Everything was rebuilt. I am ready to go for the Caravan! In 1998 we joined the Oklahoma City Corvette Club to make that next journey.

In 1999 we were on our way, again for the 50th Anniversary. There have been several additional trips to the National Corvette Museum. I am a Charter member of the National Corvette Museum. I was not sure the museum would endure the test of time. Boy was I wrong.

In 1999, I organized the Corvette Caravan traffic out of OKC. I was the last Corvette out. My caravan friend, in his 1970 454 coupe, and I would come up on C-5s, which was newest Corvette at the time, change lanes and hit the gas pedal to pass on the left. My wife would wave at the air conditioning C-5s as we passed them. The only A/C in a C-3 is moving air. We did this repeatedly on our way to Webbers Falls to get much needed gas. My C-3 gets about 11 mpg. My friend’s 454 about eight mpg (we may not have been driving fifty-five, the national speed limit at the time).

I look forward to being the Captain for the 2024 Corvette Caravan for the Texas Panhandle through Oklahoma to Bowling Green Ky. We will have overnight stays in Tulsa and Cape Girardeau Missouri.

I would like to thank Patrick Pierre, Co-Captain, and my wife Donna.

Ed Onley
Text – (405) 642-6229
Email – [email protected]