Total 1991 Corvettes Built- 20,639
5,672 Convertibles
14,967 Coupes

Unmistakably new appearance. Unmistakably Corvette. From any perspective, Corvette for 1991 is a treat for America’s car enthusiasts.

Both Coupe and Convertible models share a new look – a revised front bumper/facia with wrap-around cornering/fog lamps, new horizontal side louvers, wider body-color side moldings and bolder, more massive rear styling (the trademark quad rear lamps are now rectangular). New 17” cast-aluminum wheels are the final touch.

This anything-but-subtle style promises performance – something the ’91 Corvette delivers in full measure. Beneath this svelte fiberglass skin is a fully independent suspension, the choice of a six-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission and the race-proven 5.7 Liter V8 with Tuned-Port Fuel Injection and lightweight aluminum cylinder heads. One of the most advanced four-wheel anti-lock braking systems available in any production automobile (Bosch ABS IIS) is standard. When called upon to do so, the system can adjust brake pressure as rapidly as 15 times per second, a rate even the most skilled professional driver cannot attain. Bosch ABS IIS is combined with four-wheel power discs for up to 1.0g of stopping power.

Bilstein Selective Ride Control, the innovative suspension option introduced on the 1990 Corvette Coupe, is now available on both Coupe and Convertible. This system allows the driver to select from one of three levels of ride firmness (Touring, Sport or Performance).

There is another component that sets Corvette apart from other two-seaters: Luxury. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, Delco AM/FM stereo with cassette tape player, leather-wrapped Comfort-tilt steering wheel, power door locks, power windows-the list goes on. Base-coat/clear-coat paint provides a “wet look” shine. And, or course, Corvette’s fiberglass body panels will never rust. Luxury options include leather-trimmed multi-adjustable sport seats and a 200-watt Delco/Bose stereo with digital compact disc player, cassette tape player and a Speed Compensated Volume Control that increases volume automatically as vehicle speed increases. An override switch cancels this function if so desired.

Other technology has been incorporated to help reduce insurance rates and make the ’91 Corvette and easier-to-own sports car. The standard PASS-Key (Personalized Automotive Security System) is the most sophisticated theft-deterrent system Chevrolet has ever offered. PASS-Key is a special ignition key system utilizing a module with a resistor decoder and an ignition key with a pellet of specified resistance. If the resistance does not match the decoder, any attempt to start the car is thwarted.

The standard driver’s-side Supplemental Inflatable Restraint system (air bag) and four-wheel anti-lock brake system may also qualify you for comprehensive insurance discounts. These are a few of the reasons why corvette is one of the world’s finest sports car.

There is one more: quality. The 1991 Corvette is backed by extensive, rugged development testing at the General Motors Probing Grounds. Recent Endurance testing (supervised by the United States Auto Club and confirmed by the Federation International de l’ Automobile) offers more evidence of Corvette quality. Two specially modified 1990 Corvette Coupes smashed three world endurance/speed records and set nine international class standards at the Firestone/Bridgestone track in Fort Stockton, Texas. The new records are for 5000 kilometer and 5000 miles, including a new 24-hour speed record (175.8 MPH average). The only stops were for gas, tires, and driver changes. The ’91 Corvette awaits one final test – yours, on your favorite stretch of highway.

Corvette Coupe, world-class credentials, with a uniquely American personality.

For those who seek an all-out V8-powered sports car that is the envy of automakers the world over, Corvette Coupe is often the preferred choice. And no wonder. In Sports Car club of America-sanctioned Showroom Stock Series Competition, the Corvette Coupe (with special modifications) is a force to be reckoned with. Racing technology has clearly influenced the design of the current-generation Corvette, and what Corvette engineers learn at the track is quickly reflected in the Corvette you buy from Chevrolet and drive on the street.

The performance of Corvette Coupe is enhanced for 1991 by 17” cast-aluminum wheels, P275/40ZR-17 Goodyear Eagle unidirectional high-performance tires, limited-slip rear differential, and your choice of six-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic with overdrive.

Bilstein Selective Ride Control is an innovative suspension option designed for everyday driving. The computerized system allows the driver to select from one of three shock absorber damping levels (Touring, Sport or Performance) via a console-mounted switch. It is programmed for six automatic gradations of firmness within each mode, depending on vehicle speed. Also available on Corvette Coupe: a special Performance Axle Ratio (requires an optional engine oil cooler).

