New 195-hp Chevrolet Corvette V8
A brilliant new edition of America’s most popular production sports car

A cyclone of power
with the new 195-hp V8 engine

A breath-stopping surge of power that surpasses anything you have ever imagined – that’s the story of the Corvette’s new 195-hp V8 engine. Here is a “dream” power-plant… ultra-compact, free-breathing, super efficient, the most modern valve-in-head V8 engine in the world… and it can be serviced by any Chevrolet dealer. Dual exhausts, a four-barrel carburetor, 8 to 1 compression ratio, and a high-lift camshaft squeeze latent energy out of every drop of gasoline… and careful counter-balancing of the entire engine after assembly keeps it smooth as a jet of steam.

Real driving comfort… the Corvette way!

Security and luxury for driver and passenger are the keynotes of the snug Corvette cockpit. Individual bucket seats have form-fitting foam rubber cushions. The floor is covered in soft carpeting, backed by sponge rubber. Large pockets and ash trays in doors also serve as arm rests. The beautifully balanced instrument panel includes key-turn starter, electric clock, tachometer, and hooded radio speaker.
Potent “Blue-Flame” 6 engine, with three side-draft carburetors, 8 to 1 compression ratio, and overhead valves, puts a flashing 155 horsepower under the throttle. It has a dual exhaust system, efficient cooling and lubrication, and a shielded electrical system… plus Chevrolet’s traditional six-cylinder economy of operation and maintenance.

Geared-to-the-road stability

The Corvette is a sports car… not a scaled-down convertible. At any speed it offers a sense of security, an inherent balance that is astonishing. Low-slung, with a center of gravity only 18 inches above the pavement, its outrigger rear springs and broad-based front tread let it cling to the road like a cat. The steering gear has 16 to 1 ratio for instant response. Its big 11-inch brakes have bonded linings and a grip that would stop a truck. Everything is designed to give the absolute, precise command that only the driver of a true sports car can know.

New precision of command with Synchro-Mesh Transmission

…or effortless ease in traffic with the smoother Powerglide automatic.
Moving even closer to the sports car ideal, the six-cylinder and V8 models of the Corvette now are available in standard form with a heavy-duty manual three-speed transmission. The short direct-shift lever, jutting up from the transmission hump, falls naturally under the driver’s hand. And, coupled with light but positive action of the diaphragm-spring clutch, it gives the instant precision of control that is the criterion of the expert driver.
For those who prefer the effortless traffic-ease of automatic shifting, a specially modified Powerglide transmission is available as an extra-cost option on the six-cylinder and V8 Corvettes. In the sports car tradition, it has a central floor-mounted range selector of the Safety-Shift pattern that permits manual selection of Low Range at the driver’s will.
The sleek rear deck of the Corvette conceals a generous luggage compartment – far more spacious than most sports cars. The spare tire is in a well under the floor, and the radio antenna is built into the deck lid.


Power-Packed Chassis

Engines – Choice of 195-hp “Turbo-Fire V8” with 4-barrel carburetor; or 155-hp “Blue Flame” Six with 3 side-draft carburetors. Valve-in-head design, 8:1 compression ratio, high-lift camshaft, dual exhaust system, shielded ignition.
Transmission – Powerglide or Synchro-Mesh 3-speed. Floor-mounted selector lever.
Drive Line – Hotchkiss drive. Hypoid axle: 3.55:1 with Powerglide; 3.70:1 with Synchro-Mesh.
Tires – Five 6.70-15 tubeless tires.
Steering – Anti-friction gear, 16 to 1 ratio; balanced linkage. Nearly vertical, 17-1/4″ two-spoke steering wheel.
Brakes – Hydraulic, 11″ self-energizing brakes; bonded linings. Pull-handle parking brake.
Suspension – Independent front suspension, ride stabilizer. Four-leaf rear springs, outrigger mounted. Direct double-acting shock absorbers.
Frame – Extra-rigid X-member-braced box girder frame.
Fuel Tank – Capacity: 17 gal. Concealed side filler.

Lightweight Body

Body – 2-passenger, open-cockpit body of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic; light, strong, durable, quiet, rustproof, and easy to repair. Wide doors with inside release.
Compartments – Front-hinged hood with automatically latching support. Large luggage locker with spare-wheel well under floor, and lockable counterbalanced lid. Concealed well for top in rear deck behind seats. Saddle-covered door pockets.
Windows and Top – Chrome-bound, one-piece, curved safety plate glass windshield; 53-degree slant. Removable chrome-bound plastic side windows with ventipanes. Manually adjusted fabric top with plastic rear window.
Colors – Exterior: Polo White, Pennant Blue, Corvette Copper, Gypsy Red, Harvest Gold
Interior: Red, Light Beige, Dark Beige, Yellow
Car Dimensions – Wheelbase, 102″. Length, 167″. Height, 33″ at door top. Road Clearance, 6″. Width, 70″.