Buyers Tour Confidentiality Agreement

NCM Buyers Tour of the Corvette Assembly Plant

I/We understand that the VIP / Buyers Tour of the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant being provided to me/us is a unique and special privilege. I/We further understand that on the Plant tour I/we may see things or hear things that are proprietary to the Corvette Assembly Plant and/or General Motors; that they may be protected by copyright and/or trademark law as the Plant is regularly doing testing, engineering and assembling to improve not only the current model year but the future model years of Corvette.

I/We agree to keep all information we hear and everything that we see confidential. I/We further agree that we will not make public any information concerning what was seen or heard, via private or public email, Internet posts or interviews with any media.

I/We further agree that we will not leave the designated tour area to speak with Plant employees even if I am solicited to do so.

I/We further agree that we will not take any pictures inside the Plant and will not take a camera or cell phone into the Plant.