Announcing Z06: Designed for the Track, Built for the Street

In 2001, the all-new Z06 was the lightest, quickest, most rigid, most agile production Corvette ever created. It takes the body/chassis structure of the C5 hardtop and pumps up the volume in all directions with a new, deeper breathing LS6 V8 engine, track-tested suspension tuning  and exclusive-to- Z06 lightweight components. The result? 1 g of cornering ability and 4-second 0-to-60 times.

More horsepower for the 2001 Coupe and Convertible. The revised LS1 V8- already regarded as one of the world’s finest performance engines- gets a significant upgrade in torque, which in turn makes these Corvettes more eager and more immediate in their response.

Second generation Active Handling- standard in all models. The standard Active Handling System for 2001 is even more capable than the previous year’s system and provides a higher level of stability control technology. Every 2001 Corvette “knows” when to intervene with Active Handling without diminishing your fun as a driver.

The refinement you expect. Diligent work went into making the Corvette the best sports car value in the world, and it has always paid off in customer enthusiasm. Contributing to the success of the 2001 model were an ultra-rigid structure, precise engineering, and a dedicated assembly team, in the Bowling Green, Kentucky plant. 

Vive la corvette

It was only a matter of time before one of the world’s greatest sports cars took part in the world’s greatest endurance race. On June 17, 2000, the C5-R Corvette took on the world at Le Mans and surprised more than a few skeptics with an impressive finish (third and fourth in class). In 1960, a production-based Corvette completed this 24 hour test of automotive endurance.

The Making of A World Beater 
The Corvette gave a lot to work with right out of the box. So when the Corvette C5-R first attacked Le Man’s Mulsanne’s corner, it did so with many of the same parts found in the production car. And with its already aerodynamic styling, rigid body structure and tremendous suspension geometry, the Corvette was destined to be a race car.

Under the Hood- 620 Horsepower
The search for an engine led Chevrolet right to the production car’s LS1 powerplant. Of course modifications had to be made, the aluminum small block from the production car was taken and increased from 350 to a whopping 620 horsepower. The fact that this was even possible says a lot about the inherent goodness of the LS1.

Podium Finish at Le Mans
The racing Vette sure did turn a lot of heads on the way to Le Mans. In January 1999, after 4000 miles of testing, the C5-R not only completed the race, but gave the rest of the pack a run for its money. By its second season the C5-R had made it to the podium several times. Then came Le Mans 2000, the “Granddaddy” of all endurance races. A podium finish in class confirmed what lots had expected, the C5-R Corvette is one of the world’s greatest race cars.

Z06. The Extreme Corvette
It was only a matter of time before it happened. The 2001 Corvette was the most serious Corvette to hit the streets. Zero-to-60 in four seconds. Lateral acceleration of 1g. A top speed over 170 mph. Yet mere numbers only begin to tell this performance story. With the fixed-roof hardtop body as a robust starting point, Z06 is a complete competition package: Unique LS6 V8 engine and six-speed manual transmission. A specifically tuned chassis and lightweight titanium exhaust components. An interior with custom touches. An exterior that will be noticed and a storied nameplate.

LS6. Powerful Evolution.

History suggests the new LS6  V8 engine will write a whole new chapter in sports car performance. Taking Corvette to extreme levels is something of a tradition- and the new-in-1997 Corvette LS1 V8 makes an absolutely world-class foundation for the Z06 exclusive LS6. The LS6 is, more than anything else, robust. The aluminum block, cylinder heads, camshaft and induction systems have all been revised for better breathing at high rpm. A new positive crankcase ventilation system improves oil control during racetrack and other high lateral acceleration maneuvers. A unique new titanium exhaust (mufflers and tailpipes) has been designed especially for the Z06. Benefits include reduced mass and higher strength than either aluminum or magnesium. Faster revving, deeper breathing, stronger internals, with a horsepower rating of 385 at 6000 rpm, the LS6 engine is very good news for performance-focused enthusiasts.

Low-Restriction Intake Manifold- A new intake manifold design, shared with the 2001 LS1, reduces air intake restriction and improves airflow for better breathing.

Z06 Specific Engine Beauty Covers- Corvette owners are always being asked “What’s under the hood?” With its new beauty covers the Z06 will be as impressive with its hood up than it is on the open road.

New Cylinder Head Design- At the heart and soul of the LS6, new cylinder heads for better engine breathing, larger ports improve airflow by 10 percent, compression ratio is a healthy 10.5:1.

Refined Engine Block- The all-aluminum LS6 engine block has been refined to enable higher piston speed and higher overall rpm than the Corvette LS1 V8. Engine displacement is 5.7 Liters.

New Exhaust Manifold Design- The previous stamped-steel exhaust manifold used in the LS1 has been replaced with a new cast-iron design for improved flow of exhaust gases, increasing engine performance and durability.

New Mass Airflow Sensor Design- The mass airflow sensor has been refined to increase the intake diameter and increase airflow.

