I cannot thank you enough for the greatest experience in my life so far with purchasing an automobile. Without exception, the entire experience was way beyond expectations. Stacy Herrington was amazing, he spent many hours going over every possible aspect of the car with a strong focus on the electronics. I am a techie and appreciate the level of detail he provided more than he could possibly know. The tour he provided of the factory, made Sharon and I feel we had never been there before.  We absolutely love it and the National Corvette Museum made this the most memorable purchase of any automobile either of us have ever purchased…. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. – Fred  and Sharon Smith

I can’t thank the Museum Delivery staff enough for making mine and my wife’s delivery experience a high point in our lives.  I was told by friends that had done the Museum Delivery, that if you ever order a new Corvette, do the Museum Delivery experience.  It was way more than I expected. Shane called, sent letters and e-mails keeping me informed and answered any questions I had when I called.  I was treated as if I was one of the family on each call and on my visit.  Bobby – Waco, TX

I was greeted immediately upon entering the museum. My guide was extremely knowledgeable, not only of my car, but of the process of building the car. I was never rushed and everything was explained completely.  I will never forget this experience and look forward to coming back and doing the whole thing over again and again.  Thank you to all of the museum staff for an experience of a lifetime. Rick – Garden Grove, CA

We were totally pleased with the entire delivery experience. Prior to our arrival, Shane could not have been more responsive and caring. The delivery itself was well planned and very informative, as well as fun. This was an experience that will stay with us forever.  Charlie – Pawleys Island, SC

My wife and I, and our friends, agree that the Museum Delivery experience was just terrific. It truly exceeded our expectations in every way. It was a special, and memorable, day for all of us!  From now on, I plan to specify “R8C Museum Delivery” whenever we order a new Corvette in the future!  Doug – Troy, MI

Thank you to the NCM staff for one of my greatest Chevrolet Corvette experiences. This vehicle is my 4th Corvette and probably my last, but the National Corvette Museum delivery will stand as a highlight during my long Corvette experience. Thank you for the professionalism, knowledge and customer service.  Steven – Westminster, MD

Selecting the Museum Delivery option was a very positive experience receiving my Corvette. Scheduling the delivery was as simple as picking an available date. Meeting my delivery team associate was a pleasure, as he was super nice and genuinely excited for me. He was very knowledgeable about the Corvette’s history and the Corvette I had purchased. It was a lot of information with very interesting and unique stories, which makes you want to keep coming back to learn more. Thank you so much for the fantastic experience!  Carla – Las Vegas, NV

The whole experience was awesome! The NCM treated us like rock stars from the moment I arrived until I drove away in the afternoon smiling.  The plant tour and museum tour were amazing and my appreciation for the Vette really grew.  Our guide for the day was excellent and provided all kinds of awesome, informative details and you could tell he really loved Corvettes!  Brad – Mobile, AL

WOW!, just WOW! I have owned and raced many Corvettes. I have never had an experience like this one. My delivery host was absolutely fantastic. He stuck with us through the day taking care of all six of us. What an experience! The plant tour was fantastic. I have been through the plant many times, but never like this experience. You can bet I am going to spread the word about you guys. Two of my family that came with me are making plans to sell cars or houses to get new Corvettes with Museum Delivery. I cannot thank you guys enough. What an experience!  Jim – Mt. Juliet, TN

Our Museum Delivery day was an exciting, fun day! We were even lucky enough to watch via the webcams our new Z06 being driven out onto the Corvette Blvd, the afternoon before we picked it up. Many of our friends and family also watched via webcam our Z06 pick-up. A special thanks to all of the staff, as they did an excellent job handling the entire process. All were very professional and made our day a very special event for us.  Charles & Vicki – Georgetown, KY

A wonderful experience in every way.  A very well planned and executed day with a most informative and courteous host.  Mike – Scottsdale, AZ