Corvette Coupe has also earned a reputation as a highly refined grand touring machine. In a Corvette, even the drive across town or the daily commute to work is a time to be enjoyed, thanks to the accomplished engineering and a long list of standard luxury features. These features include air conditioning, electronic speed control, halogen fog lamps, front and rear cornering lamps, power windows for up to 15 minutes after the ignition key is turned to “off” or until the driver’s door is opened – whichever happens first. A power plug connection for a cellular phone is also standard. And when those summer weekends beckon (or whenever the spirit moves you), the one-piece removable roof panel may be lifted off for breezy open-sky motoring. A transparent roof panel (with blue or bronze tint) is available. The Coupe features an all-glass lift-up rear hatch with remote release for convenient cargo loading. Luggage space is 12.6 cu. ft., enough for three large suitcases and two smaller overnight bags. A security shade is also provided. Two lockable storage compartments are located behind the seats. Corvette Coupe’s alluring dual nature (performance machine/grand touring car) is what makes it such a popular choice for so many enthusiasts. Whether your plans include a 1,000-mile tour or a night on the town, the Corvette Coupe is just fun to drive and ride in. And Corvette lets you express yourself with the choice of ten exterior colors (all lustrous base-coat/clear-coat), and a wide range of options, including Delco/Bose sound system with digital compact disc player and stereo cassette tape player, power adjustable sport seats with power lumbar support and genuine leather trim.

Inside Corvette, where the marriage of comfort and control is a carefully considered science. If you appreciate excellence in all facets of automotive design, you should spend some time in a Corvette. The relationship between driving environment is strictly world-class. Make no mistake. The Corvette interior is luxurious, even by traditional definitions (no Teutonic austerity her). The bucket seats are deeply contoured and feature quality cloths or supple optional leathers. The comfort tilt steering wheel is leather-wrapped. The Delco stereo systems are recognized as among the best available in any automobile. There are power controls for everything from windows to mirrors. True luxury in a sports car, however, is the ability to make the driver feel as one with the car. Seats must help the driver stay securely in place during cornering. Those same seats should offer support and comfort for extended periods of time. Gages must be instantly readable without taking eyes off the road. All controls, from wipers to climate-control system, should be in easy reach.

Corvette is, by this more meaningful standard, a true luxury sports car with impressive comfort and unique style. The standard fully reclining bucket seats are upholstered in sport cloth. Colors are Black or Saddle. Genuine leather seating surfaces (in Black, Blue, Gray, Red or Saddle) are optional. Corvette’s ultimate comfort option is the leather Sport Seat interior. Features included a six-way power adjuster plus power lumbar support.

The cockpit-style wraparound instrument panel communicates instantly and clearly to the driver. Instrumentation includes analog readouts for tachometer, water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature and volts, and digital readouts for speed, instant average fuel economy and range. Another important driver-information feature is an engine oil life monitor. It alerts the driver with a “Change Oil” light when an oil/filter change is recommended. A formula calculates engine oil temperature and engine revolutions to deiced actual oil life. A low oil sensor is a new feature for 1991. It illuminates a “Low Oil” lamp in the Driver Information Center when the oil level is one quart low.

Corvette’s acclaimed sound systems include a standard Delco AM/FM stereo with seek-scan, cassette tape player, digital clock and power antenna. Two Delco/Bose systems are available: one with cassette player, and one with cassette player and compact disc player. Both are world-class systems with 200 watts of power, six speakers (including two tweeters for excellent high-range sound), and speed compensated volume that will automatically compensate for the increase in road noise levels of higher speeds (a feature you will appreciate when driving with the roof panel off or convertible top down). The center console includes storage for both cassette tapes and compact discs. Other features are a coin tray, headlamps-on reminder, power windows, power door locks and power mirrors. Courtesy lights are located under the instrument panel, on the doors and in the cargo area.

A standard driver’s-side Supplemental Inflatable Restraint system (air bag) is in the steering wheel hub. The S.I.R. us designed to provide added protection for the driver in the event of a moderate to severe frontal collision. It is a supplemental system only. For maximum protection in frontal and all other collisions, both driver and passenger should be properly restrained with safety belts. Simply put, the Corvette interior was designed by people who love to drive. And the happy result is a sports/GT car that will complement your own driving style precisely.

Corvette Convertible, the slightly more passionate approach to high-performance motoring. For many sports’ car enthusiasts, there is but only body style to consider: the convertible, a.k.a., ragtop, droptop, roadster. The argument is compelling. After all, adding wind, sun and starts does tend to amplify the fun of a high-performance automobile.

