Total 1998 Corvettes Built- 31,084
11,849 Convertibles, 19,235 Coupes

Passion. It fills the heart. It clouds the mind. It stirs the soul. Like a relentless desire, it burns quietly, restlessly. For 45 years, one car has fueled the flames of passion, stirred our emotions and captured our spirit. One car has evolved into nothing less than an American icon. The car is Corvette. And for 1998, the fire burns even stronger.

Desire. You look. Then you look again. Corvette has that effect. “It is a superb car, fully competitive with absolutely anything in its segment,” declares Automobile Magazine. For 1998, you can choose the Coupe, with its stunning fastback style. Or, the all-new convertible. It is America’s most desired sports car, honed to a new level of brilliance.

Seduction. The new Corvette convertible. Its beauty is captivating. Its performance electrifying. From the moment you see it, you know you want it. There is only one possible answer to the Corvette convertible. Yes.

Allure. The wind-in-your-hair version of Corvette. What a way to leave the rest of the world behind. A dramatic “waterfall” effect gives the Corvette convertible style that’s reminiscent of vintage “Vettes. Convertible trunk room is 13.9 cubic feet with the top up (11.2 cubic feet with the top down). The convertible features a manual folding top (with heated glass rear window) that stores out of sight.

Glory. “This car deserves a great deal of applause, and the serious attention of anyone who considers him- or herself to be in the market for a sophisticated high-performance sports car.” –Automobile Magazine.

Rush. A top speed on the test track of 175 mph. An aero factor that’s one of the best in the world among high-end sports cars. Variable-effort Magnasteer and “drive-by-wire” electronic throttle control. A dramatically low cowl and hoodline, for exceptional visibility. Corvette will have you forgetting anything else you’ve ever driven.

Raw. Power. Massive force. Awesome torque.
Think of a hammer, wrapped in a velvet glove. You’ll be impressed by the V8 in Corvette. It goes – and it goes by the option code LS1. In designing the LS1, the Corvette team benchmarked competitors. One thing was certain. This V8 engine had to be a terrific balance of everything – horsepower, torque, fuel economy, smoothness and durability. A tall order, and one that results in the most exciting V8 to ever sit under a Corvette hood. LS1 configuration is familiar: push-rod V8. For you, the benefit is a great power-to-engine-weight ratio and massive low-end torque, all combined with high-revving character that was once the exclusive domain of overhead cam engines. LS1 specifications include an all-aluminum block designed for stiffness, strength and low mass, a unique camshaft design that improves engine breathing and a 10.1:1 compression ratio which helps maximize engine power. A lightweight composite intake manifold that improves airflow and a highly sophisticated level of Sequential Fuel Injection technology are also featured. In the best Corvette tradition, LS1 numbers speak for themselves. Displacement: 5.7 Liters. Horsepower: 246 at 5600 rpm. Torque: 350 lb.-ft. at 4400rpm. There has never been a more powerful production small block V8 in Corvette history. The LS1 can be teamed with an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission (standard) or a six-speed manual (optional). Other sports cars may settle for less power. Why should you?

Soul. “From its all-aluminum 5.7-liter LS1 ohv V8 and rear-mounted transaxle, to its incredible rigid backbone frame with hydroformed steel side rails, the latest Corvette is also the greatest Corvette,” says Motor Trend. Greatness begins up front with the lightweight LS1 V8. The compact disc size of this engine helped Corvette designers achieve a low hoodline for excellent visibility and a tight turning circle. The transmission (four-speed automatic or optional six-speed manual) is at the rear. The reasons for this location are threefold: to enhance chassis/body rigidity with a longitudinal structural center tunnel, to enable optimum weight distribution, and significantly to provide a large interior with excellent foot room and legroom. The unique Corvette structure (consisting of a strong perimeter frame combined with a center backbone) provided a level of structural rigidity that’s world class. In the 1998 Corvette, you’ll enjoy: a sensational blend of ride and response, with steering that responds precisely to driver input, and excellent noise and vibration control for an impressive level of overall refinement. A solid structure is foundation for a quality car. And, the 1998 Corvette is one of the great ones.

The robust Corvette structure (with a high-strength perimeter frame and unique center backbone) allows the independent suspension to be tuned strictly for wheel control from road inputs – the suspension does not have to compensate for flexing of the structure. A super-rigid, but lightweight aluminum engine block reduces unwanted vibration. This advanced construction is combined with hydraulic engine and transmission mounts that further reduce vibration to the chassis. The result is ultra-smooth (and ultra-powerful) V8 performance.