Overall, it was an experience of a lifetime. The NCM team made me feel very special every step of the way the day I picked up the car. My host treated me with respect and patience and was very knowledgeable about the car and the factory during the tour. Every NCM worker I interacted with made me feel that I was king for the day there, a real VIP. It was especially moving for me when we drove out of the museum and the NCM team lined up and clapped for me. The whole day I felt the sense that everyone truly was happy for me and were enthusiastic about working there. It was an amazing experience and I thank all who participated in making my day one I will never forget. John – San Diego, CA

What can I say…this was one of the best experiences my wife & I have ever had. The entire day blew away our expectations. Our delivery host was absolutely spot on all day. We can’t wait until we can do this again. We would like to give a special thanks to you all for making this such a great experience for us. The Corvette is everything we expected, but you all exceeded our expectations.  Rich & Becky – Andover, MN

We enjoyed the complete experience.  It all fell into place like clockwork.  I can’t say enough great things about all the NCM staff associated with the delivery. An excellent team the NCM has put together to say the least. How can you make a great experience any better?  We enjoyed the way it was done and will recommend it highly to all in the future.  Ron – Frostburg, MD

We thoroughly enjoyed our Museum Delivery experience!  The scheduling was simple and effective.  All in all a fantastic “lifetime” experience that never grows old.  Thanks to all the great gals and guys that made it happen!  Bill & Trisha – Savannah, GA

Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience with the delivery of my Corvette. Everyone made me feel special and I loved every minute of the experience. This truly was an a first class experience and I would recommended it to anyone who is planning to purchase a new Corvette. It is worth the time and money to make it personally yours. Again, the staff at the Museum and Factory were all so kind. We appreciate each and every one for making this the best experience!  Rich – Buffington, SC

I came with my sons and collectively we deemed this among the most exciting 5 hours of our lives. We thought the experience was perfect and could not be improved upon. A special thanks to our delivery host for the great job he did in making us feel “part of the club.” What an awesome time! Job well done.  Robert – Wilmette, IL

We were so pleased and felt very special about the delivery of our new Vette. It was amazing and we appreciate everything that the staff did for us. It will be something that we will never forget. Thank you all.  Bill & Mo – Acworth, GA

My grandson and I thoroughly enjoyed the NCM museum delivery option for my new Corvette. Our host met us as soon as we arrived at the Museum and stayed with us the entire time. His expert orientation to our new car and guided tour of the NCM gave us both a detailed knowledge of our new Corvette as well as an appreciation of the rich history of this American classic. I would highly recommend the NCM museum delivery option to anyone purchasing a new Corvette. Thanks to everyone for providing my grandson and I with memories that will last a lifetime!  Bill – Skokie, IL

All of the staff were wonderful. Delivery scheduling was very flexible to my needs and when I requested further info, they were always right there to answer my questions promptly. Our delivery team associate was very knowledgeable and thorough. He took the time to address all my questions and made sure I understood every procedure. I will highly recommend the Museum Delivery program to everyone I know as a wonderful once in a lifetime experience.  Thanks to all!  Wayne – Panama City, FL

This was the best bang for the buck I have had in a long time! Our host was so informative. This was a great father/son experience that will always be remembered! Thank you very much!  Vernon – Summerville, SC

This experience was positive from the beginning to the end. The professional way that everything was scheduled, etc. was very exact. We have decided that if/when we purchase another new Corvette, we will definitely do a NCM delivery. Edward – Danby, VT

It was an amazing experience! Everyone involved in the delivery department took awesome care of us and our car. So glad we did it and highly recommend anyone who is ordering a new Corvette to take Museum delivery!  Jack & Kristine – Persia, IA

I give the NCM delivery a 10 out of 10. Shane answered all my emails prior to delivery on a very timely basis and answered all my questions.  At the NCM, my delivery host was very helpful in going over the Corvette and explaining the plant tour. It was exceptionally cool that he turned on the PDR to capture the video of the car leaving the museum to the applause of people. Overall the people working at the NCM, and the unique one of a kind webcams and videos and pictures of the entire experience were amazing.  Alvin – Irvine, CA