The 1991 Corvette Convertible just may be the ultimate expression of this highly romantic breed. Consider this the slightly more intense Corvette, for more passionate souls. It is, too, the car most Americans have fantasized about owning. And the new-for-’91 styling only enhances the legend. Historically, the Corvette Convertible has been one of the autodom’s best long-term investments. Vintage examples routinely sell for many times their original price. For example, it is not uncommon to see a mid-Sixties Corvette convertible of a “big-block” Sting Ray bring over $50,000 at auction.

The restyled ’91 opens a brand-new chapter in Corvette history, and there is no better time than right now to enjoy the style and spirit of America’s premiere top-down sports car. The performance technology and luxury of every Corvette is combined with the open-air appeal only a convertible can deliver.

The standard 5.7 Liter V8 engine with Tuned-Port Fuel Injection is one of the most powerful V8s available in any production convertible. Horsepower is 245 at 4000RPM. In other words, this Corvette is guaranteed to rearrange your hairstyle. Significantly, this is a factory-built convertible, manufactured to strict quality standards within the Bowling Green, Kentucky, Corvette plant.

Features include a manually operated convertible top with integral headliner for enhanced sound deadening. Two lockable storage compartments are located behind the seats. There is additional storage space for small items in the lockable center console and glove compartment, providing even more places for your belongings.

Five interior colors and ten exterior colors, including new Turquoise Metallic, Steel Blue Metallic and Medium Quasar Blue Metallic, are available for ’91.

Chose from three top colors, depending on exterior color selected: Black (canvas), White (vinyl) or Saddle (canvas). The soft top disappears below a fiberglass panel when lowered. There is no unsightly boot to mar the top-down appearance. An optional body-color removable hardtop is a popular option you may wish to consider. This lightweight (64-lb.) fiberglass hardtop features a cloth headliner and electric rear-window defogger. In addition to providing coupe-like quiet and comfort during cold-weather months, the hardtop gives the Convertible a whole new, highly formal appearance and added security when you want it.

Another option that recalls the early days of two-seat motoring is a factory-installed rear decklid carrier. The black-finished carrier adds both style and cargo capacity. This carrier is available exclusively on the Corvette Convertible.

There was a time (1953 through 1962) when every Corvette was a convertible. To many, this is still the Corvette. If your personal interpretation of “sports car” includes a top that goes down and brings you closer to the great outdoors, choosing this version of the 1991 Chevrolet Corvette will be one of the year’s most rewarding decisions.

Corvette Performance, legendary in its own time. Corvette performance has always been something to talk about. In the late fifties, the fuel-injected “283” put Corvette on equal footing with all-out race cars. And in the Sixties, high-revving “327 fuelies” and muscular “big-block” Sting Rays were fearsome machines on the street or track. The 1991 Corvette continues that winning tradition, with formidable 5.7 Liter V8 (350 cubic inches), a choice of advanced 6-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission and a competition-proven chassis design. 5.7 Liter V8 with Tuned-Port Fuel Injection: this standard Corvette powerplant is widely regarded as one of the great engines of all time. Performance features include Tuned-Port Fuel Injection, lightweight aluminum cylinder heads, a high-left camshaft and roller valve lifters. Horsepower is 245 at 4000 RPM. Torque is 345 lb./ft. at 3200 RPM.

Chassis Technology: The four-wheel independent suspension features a 5-link rear design that helps maximize tire patch contact with the road. Exclusive glass-epoxy transverse front and rear springs, forged aluminum control arms and high-strength uniframe body construction all contribute to Corvette’s remarkable poise and balance. The uniframe is 100% galvanized steel.

Optional Bilstein FX3 Selective Ride Control: FX3 essentially gives you a range of comfort and cornering capabilities, from softer than the regular Corvette suspension to firmer than the previously available Z51 suspension. The system is operated by means of a rotary dial on the console. There are three settings: Tour, Sport and Performance, with six different automatic graduations within each mode, depending on the speed of the car and the console setting.