A full-function Traction Control system is standard on every Corvette. Traction Control works in conjunction with the ABS and electronic throttle control to optimize traction by reducing tire slip on many surfaces. An on-off switch is included.

Magnasteer, a speed-sensitive, variable-effort steering system, is standard. This computer-controlled system, combined with a rotary valve rack-and-pinion steering gear, provides maximum steering assist for low-speed parking, and precise steering feel at higher speeds.

The driveshaft is made from a Metal Matrix Composite (MMC), which combines aluminum, aluminum oxide and ceramic for great strength. The shaft has a relatively small diameter (to fit inside the torque tube) and the low weight that aluminum provides.

Electronic Throttle Control is sophisticated “drive-by-wire” system that provides quick response to driver input. The engine in a Corvette has platinum-tip spark plugs. This means you can travel up to 100,000 miles before the first schedules tune-up. The first scheduled change for the extended-life engine coolant is up to five years or 150,000 miles (whichever comes first). The recommended interval for oil changes is 10,000 miles; the automatic transmission fluid is designed to last up to 100,000 miles, under normal conditions.

The perimeter frame is manufactured out of tubular steel that is molded into the desired shape by a GM-developed high-pressure hydroform press. This one-piece frame rail design is stiffer, stronger and lower than previous designs, which improves structural rigidity, helps deliver a better ride and provides a lower step-in height. Corvette features one of the most extensive applications of aluminum suspension componentry. A new hybrid process that combines casting and forging saves additional weight and allows the casting of very precise shapes without any sacrifice of component strength.

The Eagle F1 GS EMT tires are P245/45ZR-17 in front and P275/40ZR-18 in the rear.
These Goodyear Tires feature a patented Aqua channel tread design and are speed-rated to 186 mph. Tires include built-in tread wear indicators. The brake rotors are large and braking performance is powerful. Premium non-metallic linings provide smooth quiet braking. Audible brake wear indicators are standard. Lightweight aluminum wheels (17” front/18” rear) reduce unsprung weight and add to Corvette’s bold appearance. An even lighter Magnesium wheel is a new option. A premium four-wheel anti-lock brake system is standard. This ABS V reduces wheel lockup while braking hard and is designed to help you maintain steering control and help prevent skidding on most slippery surfaces. A tire pressure monitoring system is standard. This system operates via battery-powered sensors located inside the valve stem assembly of each tire. When a low- or high-pressure situation occurs in any of the tires, a warning message automatically appears on the Driver Information Center (DIC). Using the DIC, the Corvette driver can also check individual tire pressures while underway. A four-wheel geometric alignment machine custom seats each 1998 Corvette to its optimum ride height. All caster, camber and toe alignments are completed to exact standards. The benefit to Corvette drivers is the glass-smooth, precise feel of a well-built sports car.

Finesse. “Forget understatement. This car is a blast to drive!” –Autoweek

Here’s how Corvette engineers created this beautifully balanced performer: A fully independent suspension uses advanced SLA (short/long arm) design for all four wheels. Also known as “double wishbone” or “double A arm,” this is the preferred design for high-performance sports and racing cars today. Words that you’ll use to describe this tuned suspension will include “predictable,” “precise,” “stable” and “refined.” The ride is smooth, yet this Corvette responds with poise and balance that will delight the hard-core enthusiast. There are three distinct suspension choices for 1998. FE1 is designed to please the majority of Corvette drivers with its impressive blend of ride and response. It is standard equipment. For those enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in Corvette technology, the optional F45 with Real Time Damping is the suspension that “thinks.” F45 features computer-controlled shock absorbers that automatically change shock absorber rates in “real time” – 10 to 15 milliseconds – as road conditions dictate. With F45, there are three manual settings – Touring, Sport and Performance – each with its own distinct range of ride firmness. Then there’s Z51. This is a suspension option for die-hard performance fans, and it is the racing-inspired package you’ll want if you intend to participate in sanctioned competitive events. Z51 components include stiffer springs, larger stabilizer bars and larger monotube shocks. FE1, F45, Z51, three great choices, because not everyone wants the same Corvette.