Unique Camshaft Profile- As air comes through the new intake manifold in greater volume, it is important for the air to enter the combustion chamber as quickly as possible to produce power. For this reason, the LS6 has a new camshaft design with a unique profile that increases valve lift, allowing more air fuel mixture into the combustion chamber, resulting in more power.

New Positive Crankcase Ventilation System- Because of the Z06’s increased performance capabilities, changes were made to improve oil control during high speed conditions.

Z06. intense synergy.

Massive power alone does not make a winning sports car. All performance systems, including engine, transmission, chassis, suspension and tires, must work in harmony to reach this elusive goal. The Z06 works because the Z06 is focused. The result: faster lap times and quicker acceleration on the track and street performance that should delight the most demanding driving enthusiasts. An exclusive FE4 suspension with standard second generation Active Handling helps Z06 raise the standard by which all other sports cars will be measured. Impressive balance between on road ride/handling and cutting edge track performance is a hallmark of the FE4. Compared with other 2001 Corvettes, the Z06 features uniquely styled wheels that are wider by one inch (17″x 9.5″ front, 18″ x 10.5″ rear), complemented by new Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires. Z06 in every way is one intense Corvette.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Tires- These Supercar tires alone reduce Z06 weight by 23 pounds, compared to coupe and convertible models. Taking mass out of the tires enhances wheel control by reducing unsprung weight. It also reduces rotational weight, which helps acceleration and braking. An asymmetrical tread pattern enhances dry-weather handling.

Aluminum Alloy Driveshaft- Due to the increased torque output of the LS6, several changes have been made to the Corvette driveshaft for the Z06. The torque capacity of the flexible rubber drive couplings has been increased, and the driveshaft tube material has been changed from metal matrix composite to aluminum alloy. The driveshaft diameter has been increased by almost 13 percent.

Precision Alignment- A four-wheel geometric alignment machine at the end of the assembly line confirms that each Corvette is set to its optimum ride height. All caster, camber, and toe alignments are completed to exact standards.

New Z06 Suspension- A stronger, tighter, more controlled suspension is tuned specifically to the Z06. Increased shock absorber damping, a larger front stabilizer bar, and a higher spring rate than those found in the other 2001 Corvettes, and greater negative camber, help increase the tire contact patch in aggressive cornering situations on the racetrack. Significantly, Z06 maintains a ride that is appropriate for everyday street use.

New Titanium Exhaust System- A unique new exhaust system with titanium mufflers and tailpipes has been developed especially for the Z06. This is the first ever use of titanium in the exhaust system of a mass production vehicle. Using titanium reduces exhaust system weight by almost 50 percent compared with a conventional stainless-steel system.

High-Performance 6-Speed Transmission- In keeping with the sporting nature of the Z06, an automatic transmission will not be available. The 6-speed manual features new gear ratios that enhance acceleration.

Transmission Temperature Sensor- The addition of a temperature sensor is designed to help safeguard the transmission from extremely high thermal stress by altering the driver should a “trans overtemp” condition develop.

High-strength Rear Axle- To handle increased torque loads, the Z06 rear axle has been strengthened for increased durability. A process known as “shot peening” was employed to make the ring gear of the axle more robust.

American icon

Corvette coupe is the two-seater more enthusiasts choose than any other. It’s not hard to know why. This American icon is world-class, and the 2001 edition reaches a new level of excellence. The already legendary LS1 V8 engine has been enhanced to provide even more horsepower (now 350 hp) and low-end torque over a broader range for outstanding acceleration. At the same time, fuel economy also improved from the past models for the 2001. Owners had the option between a six-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic. The exhilarating power of the LS1 V8 is complemented by Corvette’s sophisticated four-wheel independent suspension, variable-effort Magnasteer, massive four-wheel brakes with ABS and second generation Active Handling- all standard.

The Corvette convertible just may be the ultimate open-air driving experience. Since the first roadster in 1953, the drop-top Corvette has captured the hearts of sports car enthusiasts the world over with its very American blend of high performance, dramatic style and remarkable over-the-road agility. For 2001 the convertible top has a new-five layer design. Weather stripping and sealing around the door glass are also improved.

Sophisticated safety engineering

You expect sophisticated safety technology in one of the world’s most advanced automobiles- and Corvette delivers on this important promise.

Occupant-Protection Features- In a Corvette you are surrounded by a rigid structure that includes safety-cage construction, energy-absorbing front and rear crush zones, and reinforced body sides.

Crash-Avoidance Features- This is one of the few cars in the world to offer the advanced technology of Active Handling, and it’s standard. Also standard in every Corvette, a four-wheel antilock brake system (ABS), Traction Control and Daytime Running Lamps.

Personal Security Features-Among the reasons you’ll feel so secure in Corvette: Remote Keyless Entry that locks or unlocks the doors and turns on interior lights at the touch of a button, a totally passive theft-deterrent system with horn alarm, and power door locks with a lockout protection feature. We evaluate and test Corvette in our technical centers, in some of the world’s most advanced safety laboratories, and on the test track. The goal: to engineer an increasingly safer, more secure car for you to drive.