Museum delivery and my new Corvette have exceeded all expectations.  Keep up the good work!  David – Lafayette, IN

My wife and I are very happy and completely satisfied with our delivery experience. My new Stingray is my first new Corvette, and the Museum Delivery option made the excitement of buying a new Corvette even better.  Visiting the Museum has always been a dream of mine, and every staff member that we met were extremely friendly and helpful. Our delivery host was wonderful, and he was very knowledgeable of the plant and the museum. He provided us with the most thorough presentation of a new vehicle that I have ever received with any of the new vehicles I’ve purchased in the past. We thank the delivery team and all of the associates of the museum for making our delivery a truly once in a lifetime experience. Jason & Brandy – Youngsville, LA

Our experience of the delivery of our new Corvette Stingray was all that we expected and more. Our guide was helpful and was a pleasure to work with. The facility was beautiful and our car looked great. We would highly recommend the experience to all new car owners. Thanks again for a wonderful day. Pam & John – Mitchell, SD

The experience was extremely satisfying and I would strongly urge anyone purchasing a Corvette to purchase this package, as it is a moment that you will never forget. Our host was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the museum and plant and the tours were amazing.
It was an absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish! I would like to express a very grateful and sincere thanks to Shane Webb and Lori Bieschke who were both extremely kind and helpful with a number of my calls down the museum to get information prior to my big day. They both did an amazing job and represented the museum delivery program at the very top of their game. Thank you both!  There is nobody shy of Zora himself that could have made this experience any better that it was! Thank you all! DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING! Troy – River Falls, WI

It is obvious that the delivery team has their act together and they have done this before. Excellent job! I was extremely happy with our delivery experience and our delivery team associate. Our experience was handled flawlessly. I definitely would recommend this experience to others.
WOW…………what a fantastic experience. This is the way everyone who buys a new car should pick it up. It was like a day at Disneyland only for adults. I was so excited to see my car and had no idea that the experience would be as wonderful as it turned out. In the end, to have customers, employees, and friends clap as you drive out of the museum just tied a bow around the entire event. The whole day I felt like I was walking down the red carpet and I was a superstar. This experience was just fantastic because it was a celebration of a pretty big moment for me, so thank you for making it one of the highlight experiences of a lifetime. I will never forget the day I picked up my 1st new Corvette!
What can one say that hasn’t been said concerning team Shane and Lori. Their efforts and seamless work behind the curtain is very evident by the permanent smile on customer faces. Team Shane and Lori are keeping with the highest traditions in America. Build it right and they will come!  I need a muscle relaxer for the permanent smile on my face.
The Museum delivery was one of the most memorable days of my life. Our host was wonderful.  His knowledge and expertise was evident from the time we met him. The facility and staff are, in a word, wonderful. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the experience.
The museum delivery was truly more than I ever expected. The communications before the trip exceeded my expectations and the day itself was beyond my wildest dreams. I recommend the R8C delivery for all those who are fortunate enough to buy a new C7. I am still on cloud nine, and could not be happier! Dave – Oklahoma City, OK