5.7 Liter (350 cu. in.) V8 with Tuned-Port Fuel Injection
Block Cast Iron Alloy
Cylinder Heads Cast-Aluminum
Valve Lifters Roller Hydraulic
Bore 4.00”
Stroke 3.48”
Horsepower 245 net @ 4000 RPM
Torque 345 lb.-ft @ 3200 RPM
Recommended Fuel Unleaded Premium
Fuel Pump Electric (in tank)
Fuel Tank Capacity 20 Gallons


Choice of standard 4-speed automatic with overdrive or no-cost-option 6-speed manual


Suspension – Front
Type and Description Independent forged-aluminum upper and lower control arms and steering knuckle, transverse monoleaf spring and steel stabilizer, spindle offset.
Spring Type and Material Monoleaf, filament-wound glass-epoxy composite
Suspension – Rear
Type and Description Independent 5-link design with toe and camber adjustment, forged-aluminum control arms, knuckles and struts; transverse monoleaf spring steel tie-rods and stabilizer. Tubular U-jointed drive shafts.
Spring Type and Material Monoleaf, filament-wound glass-epoxy composite


Type and Description Four-wheel power disc, with Bosch ABS IIS four-wheel anti-lock system, Electronic 4-wheel 3-channel (standard)


Wheels and Tires
Wheel Size and Type 17 x 9.5 in. aluminum alloy
Tire Size and Type P275/40Zr-17 Goodyear Eagle ZR (unidirectional)


Structure Integral perimeter-frame birdcage forms unitized body structure
Anti-Corrosion Treatment All-encompassing corrosion protection including extensive use of specially treated fasteners; austenitic stainless steel or specially coated brackets, clamps, clips and braces; use of aluminized steel.
Frame All-welded steel body-frame construction, 100% galvanized.


Width 71.0”
Front Tread 59.6”
Rear Tread 60.4”
Wheelbase 96.2”
Overall Length 178.6”
Height 46.7”
Minimum Ground Clearance 4.7”
Head Room Coupe 36.4”
Head Room Convertible 36.5”
Leg Room 42.6”
Shoulder Room 54.0”
Hip Room 49.3”
Cargo Volume Coupe 12.6 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume Convertible 6.6 cu. ft.

Features and options, choosing Corvette is easy. Choosing which Corvette is fun.

The 1991 Corvette can be as hot as a bright red coupe with a six-speed manual transmission, Selective Ride Control, and special performance axle ratio. The 1991 Corvette can be as cool as a white convertible with leather bucket seats, Delco/Bose stereo sound system, removable hardtop and rear-deck luggage carrier. Corvette can be all these things, because Corvette offers choices matched by few other sports cars.

The standard equipment list is a long one, including features that are optional on many other cars. Things like air conditioning, Delco AM/FM stereo with cassette tape player, comfort tilt steering wheel, removable roof panel (Coupe), power windows and heated outside mirrors. Every Corvette also included technology unavailable on many other cars- at any price. Examples include PASS-Key theft-deterrent system, driver’s-side Supplemental Inflatable Restraint system (air bag), four-wheel anti-lock braking system, stainless steel exhaust system and corrosion-proof fiberglass body panels. It’s also reassuring to know that Corvette’s uniframe/Chassis is 100% galvanized steel, and that Corvette is covered by the GM Bumper to Bumper Plus Warranty, with service available at nearly 5000 Chevrolet dealers nationwide. A unique selection of options, including Selective Ride Control and a specifically tuned Delco/Bose sound system, allows you to closely match your Corvette to your style of driving. There’s even an optional low-tire-pressure warning system that activates a warning message if pressure is under 25 psi.

Colors and Trim, a beautiful palette of paints, cloths and leathers.

Standard Cloth Seat: Fully reclining bucket seat. Deeply contoured, with sport cloth fabric (available in Black and Saddle).

Optional Leather Seat: Genuine leather seats are optional at extra cost (available in Black, Clue, Gray, Red, and Saddle).

Optional Leather Sport Seat: Deeply contoured leather sport seats are optional at extra cost. Features include full power lumbar adjustment (available in Black, Blue, Gray, Red and Saddle).

Exterior Colors: Black, Medium Quasar Blue Metallic, Charcoal Metallic, Steel Blue Metallic, Polo Green Metallic, Turquoise Metallic, Yellow, White, Bright Red, and Dark Red Metallic.

Standard Features, everything you expect to find, and more.

AM/FM Stereo with Cassette Tape Player: This electronically tuned Delco AM/FM stereo has four stereo speakers, seek-scan, stereo cassette tape player, power antenna and digital clock.

