Now even greater than the original in looks and performance!

Since it rolled out in 1953, the Corvette has been a real vision, and the 1956 Corvette is no exception. Three years after its inception, Corvette received its first major body styling change. The instrument panel was one of the only things to stay the same with this updated Corvette. Since its initial introduction in limited volume, the Corvette has commanded the attention of sportscar experts and enthusiasts everywhere. From these well-informed admirers came many of the suggestions and comments that have been important design factors in the New Corvette V8. The design of the 1956 Corvette incorporated new ideas from professional drivers- ideas that have been evaluated and refined to bring about a spectacular evolution in the world of sports cars. New features included roll-up windows with a power-assist option. The side-cove was new and could be painted a different color. For the first time, Corvette had external door handles. Exposed headlights with chrome surrounds were also new to this model. Earlier Corvette models had fixed passenger seats, and this Corvette introduced passenger seats that could move fore and aft.

close-up details reveal new corvette advancements

A touch… and she’s up! The new power operated fabric top (available in white with black and beige keyed to exterior color) folds out of sight under its plastic-lidded compartment behind the seat. Wider rear window and new-design side windows increase visibility.
Eight-Jet Carburetion for take-offs! The Corvette’s 265-cubic-inch V8 engine owes its greater horsepower to dual 4-barrel carburetion, higher compression ratio, and new manifolds with “twin pipe” exhausts.
Avant-Garde styling with a touch of tradition! The Corvette is a true sports car- not a scaled-down convertible. Now it’s even more adventurous-looking with graceful new fender lines, new side panel and hood treatment and simulated knock-off type wheel covers.
Quick change! A roadster or coupe! A plastic hardtop featuring a wrap-around rear window is available as extra cost equipment. It is easily and securely installed with only five knurled set screws.
Let it rain, let it snow! Corvette offers the convenience of roll-up regulators that quickly raise and lower the new windows. Power window lifts are available as an extra cost option.
A hood full of “Horses” add a carload of Safety! The new “Turbo-fire V8” engine is a real life saver when only sheer passing power can leave hazards behind and whisk you to safety. New cylinder heads increase Corvette’s compression ratio to 9.25 to 1!
“Out-front” styling for looking ahead! The raised forward portion of the fender houses an improved design headlight that projects forward to extend the fender-line and contribute to Corvette’s rakish look.

The truly american sports car! 

Engine- “Turbo-Fire Special V8,” Super-efficient valve-in-head design, 265-cubic inch displacement, 3.75″ bore x 3.0″ stroke, 9.25 to 1 compression ratio. 225 horsepower at 5200 rpm. Torque 270 foot pounds at 3600 rpm. Special high-lift camshaft, high-speed valve mechanism. Polished aluminum rocker covers. Dual four-barrel carburetion, buff aluminum racing-type air cleaners, special intake manifold. Full pressure lubrication system with full-flow oil filter. High power exhaust headers and full dual exhaust system. Shielded ignition, 12-volt electrical system. Engine precision balanced after assembly.
Transmission- Choice of special high-performance 3-speed close-ratio Synchro Mesh (2.2:1 low and reverse, 1.31:1 second, 1.1 high) with high-capacity 10-inch coil-spring clutch, or optional Powerglide special automatic transmission. Floor mounted gear or range selector.
Rear Axle- High torque capacity axle; 3.55:1 ratio standard, 3.27:1 ratio optional with either Synchro-Mesh or Powerglide.
Chassis- Extra-rigid X-member-braced box girder frame. Independent coil front suspension with ride stabilizer. Self-lubricating four-leaf rear springs, out-rigger mounted. Direct double-acting shock absorbers. Full anti-friction 16:1 ratio steering gear, balanced linkage. Competition-type steering wheel with three shock absorbing spring-steel spokes. Hydraulic 11-inch self-energizing brakes with new bonded linings, pull-handle parking brake. Suspended brake pedal. Choice of black or white sidewall standard 6.70-15-4 ply high-speed nylon racing type tires. Decorative wheel covers with simulated knock-off knobs. 16.4 gallon fuel tank with concealed side filler.
Body Features- Glass-fiber reinforced plastic with sculpted side panels; light, strong, durable, quiet, rustproof, easy to repair. Distinctive embossed hood, front hinged, with automatic support, inside release. Simulated twin fender air scoops. Two-passenger compartment, large luggage locker with spare-wheel well under floor, concealed top well behind seats. Unique Corvette crossed-flag emblems on hood and trunk lid. Twin exhaust ports integral with rear bumpers. Chrome-bound, one-piece, curved safety plate glass windshield. Power-operated fabric top with wide plastic rear window. Richly trimmed quick-change hardtop with rear quarter windows and full-vision rear window.
Interior Features- Form-fitting vinyl-covered seats, individually adjustable, with safety belt. Wide doors with built-in arm rest, push-button door handle, key lock, inside door release, swing-out door hinges. Choices of crank-operated or power window lifts. Ash tray and glove compartment between seats; padded instrument panel and doors, rubber-backed carpeting, metal door kick panels, sills, and step plates. Signal-seeking radio, heater, directional signals, electric clock, cigarette lighter, tachometer, outside and inside rear-view mirror, windshield washer.
Dimensions- Wheelbase, 102″. Length, 168.01″. Overall height: top down 49.20″; Convertible top, 51.09″; hardtop, 50.98″. Height at door 32.55″. Road clearance 6″. Width, 70.46″. Tread, 57″ front, 59″ rear.
Color Options: 

  • Onyx Black
  • Aztec Copper
  • Cascade Green
  • Arctic Blue
  • Venetian Red
  • Polo White

Mechanical Dimensions 

Wheelbase 102 in.
Track Frt/Rear (in) 57/58.8
Length 168 in.
Width 70.5 in.
Height N/A
Frontal Area N/A
Ground Clearance N/A
Curb Weight 2980 lbs
Weight Dist. F/R (Engine) N/A
Fuel Capacity N/A
Coolant Capacity N/A

Engine Specifications

RPO 2934-Base 469
Bore N/A N/A
Stroke N/A N/A
Displacement 265 ci 265 ci
Compression Ratio N/A N/A
Cylinders 8 8
Block Cast Iron Cast Iron
Horsepower 210 bhp 225 bhp
Torque N/A N/A
Redline N/A N/A
Carburetion N/A 2×4 bbl
Oil Capacity N/A N/A
Valvetrain N/A N/A

Production Options and Build Statistics
Total 1956 Corvettes Built- 3,467- All Convertibles