The Museum Delivery option was “once in a lifetime” experience. Very professional. First Class. Everyone I talked to did a wonderful job. I could not ask, or expect, any better treatment. It was a perfect day!
This was the best experience ever! Everyone is so friendly and scheduling the delivery was great! They kept us updated every single step of the way. The team associates were so fun and very knowledgeable. They really treat you like royalty. They are just such nice, warm and friendly people. It is worth the time and money spent. It’s such an adventure…such a treat! Thank you!
Everything about my delivery experience was excellent. The delivery scheduling was exactly when I wanted it and everything was set up and ready to go on the day of my arrival. My host was friendly and knowledgeable and took his time with the tour allowing me to soak everything in and totally enjoy the experience. The Corvette Blvd and delivery webcams are a great addition and allowed me to share the experience with family and friends, even though they couldn’t travel with me. Probably my favorite part of the tour was the drive out with everyone along Corvette Blvd waving and clapping – that was awesome! It was a lot of fun. The car itself was beautiful and spotless, everything one would expect from such a delivery. Great job! Thanks for fulfilling one of my bucket list items so completely!
This is the only way to get delivery of a new Corvette. This is a tremendous experience. The personal attention that we received during this experience was the best it could be. Very, very informative. We have recommended this experience to others buying Corvettes. Our guide was the best, very personable. Overall experience was something we will always remember. Would do it again for sure. Thanks to all of you. You are doing a first class job.
From start to finish, this was simply a superb experience. Shane and Lori made this happen without a hitch.  The quality of the preparation and the delivery is honed to an extremely high state. Smooth, cooperative, accommodating, welcoming, are just a few of the words that come to mind.  Anyone who chooses this option to add a new Corvette to their family takes home a piece of the NCM family!
Selecting the Museum Delivery option provided my wife and I with an exceptional experience. The content of the program was well thought out and the implementation was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for more personal attention or information regarding our vehicle. My wife and I would like to thank everyone who participated in our Museum Delivery experience. Tom – Studio City, CA

The whole experience was top notch. The whole team was very professional and accommodating. All the while staying very personable and down to earth. We had a wonderful time! Thank you!
Outstanding experience from start to finish. Shane Lori, and Chris were all extremely customer service oriented, pleasant, & knowledgeable. NCM delivery is the only way to truly enjoy receiving the fob for a new Corvette purchase. No disrespect to any dealers out there, but how much better can it get! After purchasing 10 Corvettes in a lifetime, this delivery experience ranks # 1 ***** Impressed w/both the Plant & Museum Tours! *****Comfortable w/the hands-on instruction of the car’s technology & operational features! ***** Appreciative of the special touches, (plaque, names on the electronic signage, photo album, secured documentation) Thanks for a wonderful day & our best to all NCM leadership & staff. Dan & Peg – West Chicago, IL

I waited a few days to reply, as my wife & I are still coming down from the clouds after our Museum Delivery adventure. To sum up our Impression: it is a lifetime experience, we will never forget. Every person associated with the delivery could not have been nicer, or more accommodating. Our delivery host was fantastic with every aspect of the tour, answering all our questions, and demonstrating exceptional customer service. The total experience of delivery from the first contact to the final hand shake was a class act. I cannot even begin to offer any suggestions for improving the Museum Delivery experience as the complete R8C team performed above and beyond, to make our time in Bowling Green a fantastic Experience. Kory & Gail – Centennial, CO

