Total 1979 Corvettes Built- 53,807, All Coupes

The Corvette evolution continues. This year you’ll see improvements in the standard 5.7 Liter 4-Bbl. (350Cu. In.) V8. A dual snorkel air intake for the air cleaner, larger diameter “Y” pipe exhaust system with new open flow mufflers improve engine breathing and power output. And response throughout the speed range is improved on Corvettes with automatic transmission through the use of a new, higher numerical 3.55 rear axle ratio. What’s more, when you buy America’s Only True Production Sports Car, most of the special items you want are already standard. As this list of Corvette standards indicates: Fiberglass body construction reinforced with a steel substructure. Delco AM/FM radio. Power-operated, retractable dual headlights. Removable roof panels. Tinted glass in all windows. Built-in anti-theft audio alarm system. Wide 15 x 8 wheels with steel-belted radial ply tires. Independent suspension, front & rear. Limited-slip differential rear axle. Power disc brakes at all four wheels. Power steering. 5.7 Liter V8. Choice of four-speed manual or automatic transmission (automatic required in California). Full instrumentation including speedometer with trip odometer, 0-7000 RPM tachometer, water temperature gage, oil pressure gage, voltmeter, fuel gage, and electric clock. Extensive sound insulation. Sport-styled 4-spoke steering wheel. Aircraft-styled center console. Column-mounted switch that controls turn signals, high and low headlight beams. Instrument panel and roof courtesy lights with automatic door switches. Cut-pile carpeting on floors, sides of tunnel, door sills and luggage area. Swiveling sun visors. Day/night inside rearview mirror. Color-keyed seat/shoulder belts. High-back bucket seats with molded full-foam construction. Passenger seat folds flat on cushion for easier access to storage area. Choice of leather or cloth trim on seat inserts. Rear compartment storage wells (one lockable). Luggage space roll shade to conceal luggage. Heavy-gage frame structure with corrosion-resistant coating. High-rise front fenders with functional louvres. Fiberglass inner front fenders. Body-colored, energy-absorbing bumpers. Twin bumper guards, front and rear. Concealed windshield wipers with integral washers. Wide outside rearview mirror. High energy ignition system. Delcotron generator with solid-state regulator. Exhaust valve rotators. Delco Freedom battery never needs refilling. Sealed side terminal design helps resists corrosion. Large-diameter front stabilizer bar. Exterior color choices: Classic white, black, silver, Corvette dark blue metallic, Corvette yellow, Corvette light beige, Corvette light blue, Corvette red and Corvette dark green metallic.


Transmission Availability
Engine Ordering Code Power Rating Displacement ( Engine Availability 4-Speed Manual
4-Speed Close-Ratio Manual
5.7 Liter 4-Bbl. V8 (A) L48 195 350 Std. Std. NA (2)
5.7 Liter 4-Bbl. V8 (A) L82 225 350 EC Std. (2) (2)
5.7 Liter 4-Bbl. V8 (A) L48 195 350 Std. NA NA Std.
5.7 Liter 4-Bbl. V8 (A) L48 195 350 Std. NA NA Std.


  • Produced by GM – Chevrolet Motor Division
  • With Console-mounted shift control.
  • Avilable in place of standard 4-Speed manual transmission at no extra cost.

*S.A.E. net horsepower as installed. Std-Standard NA-Not Available EC-Available at Extra Cost.

Dimensions (Inches)
Wheelbase 98.0
Length 185.2
Width 69.0
Height 48.0
Tread – Front 58.7
Tread – Rear 59.5
Head Room 36.8
Leg Room 42.1
Hip Room 49.9
Shoulder Room 47.5
Usable Luggage Capacity (cu.ft) 8.4

This is a modern large-bore engine of short-stroke design with rugged cast iron heads, manifolds and cylinder block. Very willing and responsive on the highway and its shows impressive low-speed torque for around-town cruising. Also impressive are its new-for- ’79 features: A dual snorkel air intake and larger diameter dual rear exhausts.
Available Special 5.7 Liter V8: This beauty features a higher lift cam than the standard Corvette V8, has special heads with larger valves, impact-extruded pistons, a forged steel crankshaft, with each main beating cap secured by four bolts, plus finned, aluminum rocker arm covers.

Long Recommended Service Intervals: (under normal operating conditions) Change engine oil every 12 months or 7,500 miles. Change oil filter every 12 months or first 7,500 miles and every 15,000 miles thereafter. Spark plugs every 22,500 miles. Chassis Lubrication every 12 months or 7,500 miles. Automatic transmission fluid change every 100,000 miles.
Safety Features: Occupant protection: Seat belts with pushbutton buckles for driver and passenger. Two front combination seat and inertia reel shoulder belts for driver (with reminder light and buzzer) and passenger. Energy-absorbing steering column. Passenger guard door locks. Safety door latched and stamped steel hinges. Folding seat back latches. Energy-absorbing padded instrument panel. Thick laminate windshield. Safety armrests. Safety steering wheel.  Accident avoidance: Side marker lights and reflectors. Parking lamps that illuminate with headlamps. Four-way hazard warning flasher. Backup lights. Lane change feature in direction signal control. Windshield defrosters, washer and dual speed wipers. Wide view inside mirror (vinyl edged, shatter resistant glass and deflecting support). Outside rearview mirror. Dual master cylinder brake system with warning light. Starter safety switch. Anti-theft: Anti-theft ignition key reminder buzzer. Anti-theft steering column lock. Built-in anti-theft audio alarm system.

Ever since 1953, to own a Corvette has been something wished for by every kid that’s knee-high to a hubcap. Corvette. A magic machine to whisk you away from every day. Corvette. The one, the only, true American production sports car. It has a look, a feel, a way of moving that sets it apart. Beautiful in line, in detail, in capability, in engineering. Corvette. The pride of every individual who drives one. And the pride of Chevrolet. On the next few pages you can explore the 1979 Corvette. You can see what makes it beautiful, read what makes it go, sense what makes it tick. And you will learn of some of the refinements which continue this year, as every year, to increase Corvette’s value and appeal. You will also find useful information on how to equip a Corvette to suit you. Whether you’re doing it for fun or doing it for real. And you can discover again what you’ve felt all along: There’s really only one of its kind.