Theft-Deterrent Features: PASS-Key (Personalized Automotive Security System), the most sophisticated theft-deterrent system in Chevrolet history, features an ignition key with a special electronic code. A thief using an improper key would cause the starter system and fuel delivery system to remain inoperative during any attempt to start the engine with the wrong key. In addition to PASS-Key, a theft-deterrent horn alarm circuit is standard on every 1991 Corvette.

Electronic Speed Control: Electronic Speed Control: Electronic Speed Control included a convenient resume-speed feature and a speed adjustment that allows you to change your speed in 1-MPH increments.

Air Conditioning: Standard on every corvette. Climate control system also includes heater, defroster, side-window defoggers and heated outside mirrors. An electric rear-window defogger is standard on Corvette Coupe and included with the Convertible’s optional removable hardtop.

Unidirectional ZR40 Tires: These high-performance Goodyear Eagle P275/40ZR-17 tires feature a unidirectional tread pattern for excellent heat and water dissipation. New 17” x 9 ½” aluminum wheel is standard.

Power Team/Chassis/Mechanical: Bosch ABS IIS four-wheel anti-lock brake system, choice of 6-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission with overdrive fourth gear, Delco Freedom Plus II battery with sealed side terminals, electric engine cooling fan, electric in-tank fuel pump, exclusive transverse front and rear springs with monoleaf glass-epoxy construction, 5.7 Liter C8 engine with Tuned-Port Fuel Injection and aluminum cylinder heads, forged aluminum front and rear suspension, limited slip differential, Magnesium engine Valve covers, single-belt accessory drive, power rack-and-pinion steering, stainless steel exhaust piper, catalytic converter, exhaust manifolds, and free-flow mufflers, and uniframe body construction; 100 percent galvanized and dip-painted.

Exterior: concealed wipers with integral washers in wiper arms, corrosion-proof fiberglass body panels, designed-in body-side moldings, dual electric remote-controlled heated sport mirrors, dual halogen fog lamps, frameless rear-hatch glass with three remote releases (Coupe), front and rear cornering lamps, full-tilting clamshell hood, retractable halogen headlamps, and tinted and flush-mounted glass.

Interior: Center console with shifter, coin tray, cigarette lighter and ashtray, plus controls for radio, air conditioning and electric mirrors, comfort tilt steering wheel, day/night rearview mirror with integral map light, driver information system providing average MPG and cruising range in digital readouts, full instrumentation with multi-colored analog and digital display.

Readouts include: speedometer, 6000-RPM tachometer, fuel level, oil pressure, voltmeter, water temperature, instant MPG and range, headlamps-on reminder, high-intensity interior lamps, illuminated dual visor mirrors, intermittent windshield wipers, leather-wrapped steering wheel, power door locks, and power windows.

Optional Equipment, a selection of comfort, convenience, and performance features you will want to consider.

Delco/Bose AM/FM Stereo Music System with Stereo Cassette Tape Player and Digital Compact Disc Player: This world-class Delco/Bose music system features four bass reflex amplifier speakers engineered specifically for Corvette (each with its own equalizer network), an AM/FM stereo receiver with automatic adjustment, electronic tuning with seek-scan, Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) and Dolby Sound Noise Reduction to reduce high-frequency “hiss” on AM/FM and cassette tape. The cassette tape player includes automatic reverse (radio functions while cassette rewinds) and music search feature. The integral compact disc player includes digital readouts, repeat function and search-and-scan. A Speed Compensated Volume Control feature automatically increases radio volume as the speed of the car increases.

Delco/Bose AM/FM Stereo Music System with Stereo Cassette Tape Player: This Delco/Bose system is similar to the above music system, with the exception that it does not include a compact disc player.

Selective Ride Control: Selective Ride Control is the ultimate Corvette suspension option. This computerized system allows the driver to select one of three suspension settings (Touring, Sport or Performance) via a console-mounted switch. Within each of the three setting, ride firmness automatically increases as speed increases.

Electronic Air Conditioning: This electronic control system features easy-to-use, color-coded push buttons and a digital temperature adjuster. Once set, the temperature is automatically maintained. A display registers outside temperature.

Leather Sport Seats: Aggressively contoured leather sport seats include a six-way power adjustment and full-power lumbar adjustment.

Low Tire Pressure Warning System: A transmitter in each tire is designed to measure tire pressure and activate a warning message if pressure is under 25 psi.

Additional Optional Equipment: Performance-ratio axle, removable hardtop (Convertible), leather-trimmed seats, power six-way adjustment seats, transparent roof panel (Coupe only).