Total 2003 Corvettes Built- 35,469
14,022 Convertibles
12,812 Coupes
8,635 Z06 Hardtops

Fifty years ago, on a Flint, Michigan, assembly line, a man carefully affixed a circular badge to the nose of a brand-new fiberglass roadster. The badge read simply, “Chevrolet Corvette.” And with that, the whole idea of the American sports car was born. We’re proud – and humbled – know that since that day in 1953, no other sports car has tugged at the heartstrings like this one has. To everyone who has ever dreamed of owning a Corvette (and who hasn’t?), we tip our sports-car caps, offer up a hearty “Corvette wave,” and dedicate the 50th Anniversary Edition.

With this car, we honor every Corvette that has come before. Celebrate this moment in history with your own 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette. It’s a golden opportunity, in your choice of Coupe or Convertible body styles.

50th Anniversary Edition Features:

  • 50th Anniversary Red Exterior with special crossed-flags badging
  • Unique Shale interior with embroidered head restraints
  • Color-coordinated leather door-pull grips and armrest pads
  • Special 50th Anniversary emblems
  • Color-coordinated aluminum wheels
  • Floor mats with 50th Anniversary Logos
  • New-for-2003 Magnetic Selective Ride Control

There’s new luxury in Corvette.

New Magnetic Selective Ride Control with Real Time Damping is standard on the 50th Anniversary Special Edition: Two modes, Sport and Tour, provide a new level of ride and control. A special Shale Convertible top provides a beautiful accent to the 50th Anniversary Red exterior. A glass rear window with an electric defogger is standard. Shale floor mats with the exclusive 50th Anniversary logo are standard on the Anniversary Edition. The 50th Anniversary Corvette interior with its dramatic Shale duo-tone has been extended to the door panels and instrument panel. Leather-appointed armrests and grips add to the elegant appearance. Sport bucket seats are a new standard feature in every 2003 Coupe and Convertible. The flowing “waterfall” – with its splash of exterior color between the bucket seats – is a colorful mark of distinction on 1953 – 1962 and 1998 – present (as of 2003) convertibles.

In 1953, our AM radio was futuristic.

A signal-seeking “Wonder bar” AM radio, vinyl bucket-type seating and a tachometer were among the jet-age attributes of the “Motorama Corvette.” Today, “dream-car” technology continues to make Corvette an unforgettable driving experience. Aircraft-inspired Head-Up Display: the inspiration came directly from fighter aircraft – specifically, the Air Force’s F-15 Eagle. In the Corvette Head-Up Display (HUD) system, all the following readouts may be projected onto the windshield for driver convenience: vehicle speed, engine rpm, a performance upshift guide for the six-speed manual transmission, and readings from key gauges. Head-Up Display is standard on Z06 and 50th Anniversary Edition Corvettes; optional on other Coupes and Convertibles. Other Technological Marvels: A multifunction Driver Information Center that informs you of everything from instant/average MPG to oil life remaining, an optional power telescopic steering wheel (the manual tilt feature is standard on all Corvettes), an optional Memory Package that adjusts the climate control, mirrors, seat, telescopic wheel (if equipped) and radio presets to your preferred settings, a standard six-speaker AM/FM stereo with CD player, speed-compensated volume and Bose music system.

The Quickest Corvette Yet.

Zero-to-60 times are under four seconds. Lateral acceleration has been measured at an astonishing 1 g. Top Speed has exceeded 170 mph on a test rack. No wonder enthusiasts can’t get enough of this radical Corvette. Z06 is the quickest, most agile production Corvette ever. At the heart of it: a 405-hp LS6 V8. The Z06 also includes a high performance six-speed manual transmission, special suspension with Active Handling and Goodyear Eagle F1 tires. Yes, Z06 is one intense automobile.

To bring you a modern-day legend, we went to extremes.