Ergonomically brilliant

Corvette just might be the most intelligent car on the planet. Thanks to the advanced Driver Information Center, you’re in command of readouts and convenience features you can custom-tailor to your own personal preferences. The driver Information Center includes readouts for oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature, battery volts, instant/ average MPG and range, tire pressure, mph and more. It is capable of displaying information in four languages (English, German, French, Spanish), and can also be used to configure a full range of programmable settings, including vehicle function display and the optional Twilight Sentinel.

Aircraft-Inspired Head-Up Display- The inspiration came directly from fighter aircraft- specifically the Air Force’s F-15 Eagle. Working in conjunction with GM’s Hughes Aircraft Division, Corvette engineers and designers developed a similar Head-Up Display (HUD) for Corvette. Corvette’s optional HUD system, which is selected by more than 60 percent of buyers, gives you the best of two worlds- analog and digital. Because, with an HUD equipped Corvette, you get both. All of the following readouts may be projected onto the windshield for driver convenience: vehicle speed, engine rpm, a performance up-shift guide for the six-speed manual transmission, and readings from key gauges, including water temperature, oil pressure and fuel.

World-Class Bose Stereo- Corvette engineers worked with the experts at Bose Corporation to create a music system specifically tailored to the cassette player. It is standard in coupes and convertibles and a 12-disc CD changer is optional. An AM/FM stereo with CD player is standard in Z06 and optional in other models.

Inner Beauty- Deeply contoured bucket seats, a dual-cove instrument panel and bold crossed-flag emblems identify this automobile as nothing less than an American icon. The well-planned ergonomics become apparent the moment you get behind the wheel. There has never been a more spacious, more comfortable Corvette interior. There are two leather-trimmed seat choices: standard, and optional Sport with inflatable lumbar support and adjustable side bolsters. Six-way power adjusters are standard for the driver side and optional for the passenger side in coupe and convertible models. If you choose the optional Memory Package, the presets for climate controls, mirrors, driver seat, radio, and the power telescoping steering column will adjust to your preferred settings. Attention to detail that’s unequaled. Comfort that’s unsurpassed. That’s the inner beauty of America’s favorite two-seat sports car.

Mechanical Dimensions

Feature Coupe & Convertible
Wheelbase 104.5 inches (2.654 m)
Overall length 179.7 inches (4.564 m)
Overall width 73.6 inches (1.869 m)
Overall height 47.9 inches (1.217 m)
Front tread 62.0 inches (1.575 m)
Rear tread 62.1 inches (1.577 m)
Standard Tires Front/Rear P245/45ZR-17 Goodyear Eagle GT / P275/40ZR-18 Goodyear Eagle GT
Ground Clearance 3.7 inches
Curb Weight 1460 kg / 3212 lbs (coupe)
1458 kg / 3207 lbs ((convertible)
1409 kg / 3130 lbs ((Z06)
Steering Power Rack and Pinion, Power-assisted, speed-sensitive, magnetic variable-effort power rack and steering
Front suspension Independent SLA forged-aluminum upper and lower control arms and steering knuckle, transverse monoleaf springs, steel stabilizer bar, and spindle offset.
Rear suspension Independent five-link design with toe and camber adjustment, cast-aluminum upper and lower control arms and knuckle, transverse monoleaf springs, steel tie rods and stabilizer bar, and tubular U-jointed metal matrix composite driveshaft.
Brakes Antilock four-wheel power disc
Body construction Fiberglass; integral perimeter frame with center back­bone/all-welded steel body frame construction
Fuel tank 19.1 US Gal (15.9 Imp Gal) (72 liters)


Engine Specifications

Feature Base Engine RPO LS1 Z06 Engine RPO LS6
Type V-8, 90-degree Overhead valve V-8, 90-degree Overhead valve
Block All Aluminum All Aluminum
Displacement 346 cid (5.7 liters) 346 cid (5.7 liters)
Bore & Stroke 3.90″ x 3.62″ 3.90″ x 3.62″
Compression ratio 10.1:1 10.5:1
Brake horsepower 350 @ 5600 385 @ 6000
Torque 360 lb-ft @ 4000 385 lb-ft @ 4800
Main bearing Five Five
Valve lifters Hydraulic, two valves per cylinder Hydraulic, two valves per cylinder
Fuel supply Sequential Multi-port injection (MPI) system Sequential Multi-port injection (MPI) system

Color Options: 

  • Light Pewter Metallic
  • Quicksilver Metallic
  • Navy Blue Metallic
  • Speedway White
  • Black
  • Torch Red
  • Millennium Yellow
  • Magnetic Red Metallic II
  • Dark Bowling Green Metallic

Interior Colors: 

  • Black
  • Light Oak
  • Torch Red
  • Light Gray