Engine Specifications
5.7 Liter (LS1) V8 SFI
Cast-Aluminum Block
Cast-Aluminum Heads
Roller Hydraulic Lifters
3.9” Bore and 3.62” Stroke
(99mm Bore & 92 mm Stroke)
Chain Cam Drive
Redline RPM 6000
Displacement 5.7 liters
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Fuel Induction Sequential
Fuel Injection SFI
345 Horsepower at 5600 RPM
350 Torque (lb.-ft.) at 4400 RPM
Stainless-Steel Exhaust System
4 Rear Center-Exit Tailpipes
Coil-Near-Plug Ignition System
Alternator 50 amps @idle; 130 amps
Maximum Battery Capacity (SAE capacity rating) 600 cco (maintenance-free)
Recommended Fuel Premium Unleaded 91 Octane


Performance Data
Weight-to-power ratio, manual trans. (lbs.: hp) 9.3:1
Weight-to-power ratio, automatic trans. (lbs.: hp) 9.4:1
Coefficient of drag (CD) 0.29
Specific output (hp/liter) 60.5:1
0-60 mph, manual trans. (sec.) 4.72
0-60 mph, automatic trans. (sec.) 5.05
Top Speed (mph) 175
¼ miles (sec./mph) 13.36/109.4
Lateral Acceleration 0.93
60-0 mph (ft.) 125
Fuel Economy
Manual Trans. EPA mileage (MPG city/hwy.) 18/28
Automatic Trans. EPA mileage (MPG city/hwy.) 17/25

Corvette features battery-rundown protection that automatically shuts off interior lights (should you forget to do so) after the car has been sitting with the ignition off for 20 minutes. If your Corvette is left with the ignition off for over 24 days, it cuts power to accessories to help alleviate battery rundown.

Twin midships-mounted fuel tanks enhance weight distribution and enable consistent handling, regardless of fuel level. You might not believe the amount of cargo room – 24.8 cu. ft. in the coupe and 13.9 cu. ft. in the convertible with the top up (11.2 cu. ft. with the top down). The coupe features a lightweight one-piece roof panel that is easily removed without the use of any tools. You may choose from a body-color panel that is easily removed without the use of any tools. You may choose from a body-color panel (standard), a translucent blue-tinted panel (optional) or both panels (optional). Solar-Ray glass for all windows helps to keep the interior of your new Corvette cool by filtering out many heats producing solar rays. Side-window defoggers are standard.

The remote function actuation system allows you to unlock the rear hatch from up to 30 feet away. Electric heated, outside mirrors are designed to be foldable for ease of parking in tight quarters. Impact-absorbing, “5-mph” front and rear bumpers exceed Federal barrier test requirements and feature resilient covers, to resist minor dings and dents.

The foundation for Corvette’s beautiful exterior finish is the glass-smooth composite body panels. There are four layers of paint, including a lustrous basecoat and a final clearcoat. The result is paint that’s show-ready. Corvette features composite outer body panels that will never rust. The door outer panels, fenders and rear quarter panels are made of flexible composite material, which also protects against minor dents and dings. The 1998 Corvette is 73.6 inches wide, and features a 104.5-inch wheelbase, for excellent stability and ride smoothness. GM’s innovative PASS-Key II theft-deterrent system and alarm are standard. Pass-Key II is a totally passive system. Only your specially coded ignition key starts your Corvette. And the Vin plate is laser etched. The Corvette convertible features a manually operated, easily folded top. A pressurized five-bow design eliminates the need for latches at the rear of the top. The design also makes the top easy to raise or lower. The driver simply pushes a button which automatically lowers the windows partway via the driver’s Express-Down feature. The op is then easily lowered by the driver from outside the car. Tuned optic halogen headlamps light way better than conventional lamps. Optional halogen foglamps can help enhance your view of the road in foggy conditions. The rear location of the transmission enabled Corvette designers to increase interior room while maintaining excellent weight distribution (nearly 50/50). Goodyear Eagle F1 GS EMT tires combine Performance tire characteristics with the security of an Extended Mobility design.

Precision. The new-generation Corvette challenges some people’s perception that sports car quality is a “foreign idea.” We started with a super-rigid body structure that helps eliminate squeaks, rattles and flex. Tolerances between body panels and interior components are better than in any previous-generation Corvette. The benefit to you is a car that feels smooth, refined and solid. Exterior paint has a glossy, deep, “wet look” shine. Look it over, from top to bottom. Open and shut the doors and drive this Corvette. The precise quality and attention to detail may not surprise you. But it will delight you.