The Z06 features a lightweight titanium exhaust system with chrome exhaust tips. Working in conjunction with a yaw-rate sensor, lateral accelerometer, other sensors, and the ABS and Traction Control, the standard Active Handling System in Corvette Z06 assists the driver is maintaining control under a variety of driving circumstances. In keeping with the sporting nature of the Z06, and automatic transmission is not available. The six-speed manual transmission features gear ratios that enhance acceleration. A sensor designed to help safeguard the transmission from extremely high thermal stresses alerts the driver if a “trans overtempt” condition should ever develop (for example, when participating in sanctioned competitive events). Z06 features functional, race car-inspired rear cooling ducts that complement the powerful four-wheel disc antilock brake system. A specific instrument cluster with “Speedline” graphics and 6500 rpm redline tachometer is exclusive to Z06. A Head-Up Display (HUD) with readouts for key instrumentation (including speed, engine rpm, and an upshift guide) is standard. Distinctive front fascia grilles improve airflow to the engine air inlet and add to the purposeful appearance of the Corvette Z06. The ’03 Z06 features front brake linings that reduce fade and improve stopping effectiveness on the track or under extreme conditions. To handle the tremendous torque of the 405-hp LS6 V8 engine, the driveshaft tube is made of high-strength aluminum allot. Torque is an amazing 400 lb.-ft. at 4800 rpm. Z06 features a suspension with increased shock absorber damping, a larger front stabilizer bar, a higher spring rate and greater negative camber. These modifications help increase the tire contract patch during spirited cornering – while maintaining a ride that’s appropriate for everyday street travel. Reducing Z06 weight by 23 pounds compared to coupe and convertible models, these Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires enhance wheel control by reducing unsprung weight. This also reduces rotational weight, which helps acceleration and braking. An asymmetric tread pattern helps improve both dry and wet traction (the outside tread helps dry handling and the inside tread helps channel water).

To handle increased torque loads, the Z06 rear axle is strengthened for increased durability. “Shot peening” the ring gear of the axle has made it exceptionally robust.

The world is watching Corvette.

Press reviews, both at home and abroad, have been outstanding. In the J.D. Power and Associates 2002 Initial Quality Study, Corvette has been ranked “Best Premium Sports Car in Initial Quality for two years in a row.” Car and Driver calls Corvette one of America’s “10 Best Cars” and the 2002 AutoWeek America’s Best Reader’s Poll gave it “Best Sports Car” honors. In so many ways, Corvette is the gold standard. Best-in-class trunk space – Corvette coupe has the largest trunk in its class – with an impressive 24.8 cubic feet of luggage space. Choice of roof panels – A lightweight, one-piece removable roof panel is standard on the Corvette coupe. Latches are easy to use, and no special tools are required to remove the roof panel. You may choose from a standard body-color panel, an optional transparent panel or both. Convenient top storage – the removable roof panel can be stored securely behind the passenger area.

New Magnetic Selective Ride Control.
Once again, Corvette advances the art of sports-car handling. New-for-2003 Magnetic Selective Ride Control is an electronically Real Time Damping system that takes Corvette poise and balance to a dramatic new level. This adjustable ride-control system uses an electro-magnetic coil to alter fluid consistency within the shock absorbers to instantly adjust damping for road surfaces and conditions. With wheel sensors at each wheel adjusting damping force, the electromagnetic system responds five times faster than previous mechanical systems. Magnetic Selective Ride Control is driver-adjustable, with two settings (Tour and Sport). Tour provides a controlled, smooth ride, while Sport lets the driver “feel” the exact contour of the road to a greater degree. Poise, Balance… and the confidence of active handling. Every 2003 Corvette is equipped with Active Handling, an advanced stability control system, as standard equipment. Active Handling provides nearly seamless operation and low intrusion in enthusiastic driving conditions. The pictures indicate how two cars – one with and one without Active Handling – maneuver around obstacles.

Exterior Colors:

  • Torch Red
  • Quicksilver Metallic
  • Black
  • 50th Anniversary Red
  • Millennium Yellow
  • Medium Spiral Gray Metallic
  • Electron Blue Metallic
  • Speedway White


  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Black Leather Seating Surfaces
  • Black/Torch Red Leather seating surfaces

50th Anniversary Edition:

  • Champagne Aluminum Wheels
  • Shale leather seating surfaces
  • Shale convertible top


  • Torch Red Leather Seating Surfaces
  • Light Oak Leather Seating Surfaces
  • Light Gray Leather Seating Surfaces
  • Black Leather Seating Surfaces


  • Standard Aluminum Wheel (Coupe and Convertible)
  • Optional high-polish aluminum wheel (Coupe and Convertible)
  • Optional Magnesium Wheel (Coupe and Convertible)

Convertible Top Colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Light Oak