Performance is a sports car’s pedigree

A true sports car must handle with precision and corner with positive control. It must withstand long periods at high rpm without a wimper. It calls for a superior suspension and an enviable ratio of power to weight. Corvette is all these things and more, a comfortable tourer, rally car, and trial car. Only when you lay your hand to its helm and toe to its throttle will you fully learn its prowess!

The Heart of the 1958 Corvette 
Designed by engineers who built the industry’s first high-compression V8-s the 283-cubic inch (4.6 litre) Corvette V8 is the very heart of its sports car performance. This is the world’s first mass-built engine to develop so much power for its size- up to more than one horsepower for each cubic inch of piston displacement, a hitherto unachieved goal. Its admirable power and torque characteristics center on a rigid, extremely compact block, an ultra-short piston stroke, and advanced overhead valve layout. And for ’58, buyers could command its scintillating response in any of four great versions- ranging up to 290 horsepower.

Ramjet Fuel Injection- Unsurpassed Performance This motoring first gives you instantaneous throttle response, greater power, faster warm-ups and greater overall fuel savings. Fuel is pressure-injected directly at each cylinder intake port, eliminating the carburetor entirely! Optional at extra cost with Powerglide, or 3-speed or 4-speed Synchro-Mesh transmission.


Engine: Valve-in-head V8, 283-cubic-inch displacement, 3.88″ bore x 3.0″ stroke, 9.5:1 compression ratio. 230 h.p. with 4-barrel carburetor. 245 h.p. with twin 4-barrel carburetion. 250 h.p. with Ramjet Fuel Injection. High-lift camshaft. hydraulic valve lifters. Independent operating mechanism for each valve. Precision-machined forged steel crankshaft, five main bearings. Special alloy main and connecting rod bearings. Full-pressure lubrication system with full-flow oil filter. 12-volt electrical system. Engine precision-balanced after assembly. Finned aluminum rocker covers on optional engines. Buffed aluminum oil-wetted air cleaner (paper-element type with fuel injection). Full dual exhaust system. Maximum performance 290 h.p. engine features Ramjet Fuel Injection, 10.5:1 compression ratio, special camshaft, and high-speed valve system with special valves and mechanical valve lifters.

Transmission: Special 3-speed close-ratio, Synchro-Mesh (2.2:1 low and reverse, 1.31:1 second and 1:1 high) standard. Close-ratio 4-speed Synchro-Mesh optional (2.2:1 first, 1.66:1 second, 1.31:1 third, 1:1 fourth, 2.25:1 reverse). 10″ semi-centrifugal coil spring clutch. Powerglide automatic transmission available with 230, 245, and 250 horsepower engines. Floor-mounted gear or range selector.

Rear Axle: Semi-floating hypoid. Axle ratios: 3-speed or 4-speed  Synchro-Mesh 3.70:1; Powerglide 3.55:1 ratio optional with either 3-speed or 4-speed Synchro-Mesh.

Chassis: Box-girder, X-member reinforced frame. Independent coil spring front suspension with stabilizer bar. Outrigger-mounted semi-elliptic rear springs. Direct double-acting shock absorbers. Unit-balanced tubular propeller shaft and universal joints. Full anti-friction steering gear and balanced linkage-17:1 overall ratio. Hydraulic 11-inch self-energizing brakes, with fade-resistant linings. Mechanical parking brake on rear wheels. 16.4 gallon fuel tank. Black 6.70 x 15 4-ply rating tubeless tires, white sidewall tires optional. Chrome wheel covers with simulated knock-off hubs.

Exterior: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic body-sculpted side panels. Polished acrylic lacquer finish. Front hinged hood. Three-unit front grille. Dual headlight in front fenders. Cowl ventilator. Large luggage locker with spare wheel under floor. Concealed well for folding top behind seats. Chrome-bound windshield. Functional, wraparound front and rear bumpers mounted to the frame. Dual exhaust ports in rear bumpers. Choice of manually operated fabric folding top or easily removable plastic hardtop.

Interior: Foam rubber padded, all vinyl trimmed bucket seats, individually adjustable. Safety belts. Pushbutton door handles, key lock, inside release. Long padded armrest on each door. Crank-operated windows. Vinyl covered instrument panel crown and doors. Passenger assist bar in instrument panel cove. Carpeted floor, metal door scuff panels, sills and step plates. Competition-type steering wheel. Speedomoter, tachometer, ammeter, fuel level, oil pressure, and coolant temperature gauges, starter-ignition switch, and light switch on instrument panel. Directional signals, cigarette lighter, outside and inside rear view mirrors, dual electric windshields wipers, electric clock. Ashtray and glove compartment between seats.

Optional: Engines, transmissions, axle, and white sidewall tires. Power-operating mechanism and removable plastic hardtop with folding top. Power windows. Transistorized radio, heater, windshield washer. Heavy-duty brakes and suspension package. Special wheels.

Dimensions: Wheelbase, 102″. Length, 177.2″. Overall height: folding top, 51.1″ up, 49.2″ down; hardtop, 51″. Height at door, 33″. Road clearance, 5.8″. Width, 72.8″. Tread: 57″ front, 59″ rear.

Exterior Dimensions 

Wheelbase 102 in.
Track Frt/Rear (in) 57/58.8
Length 177.2 in.
Width 72.8 in.
Height 51 in.
Front Tread 57 in.
Rear Tread 59 in.
Curb Weight 2,926 lbs.
Weight Dist. F/R (Engine) N/A
Fuel Capacity N/A
Coolant Capacity N/A

Interior Dimensions  

Headroom 34.7 in.
Hip Room 49.4 in. total
Leg Room 44.2 in.
Shoulder Room 49.4 in.


RPO Base 469 469C 579 579D
Bore N/A N/A N/A 3.875 in. N/A
Stroke N/A N/A N/A 3.00 in. N/A
Displacement 283 ci 283 ci 283 ci 283 ci 283 ci
Compression Ratio N/A N/A N/A 9.5:1 N/A
Horsepower 230 bhp 245 bhp 270 bhp 250 bhp @ 5,000 RPM 290 bhp
Torque N/A N/A N/A 305 lbs.-ft. @ 3,800 RPM N/A
Redline N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Carburetion N/A 2×4 bbl 2×4 bbl Rochester Fuel Inj. (???) Fuel Inj.
Oil Capacity N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Valvetrain N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Color Options:

  • Silver
  • Panama Yellow
  • Black
  • Regal Turquoise
  • Snowcrest White
  • Charcoal
  • Signet Red
  • Silver Blue