Adrenaline. Indulgence. Soft “Nuance” Leather seating surfaces. Power controls for driver seat, windows (with express-down feature), door locks and mirrors. All standard. Optional: A memory package that “remembers” outside mirror, stereo, heater/defroster/air conditioning and driver seat settings. It’s almost sinful.

  • Electrically heated power mirrors.
  • Power windows with on Express-Down feature for both driver and passenger.
  • Tilt wheel and speed sensitive power steering.
  • Optional memory package.
  • Driver Information Center control panel.
  • Electronic speed control with Resume Speed.
  • Delco Electronics AM/FM stereo with Bose speakers, cassette player, optional CD player and 12-disc CD changer.
  • 4-speed automatic transmission (standard) or 6-speed manual transmission (optional).
  • Intermittent wipers.
  • Power door locks.
  • Ignition key on instrument panel.
  • Standard Traction Control On-Off switch.
  • Optional F45 Selective Real Time Damping Control.
  • Conveniently located parking brake handle, with standard brake/transmission shift interlock on automatics.
  • Air conditioning is standard.
  • Electronic temperature control and dual-zone (driver/passenger) climate controls are optional.

Intelligence. A great sports car must communicate easily and instantly with the driver. Corvette does, with bold analog instrumentation. A truly great sports car must respect tradition. Corvette does, with an interior design that is classically Corvette, from the padded “grab bar” to the “dual-cove” instrument panel. A great sports car should entertain, as well as inform. Corvette does, with a 252-watt, 6-speaker, Delco electronics stereo. This system includes Bose speakers, cassette player, speed-compensated volume and automatic tone control. Options include a CD player and a 12-disc CD changer. Clearly, other cars could learn from this one.

Enlightened. You’ve got questions? Corvette has answers. An alpha-numeric Driver Information Center (DIC) is positioned below the gauge cluster. It includes readouts for oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature, automatic transmission fluid temperature, battery volts, instant/average MPG and range, and tire pressure. The system is capable of displaying that information in any of four languages (English, German, French or Spanish). If you have a passion for performance, this Corvette speaks your language.

Gifted. It’s amazing what you can get a Corvette to do. A unique programmable Remote Function Actuation system will automatically lock or unlock doors for you. The coupe has more luggage space – 24.8 cubic feet – than some full-size sedans. Even in the convertible you can easily carry two large bags of gold clubs. For convenience, there’s a cup holder, and a lighted lockable glove compartment. In product seminars, people told us they wanted a more versatile, more accommodating sports car.

This one does just about everything but play chess. The optional Memory Package allows the Corvette driver to customize up to three different settings for exterior mirrors, radio presets, climate control and driver seat positions. Great for households with more than one person who likes to drive the Corvette. The AM/FM stereo has a “brain” that remembers the tone control settings for each station and recalls them when the station is selected. The coupe features antennas hidden in the windshield and rear window glass for great reception and less susceptibility to damage. The convertible has a power antenna. A padded center armrest, a cup holder and lockable storage area with room for CDs, cassettes, portable phones, etc., are featured in the center-console area. The Remote Function Actuation system locks and unlocks doors (automatically or manually, depending in your preference) from up to 30 feet away and turns on interior lights. A secure return feature allows an approaching driver to turn on interior, backup and turn signal lamps for a halo lighting effect. A horn alarm and PASS-Key theft-deterrent system are also standard. For states that require a front plate, Corvette features this optional license-plate holder. The one-piece removable top (coupe) features a magnesium frame, which helps make the top lighter and easier to remove. Latches are easy to use, and no special tool required.

Assured. Excellence in design. You’ll see it in every aspect of the new Corvette, including a comprehensive standard safety package. Standard crash avoidance features include standard ABS, Daytime Running Lamps integrated with the parking lamps and headlamps with more precisely tuned optics than conventional designs. Traction Control and a tire-pressure monitoring system are also standard. Occupant protection features include a high-strength perimeter frame, doors with side-impact bars and energy-absorbing materials, cross-car structural beams and a steel safety cage. Advanced safety design. It’s one more way Corvette showcases American technology. Conquer.

Exterior Colors: Black, Light Pewter Metallic, Torch Red, Nassau Blue Metallic, Medium Purple Pearl Metallic, Sebring Silver Metallic, Fairway Green Metallic, Light Carmine Red Metallic, and Arctic White.