Total 1972 Corvettes Built- 27,004 – 6,508 Convertibles, 20,496 Coupes

When you slip behind the wheel of a sports car like Corvette, we think you have the right to expect three things: instrumentation, comfort and convenience. 1972 Corvettes provide all three. Get seated and look around. Immediately behind Corvette’s steering wheel, recessed deeply in circular pods, you’ll see Corvette’s speedometer and tachometer. For 1972, these and all instruments have a new blue lighting effect. To the right is the rest of Corvette’s thorough instrumentation: coolant temperature, oil pressure, ammeter, fuel level and clock with gauges: windshield washer and wiper controls. The radio, if you order one (and most Corvette buyers do), is below the gauges, with speakers mounted in the instrument panel: one for driver, one for passenger. In 1972, all knobs are made with a new soft-feel material and are marked with function symbols. Astro Ventilation, standard, allows outside air to circulate through the car with the windows shut. Down on the console, between the seats, are heating and ventilating controls with a three-speed fan. Rearward from the heater controls is the standard 4-Speed transmission lever. A lock-out device keeps you from making inadvertent shifts into reverse. Try this famous gearbox and instantly you’ll know why it’s the standard by which others are judged. Between the seats is a pull-up parking brake handle. Corvette’s high-rise seats are unlike any other. Virtually handmade and cushioned with thick foam, they have built-in head restraints plus, in coupes, slots for the inertia-reel shoulder belts. We haven’t overlooked luggage room, either. Pivot either seat forward for easy access to Corvette’s fully carpeted, illuminated luggage area. Two stowage compartments, behind the seats, conceal room for copious inside-the-car necessities. A third conceals the battery. The balance of the interior is trimmed in rich leather-grain padded vinyl. The floor, of course is carpeted. If you/re getting the idea that Corvette’s standard interior is well stocked, you’re getting the right idea. You can choose black, red, saddle or blue all-vinyl interiors. We’ve left some available luxuries for you to individualize your own Corvette. Air conditioning – one of the most sophisticated heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems available in any sports car. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning functions are controlled by one thumbwheel; temperature range by the other. Fan switch selects the volume of conditioned air you like. Corvette Custom Interior- Even more sumptuous with genuine leather seats, wood-grained accents on the doors and console. Underfoot, there’s cushy cut-pile nylon carpeting. Your choice of saddle or black. AM/FM/Stereo Radio – Receives FM Stereo broadcasts miles farther than it has any right to with its 16-transistor, 9-diode circuitry. FM monaural, plus AM monaural, lets you tap the pulse of musical America. Two speakers, fixed-height rear antenna, Full ignition shielding. AM/FM radio – Monaural FM And AM. Same features as above, only without FM Stereo. Two speakers, fixed-height rear antenna, full ignition shielding eliminates static. Tilt-Telescoping steering wheel. Ideal for comfort on long trips, for short and tall drivers. Wheel moves in and out about six inches; tilts to seven positions. Power Steering – With faster ratio for quicker response. Power Brakes – Retain excellent disc brake feel while lessening effort. Power windows – Let your finger do the window lifting and lowering. Infant safety carrier – Utilizes Corvette’s built-in seat belts to retain carrier in passenger’s seat. For infants up to 12 months old. Floor Mats – Preferred by owners who want the longest life from the carpet. Clear vinyl lets carpet color show. Fire extinguisher – For added security.

Should your choice be a Corvette Coupe, a lot comes with it as standard equipment. Like the two removable roof panels shown in the picture. In addition, the rear window is also removable. With both top sections and rear window taken out and stowed neatly behind you, the joys of open-air driving are yours. In minutes, both sections can be reinstalled for complete closed-car comfort. Standard wheels include bright trim rings along with a ribbed center hub on each wheel. A lock, visible on the stern above the name, turns the new standard audio alarm system on and off. When activated, any attempt to force doors or hood open is greeted by a loud, raucous hooting from somewhere under the car. How long does it blast? Until you turn it off or the battery wears down. The Corvette has a very strong battery. Corvette’s fiberglass body features an advanced “low profile” resin for smoother surfaces and a strong steel “birdcage” surrounding the passenger area. The result is a very rigid structure with less weight than a comparable steel copy. 1972 Corvettes are available in 10 colors, four new: Pewter Silver, Targa Blue, Bryar Blue, Elkhart Green. Plus: Steel Cities Gray, Sunflower Yellow, Mille Miglia Red, Classic White, War Bonnet Yellow, Ontario Orange. Of the ten, three – Steel Cities Gray, War Bonnet Yellow and Ontario Orange – are firemist colors with metallic flakes in the paint. Luggage Carrier – Many Owners like this convenience available from your dealer. Adds to your vacationing pleasure. We’ve shown you white-stripe tires, which are available; black wall tires are standard. Custom wheel covers – distinctive appearance, available to dress up your wheels.

If you’ve a bent to enjoy driving with nothing but nature around you, the Corvette Convertible must be your choice. In seconds you can unlatch the top, raise the deck lid, drop the top into the compartment and snap the deck cover down without leaving the driver’s seat. One person can raise it back, too. The folding top may be ordered in either black or white. For owners considering a Corvette in colder climes, or if you just like the appearance of the available hardtop, you should specify it. In winter, the hardtop gives you a warm, snug feeling against the icy winds. Saves the folding top, too. You can specify the hardtop with an available black vinyl roof cover. Like the coupe shown above, the convertible carries the classic bumper, grille and parking light motif forward from previous models. We’ve retained the great basic body shape, with fender flares to help protect the paint behind the wheels against the ravages of stones. You survey all you see through Soft-Ray tinted glass. Plus, high visibility taillights, stainless steel body sill moldings, rectangular exhaust bezels and square die-cast body side louvers. Everything works. It all has a purpose. One of the finest driving experiences the Western Hemisphere has to offer, enjoyed the world over. Removable hardtop – For appearance, extra-snug cold weather driving. Vinyl roof cover – On the extra-cost hardtop. Black, to accent the top. Tires – White-stripe of white lettered. Both in F70 x 15 sizes. Locking gas cap – non-vented type. Rear window defroster – helps keep the back window clear. Heavy-duty battery – Extra starting power. Door edge guards – in vinyl to help protect your doors. Compass – helps keep you on the straight and narrow.

Safety and security features (occupant protection features) – Seat belts and shoulder belts (except convertible) with pushbutton buckles and retractors – driver and passenger. Built-in head restraints. Energy absorbing steering column. Passenger-guard door locks. Safety door latches and hinges. Folding seat back latches. Energy-absorbing padded instrument panel. Thick-laminate windshield. Padded sun visors. Safety armrest. Safety steering wheel. Accident prevention features – Side marker lights and reflectors (front side marker lights flash with directional signal). Parking lamps that illuminate with headlamps. Four-way hazard warning flasher. Backup lights. Lane change feature in direction signal control. Windshield defroster, washers and dual-speed wipers. Wide-view inside day/night mirror (vinyl-edged, shatter-resistant glass and deflecting support). Outside rearview mirror. Dual master cylinder brake system with warning light. Starter safety switch. Anti-theft features – Anti-theft audio alarm system. Anti-theft ignition key warning buzzer. Anti-theft steering column lock. 1972 engine fuel requirements: for 1972, all Corvette engines have been designed to operate efficiently on the no-lead or low-lead gasolines. In addition to the lower exhaust pollutants attainable with this engine/fuel combination, there are benefits in longer life for your spark plugs, exhaust system and other engine components. If these gasolines are not available, any leaded regular grade gasoline with an octane number of 91 or higher may be used.