Our museum delivery was far better than we had expected. The schedule was great, with enough time to ask questions at the two tours, and learn about our new car. Everything was well planned and enjoyable. A true life long experience! Our delivery host covered all areas of the car’s operation and was extremely informative and friendly. Please do not change a thing. We will encourage the museum delivery to all of our club members.
Everything, and I mean everything about this experience was positive. The scheduling was very easy and our plant tour was exceptional. Seeing the car in the museum setting for the first time will be a lifelong memory. The R8C program is an exceptional value, and I am glad to be a supporter.
Thank you National Corvette Museum for making the delivery of my new C7 Convertible the most enjoyable and memorable car buying experience I could have had. I have never had the pleasure of taking delivery of an automobile in this matter. The attention to detail was world class. I can see the pride running through Bowling Green, as it should with such a fine automobile. The team at National Corvette Museum are truly persons I want to thank. I struggle to find anything that I would have done, to improve the experience. You guys nailed it!
The National Corvette Museum delivery is the BEST option to select when ordering a Corvette. The staff is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating. I do not understand why anyone ordering a Corvette would not select the Museum delivery. Shane and Lori stopped what they were doing to answer questions, pose for photos and provided all the information needed before hand to insure the delivery process was enjoyable and memorable. My wife and I are still talking about our experience.
Everything was very professional and one of the best experiences I have ever had. I would highly recommend it for everyone who purchases a new Corvette.
I can barely put into words how great this experience was! I can’t say enough great things! This was truly the opportunity of a lifetime and I am very grateful to my husband for such an amazing present!
From the moment we arrived to the moment I drove off, it was absolutely wonderful. Walking into the museum and seeing my car safely behind the ropes with my name on the stand in front was so exciting. The staff was wonderful from the start and if I could ever have the opportunity to do it again, I definitely would! I would recommend this experience to anyone! I loved every single moment!
Outstanding experience worth every penny. The operation as a whole – signage, presentation elements, plant access, etc. was first class all the way and one I will remember and recommend. Thanks for an awesome day.
This was an absolutely incredible experience. It was very well organized, the people were very knowledgeable, and friendly. I have highly recommended Museum Delivery to many people.
This had to be one of the best days of my life, next to getting married, and the birth of my two kids. I’m so thankful for the precious team at the National Corvette Museum. I will cherish the moments and recommend this experience to everyone I come in contact with. Garth – Wilmington, DE
It was a fantastic experience. NCM delivery is a great value for the extra charge for R8C! The warmth and courtesy by all concerned confirms that the Corvette makes for a special bond from assembly to delivery to cruising the highway in an awesome automobile. My delivery host was fantastic. We were treated like royalty all day long. Look, for the money you are investing in your Corvette, R8C only adds a small amount. I promise, you get more than your money’s worth with NCM delivery. If you are considering this option, I have only one bit of advice…DO IT!
My two friends and I had a tremendous experience. I cannot say how much we enjoyed every aspect of the museum delivery. We have been Museum members for 4 years and have always enjoyed our visit but this one was extra special. All the people I worked with were great. I told my salesman to recommend the Museum delivery to all his Corvette customers. Tom – Duluth, GA

We thought that the entire experience was outstanding. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and went out of their way to assure that we received the best experience that was possible.
The Museum R8C experience was unforgettable. Everyone was so amazing. Anyone that loves Corvettes and has a chance to order one needs to do the Museum Delivery. If I ever order another Corvette, you will see R8C as an added option on my order. I was amazed with all of the “above and beyond” things they did to make our experience phenomenal. Sandy – League City, TX

Ranking of the whole experience on scale of 1-10, would be an 11!! Scheduling could not have been easier and the delivery host was very knowledgeable. I felt like a rock star when all the employees came out to clap and cheer the departure of the real rock star, the C7 🙂 Thanks to all at the NCM. It was great day for me. Hope to do it again in the future. Gary – Myersville, MD

The scheduling was done immediately. From the beginning of walking to the car to the time I drove it outside, it was an absolute outstanding experience. One that I will never forget. Stacy did an outstanding job of explaining the car’s functions, walking us through the process. The museum tour was much better than expected. I want to say how much I appreciate the way Stacy conducted himself with professionalism and friendliness. Felt like I had known him for some time. Would highly recommend that folks take museum delivery. Steve & JoDee – Elizabethtown, KY

As a long time Corvette owner (this is my 4th Corvette) this was a long time dream fulfilled! The whole experience was absolutely amazing and something I will never forget. I would tell any other true Corvette lover that this is a must do. The entire staff at the NCM was amazing, extremely friendly and professional. They made Nancy and I feel like royalty for the day! Our tour guide and delivery rep John was top notch and really appreciated his attention to detail and willingness to dedicate his time to us. We love our new 2018. Stingray and are really glad we participated in the delivery experience at the NCM! Thanks again to you all for making this such a special event. Gary & Nancy – Grand Prairie, TX

The delivery was wonderful. I’m a Chevrolet dealer, and I took museum delivery based on my customers’ feedback. It’s hard to imagine anyone could do better than Larry with our delivery. I’ve sold Chevrolets for 57 years at the same dealership where I’ve been a dealer for the past 21 years. I’ve always loved Corvettes and the one I took delivery on today is the first new car my wife and I have owned. Your Museum delivery gives this special, spectacular car a worthy send off. I can’t think of anything where the experience could be improved. Makes me feel I picked a worthy profession when I became a Chevrolet dealer. Bernie – Nappanee, IN

