The Corvette of 1973

Corvettes have always had a history of high performance. When a Corvette pulls up to a traffic light, heads turn, and when they pass a passerby, eyes follow. The Vette is the kind of car that brings out the driver in you. When Chevrolet introduces something new, Corvettes usually have it first, but the 1973 Corvette got a lot that was all its own. Like disc brakes at all four wheels, independent suspension at all four corners, headlights that tuck out of sight, and bucket seats that hold just two. For 1973, there’s a new air-induction hood and a new front end featuring a resilient body-color bumper. There are steel guard rails in the doors, new body mounts and improved acoustical materials for a smoother, quieter ride. New versions of the 350-and 454- cubic inch V8’s and GR70-15 radial-ply tires.

20 Years Young and Still Going Strong

The 1973 Corvette is designed to make everyday driving a little more fun and weekend trips a little more like vacations. The aerodynamic design and advanced engineering are very much in evidence in the ’73, but some refinements were made. For example, The Corvette Stingray Coupe still has twin roof panels that open to the sun and stow neatly away in pouches in the luggage area. Corvette’s new parking and marker lights have been highlighted in chrome.

The Corvette Stingray Convertible 

It makes being under the weather a pleasure. All you have to do with the folding top is unlatch it, raise it, drop it, snap it, and forget it. The deck cover covers it all. A removable hardtop was also available for order, which is worth having for winter, for variety, and for saving your folding top for a sunny day.

Standard Features

  1. Removable roof panels on the coupe lift off and tuck away in the luggage area to let the sunshine in. Soft-Ray tinted glass is standard on both coupe and convertible models. It is like looking at the world through Corvette colored glasses.
  2. Corvette power teams are known for their efficient performance. For ’73 all engines operate on regular, no-lead or low-lead fuels. All feature-valve-in-head design and exhaust valve rotators. There’s an Air Injection Reactor and new Exhaust Gas Re-circulation system. New mufflers are larger for quieter operation. Also included as standard equipment with all power teams: A fully synchronized 4-Speed transmission. Positraction rear axle. Full dual exhaust system. A high-output Delcotron generator. And a sealed side-terminal energizer-type battery.
  3. The new stronger front bumper (which surrounds the new die-cast aluminum grille) has a special mounting. The bumper outer cover is the same color as the body and is made of resilient urethane to resist dents and prevent rust.
  4. New GR70-15 steel-belted radial ply blackwall tires are standard. White stripe radials are also available. (White lettered radials became available mid-year) Radials run cooler for improved durability. They help give a softer, quieter ride at highway speed.
  5. The new domed air induction hood improves high output engine operation. It hides the wiper blades, too. Just between the hood and the windshield.
  6. Corvette’s 4-wheel independent suspension includes new shocks and springs to shrug off bumps. Body mounts are new for a smoother, quieter ride with reduced noise, vibration and harshness. Improved acoustical materials, and applications make for quieter riding. All in all, the ’73 Vette is a “tuned” vehicle. With sound levels that have been reduced.

Also standard: Steel-reinforced fiber-glass body. All-welded ladder type frame. Four-wheel disc brakes- Four wheel independent suspension. Front and rear air spoilers.

Available Features

You get a lot without asking when you ask for a Corvette, but there’s also a lot you can do to custom tailor it. For example, these additional features were available:

  1. Removable hardtop for convertible models. If you are having trouble deciding between open air summer fun and buttoned up winter practicality, why not have the best of both worlds? The available hardtop gives a warm feeling during cold weather, while you make it easy on your folding top. You could order it to match your exterior color or there is an available black vinyl roof cover you can order.
  2. Power windows. Let your finger do the window raising and lowering. Switches are mounted on the center console.
  3. Custom wheel covers. Distinctive appearance, available to dress up your wheels.
  4. Tilt-telescoping steering wheel. Ideal for long trips and drivers of any shape or size. Just get in, flick the lever, and slide the wheel in front of you. Then you lock it into any one of seven positions that feels the most comfortable.
  5. Air conditioning/heating/ventilating system. One of the most sophisticated systems available in any sports car.
  6. AM/Fm/Stereo radio, Receives FM Stereo broadcasts for long distances with its 16-transistor 9-diode circuitry AM monaural, plus FM monaural. Two speakers, fixed height rear antenna, Full ignition shielding.

AM/FM radio. Monaural AM and FM, same features as above, but without FM Stereo
3-Range Turbo Hydra-matic transmission can be ordered with all engines.
Power Steering. With fast steering ratio for quick response.
Power brakes. Retain excellent disc brake feel while lessening effort.
Rearview mirror and maplight combination.
Available also from your dealer: Non-vented locking gas cap. Compass, Infant safety carrier. Rear deck luggage carrier. Front antenna. Right-handed mirror. Hand spotlight. Fire extinguisher.

Engine Specifications

Feature Base Engine RPO ZQ3 RPO LS4 RPO LT82
Type V-8, Overhead valve
Block Cast Iron
Displacement 350 cid 454 cid 350 cid
Bore & Stroke 4.00 x 3.48″ 4.251 x 4.00″ 4.00 x 3.48″
Compression Ratio 8.5:1 8.5:1 9.0:1
Brake Horsepower 190 @ 4400 275 @ 4000 250 @ 5200
Torque 300 lb-ft @ 2800 390 lb-ft @ 3200 285 lb-ft @ 4000
Main Bearings Five
Valve Lifters Hydraulic
Camshaft High-performance
Fuel Supply Rochester Quadra-Jet Four-Barrel Model 4MV Rochester Quadra-Jet Four-Barrel Rochester Four-Barrel with 2.50-inch Diameter Dual Exhaust System


  • Classic White
  • Silver
  • Medium Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Blue-Green
  • Elkhart-Green
  • Yellow
  • Metallic Yellow
  • Mille Miglia Red
  • Orange

Interior Colors:

  • Black
  • Dark Red
  • Midnight Blue
  • Medium Saddle
  • Dark Saddle