The delivery experience was fantastic, one that I will always remember. When I first saw the car it was stunning, far exceeding my expectations. Delivery Team Member, John Whitt, made the experience even better with his exceptional knowledge of the Corvette Z06, the patience to answer all my questions and explain the great features of the car. John was great. Everyone I met at the NCM were extremely friendly and willing to help in anyway. They all made you feel at home.  Thanks for a wonderful experience! Ron – Salem, AL

Our experience with the Chevrolet team, both at the factory and at the museum, was nothing short of spectacular. Buying this car was a very special event for us, and I was able to share it with my two sons during the engine build, and with one of my sons during the museum delivery. Scheduling our delivery was easy. Shane Webb was an excellent communicator, both through email and by phone, and made all the coordination and scheduling as easy as it could be.  I really can say that he was a rock star and made the planning fun and easy. My delivery team associate was Stacy Herrington. I really can’t say enough about him. He was our photographer during the engine build, and he took a massive amount of awesome, high-quality pictures. Later during the actual museum delivery, he was the person who coordinated the paperwork, did a very thorough walk-through of the car with me, guided us through the purchase of several special items from the store, and ultimately drove the car out and handed me the keys. He was a real gentleman. He made the experience truly memorable for us. All in all, our experience was near perfect, and I mean it sincerely when I say I’m very grateful to all of the wonderful, hard-working people at the factory and at the museum for making my sons and I feel part of the Chevrolet family. Michael – New York, NY

The NCM R8C Museum Delivery was by far the best new car delivery experience that we have ever received. Shane Webb kept us informed of every detail and how our Corvette was progressing through the assembly plant and had more up-to-date information on the build cycle than the web site as it was only updated weekly. Shane provided very helpful information on all the Corvette accessories available and had our items installed before we arrived. Shane also provided information on which airport to fly to, a rental car agency that offered rental car drop-off right at the museum and a long list of hotel options to stay at in Bowling Green the night before Corvette delivery. On our delivery day, our appointment was for 10:00am, however, we arrived by 9:30am and there was Larry McCool standing by our Corvette ready to deliver it to us. Larry took us patiently through the paperwork, provided an expert hands on explanation on all the ‘vettes functions, displays and how to operate them –we went through everything. The delivery process took 7 1/2 hours and included a personal guided tour of the Museum, the Corvette Store and ended with a drive out of the Museum with what looked like 30 people cheering as we drove through the reception line. The delivery concluded at 5:00pm with pictures that Larry took of us as we parked outside by the Museum. THANK YOU LARRY & SHANE!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. And thanks to all who work at the Museum that made our Corvette Museum Delivery so memorable. Gary – Maplewood, MN

Scheduling our delivery was very quick and easy. Shane sent an email several weeks ahead of delivery explaining the process, and requesting a potential delivery date/time so that one could be reserved. Once the car was built, the delivery appointment was confirmed, along with the names of any guests that were coming along. Our questions over the phone and email were always answered promptly and in detail. Our delivery associate (Chris) did a phenomenal job making our delivery day special from the moment we arrived in the morning until we drove away in our new Corvette. His outgoing, cheerful personality was great, and we enjoyed having him share his knowledge during our museum tour. He was patient with us throughout the day, and encouraged us to take breaks when needed, or spend extra time in the gift shop when we were picking out some new merchandise. Most importantly, he walked us through all the key aspects of our new vehicle, and made sure we were comfortable with everything before leaving for the day. This is our first Corvette purchase, and we could not be happier with our decision to do a Museum Delivery! The entire experience was wonderful–we wouldn’t change a thing about the day we had. We look forward to coming back to the museum to visit, and hopefully visiting the Motorsports Park on our next trip! Thank you! Matt & Jessica – Huntsville, AL